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A discussion page created by request of a friend! This is for discussion of Leafiara the character; for anything else GS-related you might want to talk about (including mechanical discussions about clerics or forging or whatever), see my [[::User_talk:LEAFIARA|user talk page]].

To ask a question, just click that Edit button up top, copy the line below (including the tildes you'll see), paste it into the Your Questions section, and change it as needed! Or just ask me in game and I can even add it here anonymously.

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Your Questions

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Leafi's Player's Answers

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Some Memorable Moments

I was going to put this on her primary page as a section beneath Affiliations, but I thought it would seem too self-indulgent unless I elaborated why these events were meaningful to me, her player--which would be too OOC for her page, but perfect here.

Contact of the Scions of Shaundara since Eoantos 5116

This might be looking back through rose-colored glasses, but part of me misses what a clueless player I was during the Eyes of the Dawn story. To my eyes today, I see that I didn't understand at all how player participation in Kenstrom's stories works--but isn't that part of the fun? It led me to try or propose all sorts of insane things that I wouldn't try today.

What also jumps out to me is that Leafiara never joined with any of the other characters who became contacts of the Scions. In fact, just the opposite: she expressed skepticism and wondered if refugees were being led into a trap instead of to safety. So rather than teaming up with the other eventual-Scions, Leafi and I were doing our thing, either on our own or with Hapenlok or with Cruxophim, always in an earnest way that I couldn't duplicate now if I wanted to--because if I wanted to, the sincerity would be lost.

And it paid off.

Winner of the Eorgean 5116 Winterfest Free-for-all Tavern Brawl

[[::Icemule Trace|Icemule]] Tavern Brawls are pure luck for pure fun, so just winning isn't directly what made this memorable for me! Instead, I'll always remember this because of how it wound up developing Leafi's backstory. She led a group back to the Landing afterward, running at full speed across the trail without slipping, and someone said she had the grace expected of a brawling champion. The word "grace" made me think about dancers, which made me think about theater and ultimately made me realize it would be a perfect fit if Leafi had been an actress in the past--as a follower of Tilamaire, who's Cholen's servant.

Lormesta 5117: Guild Master and Completion of Formal Cleric Training (Capping)

On consecutive days, Leafiara became a guild master and then capped! Respectively these moments were only shared with two people and one person, at least until I put it on this page. Unlike outgoing Leafi, I'm pretty withdrawn myself and didn't want to make a big deal of it, and even when I capped, it was at like 1 AM Pacific and there weren't GMs around bolting me either to bring it front and center. (Though I did get a very nice message from Lydil with leaves falling from the TSC tree).

And that's kinda the way I like it sometimes. These small-scale interactions can be rewarding!

Bridesmaid for Emindala at her and Krampton's wedding

From the start I envisioned Leafi as a pretty androgynous character--on the outside dressed unwaveringly girly, but on the inside a tomboy disinterested in traditionally feminine activities. So you can only imagine how fascinating it was to play her when, the day before the wedding, Silvergate Inn hosted a spa night for the bride and her bridesmaids with a trip to the baths followed by massages and manicures at the inn.

I wouldn't say Leafi changed, but she developed--or maybe discovered--her feminine side that day and now that's been added as part of her. It's one of my favorite examples of how all of you wonderful players and characters shape who Leafiara becomes as much as I do.

Incidentally, Leafi almost didn't get to play this role, but Sareyna couldn't attend and named her as a good replacement. A welcome surprise and we're grateful to her and Emindala for having us!

Arena Champion at Duskruin Arena since Phoenatos 5117 (and ongoing)

After two Duskruin runs of not being able to do well in the arena because of not being high enough level or trained too broadly to succeed in it, once I actually could pull off consistent perfect runs I hit the grind hard and never looked back! Really looking forward to the Arena Heroine title.

Champion of the Imaerasta 5117 Festival of the Fallen

Leafi was ecstatic with this win both due to showing off success as a half-elf in the face of Ta'Vaalor elves and due to "Champion of the Fallen" kinda being the most perfect title possible for a resurrection-dedicated cleric.

I did really luck out that Hoy defeated Roblar in round one, though! Later practice matches after the tournament proved Leafi wouldn't have stood a chance against him barring a well-timed armor flare.

Best Tailored Men's Clothes of the Eorgaen 5117 Silvergate Inn Winter Gala

This was fun, having Leafi go dressed as a gentleman for the night!

The main reason was because she had only made the decision to go one night before it happened and I didn't have time to piece together something that could compete with elegant ladies who were actually prepared, so I tried to sidestep by looking for accessories to be the centerpiece of her outfit instead of a dress. Two of my favorite options would have meant going dressed as a ghost or a cat and I thought it was too much for a non-costume party, so I picked the third option: a zesty black swan-feathered hat that someone had very generously given me months earlier.

The secondary and more personal reason was that I wanted to draw out her character and liked that by going as a guy she'd get to come across androgynous, play up her theater history, and tie in a little to her fondness of Cholen, who's known for cross-gender pranks.

I do super duper regret forgetting to take off her Maiden title before attending, though. I also regret forgetting to show off her imflass toothpick (from forging) on stage!