Shroud of Deception (1212)

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This spell is not yet implemented and may currently be under development. Information presented in this article is subject to change. However, this spell can be used to recharge shimmer trinkets.

Shroud of Deception (1212)
Mnemonic [SHROUD]
Base Duration 1200 seconds
Added Duration 60 sec/rank of
Minor Mental
Span Cumulative
Utility Magic - Skill Enhancement  
Skill Enhancement  
Minor Mental Spells
Soothing Word (1201) Utility
Iron Skin (1202) Defensive
Powersink (1203) Attack
Foresight (1204) Defensive
Glamour (1205) Utility
Telekinesis (1206) Attack
Force Projection (1207) Attack
Mindward (1208) Defensive
Dragonclaw (1209) Offensive
Thought Lash (1210) Attack
Confusion (1211) Attack
Shroud of Deception (1212) Utility
Mind over Body (1213) Utility
Brace (1214) Defensive
Blink (1215) Defensive
Focus Barrier (1216) Defensive
Vision (1217) Utility
Mental Dispel (1218) Utility
Vertigo (1219) Attack
Premonition (1220) Defensive
Mindwipe (1225) Attack
Provoke (1235) Utility

Shroud of Deception allows the caster to disguise their appearance in an illusion. This gives them the ability to visually change their race, profession, or gender, as well as their physical features to match. The attributes which can be disguised are subject to the caster's Minor Mental spell ranks.

The benefit of such a spell, other than tricking players, is using it for mechanical advantages in certain systems. An example of this would be that dark elves are automatically removed from the Shimmarglin Inn in Ta'Illistim. A dark elf caster could disguise their race to avoid being ejected. Another example would be to use the spell to avoid racial biases in shops.

Outside of using a hostile action to cast a dispel, there are no planned methods to "defeat" an illusion. Casting Elemental Detection will only allow sensing of Shroud of Deception, not what attributes have been disguised.

The spell will not affect combat.

Spell Rank Attributes

Rank Attribute
0 Eye Color
0 Eye Trait
0 Hair Color
0 Hair Style
0 Hair Texture
0 Hair Quirks
0 Skin Color
0 Nose Trait
0 Facial Features
0 Distinguishing Mark
0 Height
* Custom
20 Gender
30 Race
30 Culture
40 Profession

[*] Custom requires knowledge of the spell to utilize.


The SHROUD verb may be used to construct a profile prior to casting the spell. Every aspect of a configuration (such as eye color) change requires 1 mana and 3 seconds of cast roundtime. Example:

Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

>INCANT 1212


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