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Isometric map of the Hive hunting area. Map by Alosaka.

The Hive is a challenging and large hunting ground with creatures from base levels 102 to 112 located near Zul Logoth.

The Hive is subject to Spell Sever.


There are four distinct hunting areas within The Hive.

Czeroth Subterrane

Kresh Warrens

Seething Crescent

Crystalline Depths



Behind the Scenes

The Hive was released on the test server on December 4, 2023. It released officially on December 17, 2023.


Auchand wrote and designed The Hive with help from the Development Team including:

  • Wyrom: QC
  • Casil: QC
  • Oscuro: Original creature design
  • Netz: Area Concept
  • Gyres: Kresh Warrens
  • Galene: New Gems