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Feats are a maneuver system under the Player System Manager similar to Combat Maneuvers for warriors, rogues, and monks. Feats may be granted automatically when Weapon Skill requirements are met, or require training like the other systems. The FEAT verb provides access to this system.

  • Feats may not be unlearned without a FIXSKILLS.
  • Confirmation is required prior to learning a Feat.
  • Squares will have a feat unlocked at level 25, 30, 40 and 50.


  • Buff - Buffs are skills that must be activated via use of commands, and assist the user with either their attack or defense.
  • Attack - Attack skills utilize and enhance the user's normal attack.
  • Passive - Passive Buffs are skills that are automatically active once learned, and assist the user with either their attack or defense.

FEAT verb

The FEAT verb is used to train in and activate Feats. The various skills can be trained via FEAT LEARN. Skills may be unlearned via FEAT UNLEARN, and the lists of skills to learn can be viewed via FEAT LIST. FEAT HELP {Specialization} provides detailed information on each of the skills.

USAGE: FEAT {skill} {target} or
       FEAT [option] {args}

  LEARN {skill}             - Spend Feat Training Points for skills
  UNLEARN {skill}           - Unlearn skills known to you for Feat Training Points
  LIST {type} [extra]       - List skills by type
                            - {type} can be ALL, 
                            - Any profession (or PROFESSION itself) may be included at the end
  INFO                      - Displays your current skill training info
  HELP {skill}              - List information about the selected skill
  WIKI {skill}              - Show Wiki output for the selected skill
  WIKILIST                  - Show Wiki list output for skills

Note: {skill} references above require use of the skill mnemonic.

List of Available Feats

Name Mnemonic Type Category Level Description
Absorb Magic absorbmagic Buff W,R,M Absorb the next harmful spell cast at you and revitalize yourself. Auto-learned with Kroderine Soul.
Chain Armor Proficiency chainarmor Passive Warrior Level 30 You have proficiency in chain armor.
Combat Mastery combatmastery Passive Warrior Level 40 You are a master of combat.
Critical Counter criticalcounter Passive Warrior Level 50 You are able to exploit weaknesses in your target and critically hit them.
Dispel Magic dispelmagic Buff W,R,M Dispel all negative magic affecting you. Auto-learned with Kroderine Soul.
Dragonscale Skin dragonscaleskin Passive Monk Level 30 Your Iron Skin mimics the properties of armor even more closely, protecting you against magic.
Guard guard Passive Warrior Use your blocking skill to attempt to block attacks made against another.
Kroderine Soul kroderinesoul Passive W,R,M Your soul is forged from anti-magic kroderine. Grants knowledge of Absorb Magic and Dispel Magic.
Light Armor Proficiency lightarmor Passive W,R Level 30 You have proficiency in cloth and leather armor.
Martial Arts Mastery martialarts Passive Monk Level 40 You are a master of martial arts.
Martial Mastery martialmastery Passive W,R,M You are a master of martial combat.
Mental Acuity mentalacuity Passive Monk Level 30 Your mind and body work in greater harmony, and your stamina to fuels your mental magics.
Mystic Strike mysticstrike Buff Monk Level 25 Infuse your next attack with mystic energy to lower your target's magical defenses.
Mystic Tattoo tattoo Passive Monk Level 20 Monks of at least level 20 can use FEAT TATTOO to enhance a character's stats (not skills).
Perfect Self perfectself Passive Monk Level 50 Reach beyond your limits to better yourself.
Plate Armor Proficiency platearmor Passive Warrior Level 30 You have proficiency in plate armor.
Protect protect Passive Warrior Use your parrying skill to attempt to parry attacks made against another.
Scale Armor Proficiency scalearmor Passive W,R Level 30 You have proficiency in scale armor.
Shadow Dance shadowdance Buff Rogue Level 50 Attune your movements and become one with the shadows.
Silent Strike silentstrike Attack Rogue Level 25 Attempt to strike a target from hiding without revealing one's location.
Vanish vanish Buff Rogue Level 40 Immediately withdraw into the shadows.
Weapon Bonding weaponbonding Passive Warrior Level 25 Spiritually bond to your weapon.
Weighting, Padding, Sighting wps Passive Warrior Level 20 Warriors of at least level 20 can use FEAT WPS to add critical/damage weighting, padding, or sighting (WPS) to weapons and armor.