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Type Square
Spell Circles Minor Spiritual
Minor Elemental
Prime Requisites Constitution, Strength
Mana Statistics Aura, Wisdom
Physical Skills
Skill Cost Ranks
Two Weapon Combat 2 / 2 2
Armor Use 2 / 0 3
Shield Use 2 / 0 3
Combat Maneuvers 4 / 3 2
Edged Weapons 2 / 1 2
Blunt Weapons 2 / 1 2
Two-Handed Weapons 3 / 1 2
Ranged Weapons 2 / 1 2
Thrown Weapons 2 / 1 2
Polearm Weapons 3 / 1 2
Brawling 2 / 1 2
Ambush 3 / 4 2
Multi Opponent Combat 4 / 3 2
Physical Fitness 2 / 0 3
Dodging 4 / 2 3
Magical Skills
Skill Cost Ranks
Arcane Symbols 0 / 7 1
Magic Item Use 0 / 8 1
Spell Aiming 4 / 8 1
Harness Power 0 / 10 1
Elemental Mana Control 0 / 10 1
Mental Mana Control 0 / 15 1
Spirit Mana Control 0 / 10 1
Spell Research 0 / 120 1
Elemental Lore 0 / 15 1
Spiritual Lore 0 / 15 1
Sorcerous Lore 0 / 30 1
Mental Lore 0 / 40 1
General Skills
Skill Cost Ranks
Survival 1 / 3 2
Disarming Traps 2 / 4 2
Picking Locks 2 / 3 2
Stalking and Hiding 3 / 2 2
Perception 0 / 3 2
Climbing 3 / 0 2
Swimming 2 / 0 2
First Aid 1 / 2 2
Trading 0 / 3 2
Pickpocketing 2 / 3 1

The quintessential fighting class, Warriors focus on arms and combat. Due to this specialization, Warriors can learn a variety of weapon skills and wear heavier armors more easily than any other class.

Less skilled in maneuvering and manipulating tools than Rogues, Warriors prefer to rely on strength, steel and the persuasive power of the edge of a blade. Devoting the majority of their lives to physical combat, Warriors find great difficulty in learning spells and operating certain types of magical devices.

Professional Highlights

Warriors have access to a wide selection of Combat Maneuvers and Shield Specializations, both active and passive, that no other profession has available, notably Weapon Bonding, as well as Armor Specializations for additional support. Elite warriors of 15th level or higher may join the Warrior Guild, where they can master abilities like Berserk (which is alternatively available as a combat maneuver, but is more effective when mastered as a guild skill).

Due to physically oriented training plans that most possess, Warriors are the most likely profession to achieve damage reduction, or Redux. This, in tandem with their ease in equipping heavy armors, allows them to take much more punishment than the other professions in the game.

While Warriors find it very difficult to learn magic, they can easily train in multiple weapon types to take advantage of the Martial Mastery passive ability. Being trained in multiple weapons also allows them to choose the ideal weapon for each situation, whether it be defensive loadouts with shields, heavy-hitting polearms, or the fearsome claidhmore.

Warriors who are trained in armor use and specific weapon types can ASSESS those armaments to determine the exact amount of weighting/padding/sighting.

Combat Maneuvers List

Warriors have the ability to train in the following combat maneuvers:

Warrior Exclusive Maneuvers

Other Options

Martial Stances

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Armor Specialization

Warriors have the most choices for Armor Specializations, and are the only class that can add Damage Resistance to armor through their specializations. The three Damage Specializations require specialized armor fittings from the Warrior Guild. All of the following Armor Specializations are Warrior exclusive:

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Shield Specializations

Warriors have the following list of Shield Specializations available.

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Guild Skills

Additionally, the Warrior Guild allows training in six skills. They are:

War Cries and Batter Barriers are entirely unique to the guild, as are many of the less-mechanically-useful skills learned in Warrior Tricks. Choosing to train a guild skill is a tradeoff, as mastering a guild skill takes a significant time investment, and the warrior must remain active in the guild to use it. Once mastered, though, a master is more proficient than a character with all 5 ranks from the Combat Maneuver List would be, and has not used any Combat Maneuver Points.

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Guard and Protect

Warriors have access to the unique combat verbs: GUARD and PROTECT. These skills can be used to help defend another player or a non-player character. In either case, the warrior takes a position to defend the charge from an incoming attack, looking to either guard with a shield or protect with a parried weapon. A warrior must choose to either guard or protect only a single target, and each target may only have one guard and one protector.

GUARD uses the block system (shields) and PROTECT the parry system (weapons). In each case, the warrior has a chance to stop the incoming attack with 50% his or her normal ability. When guarding or protecting, the warrior suffers a 25% penalty to his or her own ability to block or parry incoming attacks. Guarding and protecting have no effect on DS for the warrior or the defended target.[1]

It is worth noting that if two warriors with approximately the same defensive skills guard and/or protect each other, they each receive a net increase in their defensive ability.

Training in Guard Mastery, a Shield Specialization, can increase the chances a warrior has to block for their charge and remove the penalty to their own defenses. There is no equivalent skill to improve PROTECT.

GUARD (verb)

Help guard:

  GUARD {target} - Use your blocking skill to attempt to block attacks made against another.

PROTECT (verb)

Help protect:

  PROTECT {target} - Use your parrying skill to attempt to parry attacks made against another.

Both verbs give the following message when used by a non-warrior: Guard/Protect person:

You mill about, but really don't have a clue what to do.

Person mills about with an uncertain look on her face.

Both abilities can be ended using the STOP verb (e.g. STOP GUARD).

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Warrior Statistic Growth Rates

For more information see the page on statistic growth rates.

Warrior Stat Growth Rates
Profession Strength Constitution Dexterity Agility Discipline Aura Logic Intuition Wisdom Influence
Warrior 30 25 25 25 20 15 10 20 15 20

Note: The table above is the baseline statistic growth rates. These values are actually modified for every race in GemStone IV, including humans.

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