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Posts relating to surnames.

System Release

Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements
Message #: 1512
Date: 6/25/2007 8:22:35 AM

Your friendly neighborhood surname office is ready to accept requests for new names and name changes! In addition to the existing options, you may now ASK the clerk to CREATE a name if you don't already have one, or CHANGE your name to something new.

Q- What's this Lord Lady jazz?

A: Characters who are creating a new name or changing to an unregistered name must be at least level 20. Characters under level 20 can still take on a name being shared by the leader of a group, or take on their spouse's name.

Q- Will I need money for this?

A: Creating a surname is FREE of charge. Changing a surname will cost 50,000 silvers to Basic subscribers, and 5,000 silvers to Premium subscribers. Registration will still cost 100,000 to Basic and 10,000 to Premium.

Q- I just created a really foul-mouthed name and the clerk let me do it. You have to let me keep it, right?

A: Remember that POLICY 6 still applies to both characters' first names and surnames, and GMs will be monitoring names coming out of this system. You may be asked, or forced, to change your name at any time.

Q- I just saw somebody with a really foul-mouthed name! How can I tattle on them right away?

A: Please DO NOT use BADNAME to alert staff to inappropriate surnames . BADNAME should be used for characters' first names only. Instead, you may REPORT names that very clearly violate our naming standards policy. (Note that whimsically silly names that do not comport with your unquestionably awesome taste are not necessarily in gross violation.)

Q- I like my last name, but I wish I could change the capitalization.

A: When creating or changing a name, make sure to type it EXACTLY as you wish it to appear. The system is somewhat flexible with regard to mixed capitalization, so that if for example you wished to change "Davinci" to "daVinci", you may do so. Registered names consider all capitalized forms of the name to be the same, so such a change would not require you to re-register, and a registration of "daVinci" prohibits anyone else from choosing "Davinci".

Q- Punctuation?

A: Limited use of apostrophes and hyphens is permitted. However, don't go overboard or the clerk will deem your name gibberish.

Q- Where do I go to take advantage of these fine services?

A: Surname offices may be found at:

Q- Awesome!

A: Word.

Elven Cultural Surnames

Category: Races
Topic: General Discussions
Message #: 512
Author: GS4-ILDRAN
Date: 07/12/2008 09:21 PM CEST
Subject: Elven Houses Show Their Names

IOI: 5

Members of the five Elven Houses and the House of Faendryl may now display their proper full name, including their House surname, by utilizing the new ShowCltrSurname flag. Players must have their culture and last name showing for their cultural surname to display.

- Ildran

Surnames and Character Deletion

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 5844
Date: 4/28/2009 3:46:51 AM
Subject: Re: Surnames!

If I get rid of the original surname holder, will the surname disappear forever?

It depends on whether you registered the surname at the in-town office or not. If you didn't, then theoretically anyone can take it for themselves, even register it for themselves, whether you want them to or not.

If you did register it, then registry is good for one year and is assigned to the account, not just the character who did the registration. That account has the "patent" on the name and only that account's characters can take on the name for themselves or share it with others. Official in-game spouses of the account's characters can also take the surname without needing the account character present.

In either case, once you have a surname, it won't be taken away (excepting obscenities and whatever) regardless of registration status, yours or anyone else's.