Templar's Verdict (1603)

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Templar's Verdict (1603)
Mnemonic [VERDICT]
Duration 30 sec
Attack Magic - Damage - Disabling  
Subtype Warding 
Target(s) Single 
Damage Type Health 
State(s) Inflicted -5 DS/-3 TD/-5 SMRv2,
stacking on miss 
Critical Type Plasma 
Paladin Base Spells
Mantle of Faith (1601) Defensive
Pious Trial (1602) Attack
Templar's Verdict (1603) Attack
Consecrate (1604) Utility
Arm of the Arkati (1605) Offensive
Dauntless (1606) Offensive
Rejuvenation (1607) Utility
Defense of the Faithful (1608) Utility
Divine Shield (1609) Defensive
Higher Vision (1610) Defensive
Patron's Blessing (1611) Defensive
Faith's Clarity (1612) Utility
Aid the Fallen (1613) Utility
Aura of the Arkati (1614) Attack
Repentance (1615) Attack
Vigor (1616) Utility
Zealot (1617) Offensive
Fervor (1618) Offensive
Faith Shield (1619) Defensive
Not Yet Implemented (1620) Utility
Holy Weapon (1625) Offensive
Judgment (1630) Attack
Divine Intervention (1635) Utility
Divine Word (1640) Utility
Divine Incarnation (1650) Utility

When cast, the target of Templar's Verdict is subject to a warding roll. If the target fails to ward off the spell, they will take minor/moderate plasma damage and receive a 30 second debuff of -5 DS/-3 TD/-5 SMRv2.

Subsequent attack, casting, or combat maneuver misses from the Paladin toward the target cause the target to ward against the spell again and, upon failure, receive damage and another stack of the debuff. This effect can trigger a base of 3 times, increased by 1 cycle for every 50 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Summoning.

The Paladin must be in a standing position and in at least forward stance for a miss to trigger the spell.

When a Paladin under the Fervor (1618) aura slays a target that is afflicted with the Templar's Verdict debuff, the Paladin gains the Zealous effect, which will trigger a Guiding Light flare on the Paladin's next successful attack within 60 seconds.


Lore Benefits

Spiritual Lore, Summoning increases the number of times the debuff effect can trigger per target on an attack/cast/maneuver miss. Further details of this lore benefit are pending.


You gesture at TARGET.
Violet flames erupt from beneath TARGET.
  CS: +XXX - TD: +XXX + CvA: +XX + d100: +XX == +XXX
  Warding failed!
A column of violet flame envelops TARGET in its searing embrace!
   ... 20 points of damage!
   Vicious hole burned through TARGET's shield hand!
   TARGET is stunned!
TARGET's defenses are diminished in the wake of the flames.
Debuff effect
TARGET's defenses are diminished in the wake of the flames.
Debuff ends
TARGET shakes off the effects of the flames.
Recast trigger
when not standing
You're in no position to pass judgement.
Recast trigger
when not in forward stance
The need to execute divine judgement rises in you, but quickly fades.
Zealous effect
Your surroundings take on a violet sheen as you burn with zealous fervor!
Zealous ends
The violet flashes in your peripheral vision disappear.