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Martial Stance is a classification of combat maneuvers that provide a significant "passive" benefit. When a martial stance is activated it has a duration of 4 hours and will replace any currently active martial stance (only one can be active) combat maneuver. Martial stance combat maneuvers also terminate with a character's death. These combat maneuvers are refreshable and remaining time is displayed with the SPELL ACTIVE command. They can be deactivated using STOP STANCE.

List of Martial Stances

Skill System Warrior Rogue Monk
Disarming Presence [dpresence] Shield Specializations Yes Yes -
Duck and Weave [duckandweave] Combat Maneuvers - Yes Yes
Executioner's Stance [executioner] Combat Maneuvers Yes - -
Flurry of Blows [flurry] Combat Maneuvers - - Yes
Griffin's Voice [griffin] Combat Maneuvers Yes - -
Inner Harmony [iharmony] Combat Maneuvers - - Yes
Predator's Eye [predator] Combat Maneuvers - Yes -
Rolling Krynch Stance [krynch] Combat Maneuvers - - Yes
Shield Riposte [riposte] Shield Specializations Yes Yes -
Slippery Mind [slipperymind] Combat Maneuvers - Yes Yes
Stance of the Mongoose [mongoose] Combat Maneuvers Yes Yes Yes
Striking Asp Stance [asp] Combat Maneuvers Yes Yes Yes
Tortoise Stance [tortoise] Shield Specializations Yes - -
Whirling Dervish [dervish] Combat Maneuvers Yes Yes -

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