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Vial flares are four separate scripts that can be applied to weapons and runestaves for which, when the item activates, a vial of either health, mana, spirit, or stamina--determined by whichever specific script was applied to the weapon--is ejected from the shaft of the weapon. The vials can be used by the wielder or given away, and are good for 21 days before spoiling. Up to 9 vials can be created every 48 hours, as determined by Magic Item Use ranks. This script can be added to items with traditional flares and other Category B properties.

Health vial

The health vial will restore 50-70 health points.

Spirit vial

The spirit vial restores spirit points. The spirit weapons flare against undead creatures only.

Mana vial

Mana vials will restore 5-75 mana points depending on the character's stats and skills who drinks it (not the character who created the vial). Wisdom or Aura (depending on the profession), Magic Item Use (largest factor), and Mana Control (any type up to 100 skill bonus).

Stamina vial

Stamina vials operate similar to mana vials and will restore 5-75 stamina points. Applicable stats/training of the character who drinks it are Wisdom or Aura (depending on the profession), Magic Item Use (largest factor), and Physical Fitness (up to 100 skill bonus).

Additional Information

The chance for the flare is also based off the same stats/skills as described above, minus Mana Control and Physical Fitness, with some other factors:

  • Must not be a killing blow
  • Creature must have health for the health vial, mana for the mana vial, etc.

Consecrate (1604) will not work to extend the life of the vials.


>incant 502
You intone a phrase of elemental power while raising your hands, invoking Chromatic Circle...
Your spell is ready.
You gesture at a giant brown rat.
A giant brown rat is suddenly surrounded by a circle of shifting stones.
 CS: +365 - TD: +300 + CvA: +25 + d100: +93 == +183
 Warding failed!
 The shifting stones quickly orbit the rat, causing 33 points of damage!
 ... 10 points of damage!
 Strike glances off the chest.
Your glowbark runestaff twists in your hands, the shaft splits open and spits an amber crystalline vial out and onto the ground where it lands with a crystalline *TINKLE*.
A giant brown rat pales a bit!
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Service Offerings

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Vial flare Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Weapon
Item(s) Applied to All weapons
Item Verbs