Rejuvenation (1607)

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Rejuvenation (1607)
Mnemonic [REJUV]
Duration Immediate
Utility Magic  
Subtype Health & Stamina restoration 
Availability Self-cast 
Paladin Base Spells
Mantle of Faith (1601) Defensive
Pious Trial (1602) Attack
Faith's Clarity (1603) Utility
Consecrate (1604) Utility
Arm of the Arkati (1605) Offensive
Dauntless (1606) Offensive
Rejuvenation (1607) Utility
Beacon of Courage (1608) Offensive
Divine Shield (1609) Defensive
Higher Vision (1610) Defensive
Patron's Blessing (1611) Defensive
Champion's Might (1612) Offensive
Guard the Meek (1613) Defensive
Aura of the Arkati (1614) Attack
Divine Strike (1615) Attack
Vigor (1616) Utility
Zealot (1617) Offensive
Crusade (1618) Offensive
Faith Shield (1619) Defensive
Aid the Fallen (1620) Utility
Sanctify (1625) Offensive
Judgment (1630) Attack
Divine Intervention (1635) Utility
Divine Word (1640) Utility
Divine Incarnation (1650) Utility

By focusing spiritual magic through the Rejuvenation spell, the Paladin is able to restore health and stamina. This spell is self-cast only.

The base version of the spell restores 15 Health & Stamina Points at a cost of 7 Mana Points (MP). The amount of health and stamina restored, as well as the mana cost, increases with training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings.

The spell will also impart a health and stamina regeneration bonus to the caster, equal to 10% of his maximum stamina, with a minimum of 1. This bonus is reduced by 1% of his maximum stamina every 30 seconds, until it reaches 0% after five minutes.

When EVOKEd, Rejuvenation will restore health without triggering the stamina restoration/buff mechanic.

Rejuvenation in its most effective form may only be cast once every 5 minutes. Subsequent casts within the same 5-minute period will only return health (including lore bonuses) but no stamina.

Lore Benefit

Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings increases the rejuvenation gain by +3 HP per seed 1 summation, starting at +3 HP at 1 rank to a maximum of +57 HP at 190 ranks.

The base mana cost of the spell is 50% of the maximum health or stamina points restored.

Mana Control Benefit

Training in Spiritual Mana Control reduces the mana cost by 1% for every 3 ranks, though the spell will never cost less than 7 MPs.