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The Falcon is a sleek crimson-hulled airship. It is a mobile private property that has the ability to move between the above-ground cities of Elanith, including Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace, Solhaven, Teras Isle, River's Rest, Kraken's Fall, Ta'Vaalor, and Ta'Illistim.

The Falcon is the only privately owned airship in Elanthia and one of two mobile private properties, with the other one being a sailing ship, The Carillion. The Falcon's home base is Redwing Spire in Solhaven and it can be found docked above the platform in the top room of that tower, which is owned by its captain, when in town.


Designed by GM Auchand, the Falcon was offered as the grand prize in the first Droughtman's Challenge and won by its current captain, Nuadjha.


Long and lean, the airship floats gracefully high out of reach. Crimson-lacquered panels arc outward to form a slender hull surmounted by a bronze-beaked falcon figurehead. Three golvern-edged propellers rise high above the ship in the place of sails, while small maneuvering propellers line the sides and stern. Brilliant bronze tracery identifies the ship.

There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads: ~o~{ The Falcon }~o~

Travel and Chronomage

The airship takes 20 minutes to 3 hours to move between towns, depending on the distance. Passengers not wanting to ride can opt to use an on-board Chronomage system for a fee.


[The Falcon, Foredeck]
A bronze-beaked falcon figurehead juts from the prow of the vessel, its spread wings embracing the crimson-painted hull. Wrought from verdigris bronze, a waist-high railing mimics vines twining around modwir saplings. A carved redwood ship's wheel crowns a raised platform several paces behind the figurehead. You also see a woven spidersilk ladder.
Obvious paths: east
[The Falcon, Amidships]
The golvern-edged propellers of the ship shine in the sunlight, casting a wavering blur of reflected radiance over the smooth-worn and polished planes of wood below. Fanciful tracery forms golden vines that twine up the trio of cylindrical supports leading to the whirring blades. A dark teak hatch fastened with a black iron ring lies to starboard. Unmarked crates and wooden barrels have been stacked high and lashed down near the railings.
Obvious paths: east, west
[The Falcon, Aft]
A long redwood bench sits far aft, backed by a railing that overlooks the squared stern of the ship. Far enough away from the ceaseless drone of the main propellers to be almost quiet, the deck provides a view of the steering blades situated midway down the ship's hull. Beyond them is a dizzying view of the night-darkened earth below. A lustrous redwood sideboard has been bolted to one section of the railing.
Obvious paths: west
[The Falcon, Belowdecks]
Dusky blue tubes plated with refined veniom stand as tall as a man and far wider, lining the interior hull of the ship. The metal sparkles dimly in the half-light. They resonate faintly with the constant vibrations twitching through the ship, releasing a high-pitched hum into the cool air. Glass pipes full of rushing water direct their frothing current eastward toward a steadily pulsating light source. You also see a dark teak hatch in the ceiling, a set of steel hooks with some stuff on it, a row of spidersilk hammocks and a redwood footlocker.
Obvious exits: east
[The Falcon, Engineering]
Approaching the heart of the ship, the lengths of crimson-varnished wood give way to lightless blocks of crystal. An enclosure of precious metals fans out around a pulsating hexagonal blue crystal, the source of an ethereal pulse bathing the chamber in blue-white luminescence. Faint, haunting notes pour forth from the depth of the crystal in a strange and unending song. You also see a brass and gold-rimmed pedestal with a solid silver orb on it, a set of steel hooks with some stuff on it, a squat wooden stool and a stained workbench with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west


Town Dock Location Lich Room #
Wehnimer's Landing East of the North Gate 414
Icemule Trace Outside the North Gate 3307
Solhaven Redwing Spire, Planning Room (home base) 17427, go door
River's Rest Floating Dock, Tempest River (in the Stone Eye) 11432
Teras Isle Outside the North Gate 1991
Ta'Vaalor Timmorain Road (outside the Vermilion Gate) 5832
Ta'Illistim Outside the West Gate 752
Kraken's Fall Kraken's Fall, Beach 28891