Ysaeril (prime)

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Ysaeril Illistim
Ysaeril crest.jpg
"Draw upon Knowledge" (crest)
Race Elf
Culture Illistim
Class Artist
Profession Wizard
Affiliation(s) Member of Twilight Hall, Curator of Caeruil Atelier
Disposition Cautious and modest
Demeanor Introverted
Greatest Weakness Shyness
Hobbies Painting, drawing, studying art
Dislikes Crowds
Fears Crowds
Loyalties House of Illistim
Best Friend Elysia

Ysaeril Illistim is a elven wizard with a penchant for art and architecture. She lives in the elven city of Ta'Illistim and recently opened an arts collective known as Caeruil Atelier.

In personality, Ysaeril is generally polite and kind, though introversion and shyness make it difficult for her to carry conversation. She is creative, curious, and analytical, but finds comfort in conformity during moments of uncertainty and is quick to adopt the social and cultural cues of others. Ysaeril is knowledgeable about art and architecture and is somewhat traveled. She has her father's violet eyes, which is a defining physical characteristic of his lineage. Ysaeril claims no additional surname, same as her forefathers, but has recently taken a grid-like pattern as a family flourish on her crest to reinforce her Illistim ties in the face of considerable absence.


Ysaeril's crest is borne upon a gold-framed sapphire ornament that she carries with her always. The object emits a scintillating grid of silver and gold energy that glows brightly beneath her, guiding her path.

Encompassed in a golden frame, a large peacock with teal and white plumage is set above an amethyst anemone flower upon a field of sapphire blue, accented with a flourish of a diagonally oriented silver and gold grid. The crest is flanked to the left with a silver drawing compass, to the right by a silver scroll tied in violet ribbon, and honored by violet-rimmed diamond. Simple script bearing the words "Draw upon knowledge" graces the iconography.


Ysaeril was born within the city walls of Ta'Illistim near midnight on Charlatos 6th, 4940 to Lady Evelise and Lord Mechryn Illistim, grandson of Meachreasim Illistim. Ysaeril gained an interest in city works and drawing from her mother, who was an architect in her own right, and a love of study and lore from her father. She was an only child and grew up in the city, attending local schools early on with frequent visits to an aunt in Ta'Ardenai. Ysaeril abandoned dabbling in sorcery upon the death of her father at ShadowGuard in 5102, and left the public eye for the better part of fifteen years following. She spent the subsequent years seeking solace from her aunt in Ta'Ardenai, attending an arts college in Ta'Loenthra, and traveling to far-flung lands west of the DragonSpine including the Sea of Fire. Having finally come to terms with her father's passing, Ysaeril returned to Ta'Illistim for good in 5117.

She currently holds land in Highpark Estates and was welcomed into the company of Twilight Hall to design an annex for the esteemed House near the quaint Paradis halfling village of Icemule Trace. Ysaeril was recognized as a Master Painter on 8/15/5117 and won Second Place at the 5117 Ta'Illistim Art Gala for her traditional landscape painting, "Autumn Comes to Sylvarraend." She founded the fine arts collective known as Caeruil Atelier on 9/9/5118.

On Lumnea 30, 5119, Ysaeril was honored with an elven jewel, a violet-rimmed diamond, for her artistry and fundraising efforts to support the refugees of Talador, which culminated in a fine arts fundraiser in Lormesta. By the grace of the Argent Mirror herself, all races were welcomed into Moonglae Inn for several days before and after the art show.

As 5120 began, Ysaeril was accepted into the ranks of Argent Mirror Myasara's handmaidens for a year of service.

Drawing and Painting