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The April 2023 (April 14th - 30th) Rings of Lumnis Event includes:

Quick Links

Rings of Lumnis
Trials of Lumnis
Agora Promenade

Ticket Sales begin - Friday, April 14th @ 6 PM Eastern
Opening Night - All Instances - Friday, April 14th @ 9 PM Eastern

New for 2023 Rings of Lumnis

Shopping List

New Shop Names Refreshed Shops * Reopened Shops
All That Sparkles Arboreal Afterlife Blue Myth Eatery
And Sew It Goes In Print Condition Crown Jewels
Customary Procedures The Last Chapter Dye Me A River
Deck the Halls Let's Make a Seal Etched Memories
Sweet Delights Little Things Ornathian Postal Services
More Ore Less Present Company
Natural Permeations Room With A Hue
Skin Deep Scrollworthy
Shears Leatherworks
Sojourn Scents
The Final Touch
The Impressed Olive

April 2023 Rings of Lumnis Item Teasers

Papermaker update

New unlocks to create bouquet paper and envelopes, as well as nearly sixty new nouns and more than thirty new articles!

I Dream of Geology Series update

Keep an eye out for an update to mini-smelters, as well as four new sets of pliers. This teaser brought to you by the letters A, C, C, and P.

  • Teaser: Discord
  • Mini-smelter unlocks, Armbands, Circlets, Crowns, and Pectorals: Discord

Deck the Halls

Available at the shop of the same name, these decorative props include the new Stay-Put functionality and can be placed in rooms for up to four hours, and allow for on-the-spot customization using gems, flowers, feathers, sea creatures and insects, pointed items, miscellaneous foraged and skinned items, and new to this item, ribbons.

  • Teaser: Discord
  • Can be made nearly anything (within reason); lecterns, displays, terrariums, terrifying buckets of organs! Join the discussion here
  • Semi-permanent when placed in private properties
  • Works on boats and in tents

Confetti punch

With five hundred off-the-shelf designs available, room for a hundred in each punch, and the option for merchant customization, these confetti punches will allow you to add a little panache to any appropriate paper or a little festive litter to any occasion!

Customization shops

These new shops will allow for automated customization of a variety of items.


This new addition to the n-ators will store up to 30 chocolate molds. Available at Sweet Delights.

Wedding Punch

Available at Skin Deep, these fully unlocked hallmark punches will add the Wedding Punch script to cobbled shoes. When targeted AT your spouse, you'll see some additional messaging.

News and Updates


  • Skin Deep moved to refreshed shops list; expect a new item!



  • Wyrom announces that the note trade-in option will be getting a last minute revamp, and discusses updating the note drops to add some Simucoin items. Discord

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