Wehnimer's Landing 5123 Mayoral Election

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Wehnimer's Landing hosts the 5123 Mayoral Election. This year, three candidates throw their names into the ballot to address the many concerns of the Landing. From the presence of the new Barony taking a more neighborly role, to angry reivers using blood magic, to several factions showing dissent, this year's election places the candidates on these pressing issues hoping for a better tomorrow. This year's candidates are Steward of the Coffers Lady Alendrial DeArchon, Darkstone Bay Consortium Leader Amos, and incumbent Mayor Thadston Andrews.


Each Mayoral candidate has a written statement from some prominent Landing members who formerly or currently hold office:


A statement on behalf of Darkstone Bay Consortium Leader Amos by Town Councilor Kayse Thaellian

Wehnimer’s Landing Citizens:
Over the past year, Wehnimer’s Landing has seen its fair share of violence and despair; but it has also had moments of celebration and hope. Through good and bad, Amos has shown up and been present for Wehnimer’s Landing. I would like to take this time to publicly announce my support again, as well as offer facts as to why I think he is the best candidate for Mayor of Wehnimer’s Landing.
Amos’ biggest accomplishment has been within the growth and prosperity of Wehnimer’s Landing. With the creation of the Darkstone Bay Consortium, merchants were offered membership, protection and the ability to expand their trades. Late last year, the Darkstone Bay Consortium established a permanent location on West Ring Road, solidifying their place and Amos’ vision to increase business within our palisades. The consortium four-wall also offers a place for business transactions, planning, and continued growth of mercantile commerce for our town.
Along with the addition of the consortium, Amos developed a proposal for a bazaar that pushed for an increase in shopping and recreational space within Wehnimer’s. This bazaar created six new shops and an ice skating rink with future plans to add a variety of merchants, goods, and services. This expansion not only brought in more revenue, but added charm and sophistication to Wehnimer’s Landing.
It is not just merchanting and trade that interests Amos for he clearly has the well-being of Wehnimer’s Landing citizens, defenders and allies as a priority. Last Summer, when krolvin were kidnapping our people and attacking our streets, Amos provided warships armed with pylons to help fend off attacks. They were also used in battling numerous invasions from Gnul.
Amos also played a critical role in the attempt to rescue Kharusa from Tyrrax. The krolvin demanded that Amos be brought to him in chains. Amos bravely appeared and fought the warlord, while many of us boarded the ships and tried to find the halfling mentalist. At the end of the battle, Amos was tossed into Darkstone Bay and it was unclear if he even survived at the time.
When Amos acquired a digging machine, named the “Badger”, from dwarves in Zul Logoth, he loaned it out so we were able to travel into the depths of the ground in order to destroy Gnul’s forges. He asked nothing in return and his machinery was critical in wounding the enemy of their weapon supplies. I am not sure we would have been able to accomplish such a task without his support.
Amos also works tirelessly to abolish slavery and for years has partnered with the Scions of Shaundara.
When I think of Amos’ acts on behalf of the town, prosperity, courage, and generosity come to mind. He is a man of integrity, strength, and compassion and I believe our town would greatly benefit from electing him Mayor of Wehnimer’s Landing. With uncertain times, we need a leader who will rise to the occasion to defend our town and its people.
By my hand,
Kayse Thaellian
Wehnimer’s Landing Town Council

Lady Alendrial DeArchon

A statement on behalf of Lady Alendrial DeArchon by Former Mayor Leafiara Autumnwind

Wehnimer's Landing,
I endorse Lady Alendrial as the clear choice for our next Mayor. Through upholding her duties as the Steward of the Coffers for the past five and a half years, she's selflessly served and prioritized our people, putting in the difficult work of holding our town together.
Of those years, Alendrial spent nearly two serving a dual role as Steward of both Coffers and Guilds. After Casiphia "orchestrated" Beldrin's resignation from his Guilds position during Mayor Lylia's first term, the following years saw conflicts with Raznel, the Knave, and the blood cult, an attack on Guilds candidate Walward, the sudden withdrawal of candidate Dakris, an investigation into remaining candidates Amos and Stephos, and the disappearance of Judge Renpaw. All of this upheaval left the Guilds seat vacant for an extended period of time, but Alendrial continued to manage those duties on top of her own.
Of course, given the danger our town often faces, one might seek a Mayor who's as physically hardy as politically hardy. While Lady Alendrial won't be punching ships or uprooting trees, she's still toughened by the frontier and her history. She's been a leader within the Scions of Shaundara, a freedom fighter group that has long defended half-elven rights within the Empire. Amos also claims to have ties to the Scions, but I've never been able to verify such; however, many of the Scions' contacts such as the militia's Commander Shinann, Silvergate Inn's Warchief Archales, Kippe, and I can confirm that Alendrial was at the forefront of protecting refugees from Prelate Chaston Griffin's crusades in 5116. She will fight for our ideals and our people.
Lady Alendrial was also a former leader in the Brotherhood of Rooks over seven years ago, healing wounds and protecting our people during the war with Talador. At this point in Landing history, we face on one hand revelations of Rooks and sympathizers in office and we face on the other hand Ordlyn's growing narrative that current leadership is favoring the fledgling barony over its own citizens. The respect Alendrial still commands among wildly disparate people will be key to repairing our fractured communities.
Lady Alendrial has correctly identified that our greatest enemy is division. If you wish for more division, then I'm confident that a win for either of her opponents will deliver. The past few years have seen controversies like Thadston rebuking citizens and allies for seeking a discussion about the protectorate designation, Amos barring entry to businesses for unapproved opinions, Thadston hanging people found speaking with the leader of the Rooks who he himself pardoned, Amos losing control of his mercenary army that tried to burn down the barracks, Thadston filing for postponement of elections until a nearly unprecedented time of peace, and Amos (along with Dakris, Kilron, and Walward) cancelling elections unilaterally until Cordarius made concessions in their favor.
I support Lady Alendrial as our path to unity because I believe we have enough enemies outside the gates and needn't continue creating more within. Her strength of character and her priorities that put the Landing first are sorely needed to move us forward and bridge the divide between our people instead of driving further wedges between us. I hope you'll join me in voting for Alendrial as our next Mayor.
Leafiara Autumnwind,
Former Mayor, 5120-5121

Mayor Thadston Andrews

A statement on behalf of Mayor Thadston Andrews by Stormyrain, Marshal of the Landing Militia

My fellow Landing citizens, it is election season. I have been asked to pen this op-ed to share my thoughts on one of our candidates. I will be succinct because I think there is one stand out choice among the three.
Since 5115, Thadston Andrews has worked towards the betterment of our town. Not for his own prosperity, but for that of the citizens and residents of Wehnimer's Landing. When he was the Outpost Commander, as the Marshal of the Militia, and as Mayor, his years of service to our town should not be ignored.
As the Outpost Commander he was directly responsible for the way the Earl recognizes not only our intent, but our need, to be a free town. His passion for the town and our citizenry is unmatched and I have no doubt that if re-elected he will continue to put the Landing first.
As Marshal, he helped strengthen and grow our Militia into the defensive force we have now. Thanks to his leadership we now have a new barracks, the ballistas and towers, and a training program for new recruits that prepares them to protect the Landing with honor.
As Mayor he has continued to work with the leadership of the Landing to create the thriving town we now see, even in the midst of upheaval and power struggles among the different factions of our town.
Unrest and strife stand right outside of our gates. With Thadston’s expert knowledge and understanding of the Empire, the Landing can see this strife end and begin to grow into a peaceful and prosperous partnership with the new settlement. One which honors our sovereignty while making the best of what the nearby Barony has to offer in the years to come. That cannot happen without a strong foundation.
We are in the midst of crisis. Only Mayor Thadston has the experience within and beyond the Landing that we need to come out of it stronger and more unified than we went in.
On Election Day 5123, I hope you will vote to reelect Thadston for Mayor of Wehnimer’s Landing.
Marshal of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia

Added on the 19th of Ivastaen 5123:

It is true that the Mayor has investigated the possibility of postponing the elections while we, as a town, stablize our situation a bit before a potential changing of guard. This is not a novel concept, as historically elections have been delayed before, though the way it happened in more recent years has always been a subject of controversy. Instead of approaching it with that same mindset, Mayor Thadston sought to address it through the channels of Moot Hall. To be transparent, he spoke to me about this possibility a few nights before his town hall. He sought my perspective, and whether or not I would support a delay as the Marshal. The office of Marshal does support the postponement of the elections for a short time period, which should be clearly outlined and with a very transparent processes, to address the several destabilizing issues occurring both within, and right outside of our town gates. The Marshal's office has also been very clear that there will be no weaponizing the militia against townsfolk in the Landing, and that whatever is decided by Moot Hall in this instance will be supported.
To be succinct: As the Marshal, I support the Mayor in exploring this option, I support delaying the election for a short time with transparency, and I will also support whatever outcome occurs, whether that is the Mayor continuing down that path, deciding against it, or Moot Hall denying the request.
In service to Wehnimer's, always.

Town Hall Meetings

16 of Ivastaen - Darkstone Bay Consortium Leader Amos

Amos Town Hall

17 of Ivastaen - Steward of the Coffers Lady Alendrial DeArchon

Alendrial Town Hall

18 of Ivastaen - Incumbent Mayor Thadston Andrews

Thadston's Town Hall

How To Vote

The Polls are open until Ivastaen 24th. Landing citizens VOTE in the Moot Hall Assembly Room (from Town Square East, go Moot Hall, Go Double Door). VOTE INFO once there.