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The 5117 Elanthian Conclave was a week-long event hosted by the Mentors of Silverwood Manor. Starting on 27 of Eoantos, 5117 (27 November, 2017), it provided an arena to discuss, teach, proselytize, debate, and generally explore the diverse theological and philosophical ideologies of the Arkati. The gathering ended on 3 Eorgaen (3rd December, 2017) with a pilgrimage to the DragonSpine Fane.

During the week, there were a variety of events to suit everyone's proclivities.

Schedule of Events

Monday 27th 9.00pm The Dreamwalkers Elanthian Conclave, Liabo/Ronan's Shrine Join Blade of the Night Falvicar Jalcon and Silverwood Manor during the kick off the Elanthian Conclave on Volnes, Eoanthos 27th at 9 PM (Monday, November 27th) as they journey from the Silverwood Manor in Wehnimer’s Landing to the Shrine of Dreams to hear about the Dreamwalkers and the history of the shrine. Ronan Falvicar
10:30pm Arkati Quest Elanthian Conclave, Rotunda Ever wanted a chance to show off your knowledge of the Arkati? House Sovyn is planning a scavenger hunt-like quest which will let you demonstrate your wisdom, or at the very least teach you a thing or two. Join House Sovyn and Silverwood Manor on November 27th at 10:30pm as the elves reckon it, to begin your world-wide, multi-day quest for the Arkati and vie for prizes! This first evening will just be a short discussion of the rules, and to hand out quest item collection containers and clues All House Sovyn
Tuesday 28th 8.00pm Knowing Luukos Elanthian Conclave, Knowledge To follow Luukos Hadya
9.00pm Artifacts of the Arkati Elanthian Conclave, Discussion Join The Order of the Sphere and Scythe during the Elanthian Conclave on Tilamaires, Eoanthos 28th at 9 P.M. (Tuesday, November 28th) as they discuss the blessed artifacts gained from Shrines across Elanthia. They will discuss these artifacts and meanings gained through the Arkati and lesser spirits as they went on their Sacred Pilgrimages. Various Order of the Sphere and Scythe
Wednesday 29th 8:00pm Lore of the Arkati and Dwarves Elanthian Conclave, Rotunda Join Clunk as he speaks on the lore of how Arkati and dwarves came to be. Various Clunk
11.00pm Artifacts of the Arkati Elanthian Conclave, Discussion Join Disciple of Phoen, Dinaden during the Elanthian Conclave on Leyan, Eoanthos 29th at 11 P.M. (Wednesday, November 29th) as he discusses Phoen. Learn about Phoen's place in the pantheon of the Arkati and how a paladin of Phoen helped turn the tide during the Griffin Sword Saga. Phoen Dinaden
Thursday 30th 9:00 pm "The Beginnings" Elanthian Conclave The Mentors and Elder Seer Rovvigen, of the Order of the Sphere and Scythe, present "The Beginnings", a story of how Jastev came to him in a vision during trying times, and how this experience led in the creation of the Order. This event will take place on Niiman, Eoantos 30th at 9 PM (Thursday, November 30th). An open discussion with Q&A will follow the storytelling. Jastev Rovvigen
10.00pm Aeia and the Tiger Lilies Silverwood Manor Courtyard As part of the Elanthian Conclave, come learn about one of the lesser known goddesses with Kayse Thaellian as she discusses Aeia. Find out about how Aeia saved the people of River's Rest as well as participate in a ribbon ritual to honor the Earth Mother. We will gather Silvergate Manor, on Niiman on the 30th of Eoantos at 10:00 P.M. Aeia Kayse
11.00pm The Sacred and Profane: Dissecting Divinity Elanthian Conclave Join the Mentors and Order of the Shadow member Xoryl as he presents "The Sacred and Profane: Dissecting Divinity". In-depth discussions will center around reconciling personal apotheosis as a metaphor for individual growth against the actualized presence of manifest divinity. Set out to navigate the hazardous terrain of faith, spirituality, and divine providence as an influence on modern social structure. Various Xoryl and the Order of the Shadow
Friday 1st 8.00pm Lady Imaera Elanthian Conclave, Knowledge Join Puptilian at Silverwood Manor on the Day of the Huntress, the 1st at 8:00PM Elven as he discusses Lady Imaera and how different people view and worship her. After the discussion any who wish to may join Puptilian as he leads a tour of the shrine near Wehnimer's Landing. Imaera Puptilian
9.00pm Debate Elanthian Conclave, Discussion Join Priest of Ronan, Mandral, as he moderates a debate on "Luukos v Lorminstra v Gosaena. Who is really the god/goddess of death?" Come to the Discussion Room at the Elanthian Conclave on Day of the Huntress, Eorgaen 1st at 9 PM (Friday December 1st). Lorminstra, Luukos, and Gosaena Priest Mandral
Saturday 2nd 2.00pm Enlightenment through Meditation Elanthian Conclave, Meditation Learn how to become aware of the harmony of mind, heart, and spirit through devotion and meditation. Lumnis Rohese
9:00pm Arkati Quest Finale Elanthian Conclave, Rotunda Join House Sovyn and Silverwood Manor on December 2nd at 9pm as the elves reckon it, to turn in your Arkati Quest World Tour items and collect your prizes. You must have been present at the time the rules and item collection containers were given out on November 27th to be eligible for prizes. All House Sovyn
Sunday 3rd 2.00pm Pilgrimage Elanthian Conclave, Rotunda/DragonSpine Fane, Zul Logoth As a fitting conclusion to the Elanthian Conclave, you are invited to join us on a pilgrimage through the Ancient Passage in Zul Logoth to the DragonSpine Fane. Since a pilgrimage is a personal journey of spiritual significance, we suggest you undertake it in your own time but ask that you aim to reach the main chamber by 2.00pm on the afternoon of the 3rd day of Eorgaen. Please bring a token to your favored deity and perhaps share a moment or two of reflection with others. All All


Accessed from the Silverwood Manor, Courtyard.

  • In Wehnimer's Landing, east of the temple in Erebor Square.
  • In Icemule Trace, north and west of Town Center, on Cursed Street.
  • In Ta'Vaalor, at the west end of town, on Geaislt Wey.
  • In Kharam Dzu, two blocks north and two blocks east of the statue, on Golvern Street.

Hesitantly, you wander down a winding trail and disappear within a thick mist. As the haze clears, you find yourself standing inside a vast chamber.

[Elanthian Conclave, Rotunda]
Architectural stone pillars encircle a vast rotunda, soaring to a domed ceiling overhead with an oculus open to a starry sky. A semi-circle of white alabaster columns opposes an identical arrangement of mica-flecked black granite, the contrast of light and dark mirrored in the bisected marble floor set with a gilt-inlaid compass in its center. Cardinal points direct visitors to four archways, with niches and benches placed around the chamber for those that wish to linger. You also see a large sign and a donation box.
Obvious exits: Obvious paths: none

In the Common language, it reads: ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Welcome to the Elanthian Conclave.

Please feel free to wander and explore our hallowed halls.

We ask that you take nothing but memories and food for thought, and leave nothing but donations and footprints.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~

a domed ceiling

Dissected into equal segments, the ceiling s various painted elements form part of a larger scheme of artwork throughout the building, which includes tapestries, mosaics, and statuary. Central to the decoration are twelve progressive scenes, each representing a month in the Elanthian calendar and focusing on seasonal flora and fauna or constellations in the night sky.

a gilt-inlaid compass

Concentric gold rings form the outer rim of the gigantic rose compass. A radial arrangement of silver strips demarcate the circle into eight equal segments, each filled with a glass-tiled mosaic depicting significant Elanthian scenes. Snow-capped mountains and tempestuous seas are juxtaposed with grassy meadows and molten red lava flows. Set at measured intervals around the circumference in black and white ora lettering are the principal cardinal directions and their intermediate points.


Simple in their construction, each heavy bench has been carved from a single piece of fine-grained stone in a pale grey hue. The lack of cushions and back support does not encourage loitering.

A series of niches around the rotunda is home to a variety of statues and other pieces of artwork, each paying homage to a particular member of the Arkati. You see an Andelas niche, a Cholen niche, an Eonak niche, a Fash'lo'nae niche, a Ghezresh niche, a Gosaena niche, an Ivas niche, a Lorminstra niche, a Luukos niche, a Mularos niche, an Oleani niche, a Ronan niche, a Tonis niche, and a Zelia niche.


A mosaic of blacks, greys, browns, and greens creates a foreboding scene of a fecund jungle. Glinting from within one of the trees is a pair of yellow topaz cut to resemble the shimmering eyes of a predatory cat.


A short pedestal has the four lines of a musical staff lifting out of it, wrought in gold. The staff reaches upwards, twirling around and through itself. Garnets and gold filigree are combined to create highly stylized musical notes that cluster on and around the golden bars.


A large granite stone has been carved into the shape of an anvil. At the base lay various replicas of weapons cast in iron.


Enclosed bookcases line this niche, stretching from floor to ceiling. Thick tomes appear behind some glaes and modwir doors, while a prominent lock in the form of a slit-pupiled eye secures them.


Hidden in the shadows is a small niche, barely large enough to slide a hand into. Surrounding the circular opening is a blackened silver chelioboros, its glinting eye set with an indigo tidal pearl. Just within sight is a tangled bed of dried kelp on which sits a cluster of yellow, marble-sized eggs.


Centered at the back of this niche a large skull has been embedded into the wall. Polished bones flank the skull on both sides, stretching around the niche and reaching to a sharp point near where the floor and the wall of the niche's end. By carefully using a large variety of the macabre material an impression of two large, feathered wings has been created.


Smooth, polished wood has been carved into a curvaceous woman who leans forward with an inviting look. A loose dress drapes from her hips, and a tight bodice barely conceals her considerable assets. A small red brazier rests just behind her feet, releasing a haze of green smoke into the alcove.


This niche has been barricaded by a wrought iron gate with a simple key motif that repeats in the finely formed bars. Visible just past the iron, glimaerstones have been laid out to create intricate snowflakes.


An alabaster figure is posed mid-oration, mouth open and one arm upraised. Pooled around the man's feet and encircling its way up his body is a polished serpent made of malachite. The thick, spade head rests on his shoulder, tilted so that the open mouth and faceted ruby tongue seem to nuzzle the man's ear.


A darkly stained wooden tool rack stretches from one side of the niche to the other. Wired onto the rack are a variety of instruments that would be suitable for a torture chamber, from mundane items like pliers and hammers, to the more specialized such as thumb-screws and choke-pears.


A simple, heart-shaped planter rests on a small dais, with tiny flowers pushing up from the soft soil.


Dark curtains sewn with small crystals shroud this niche, its profound folds creating an illusion of depth.


A fresco of bright pastels depicts a busy market, with two women talking prominently at the forefront. As one lady gestures expansively, a third figure sporting a mischievous grin can be seen with a hand inside the speaker's bag.


A solitary column sits within this niche, overlaid in a mottled amalgamation of metal. Faces in bas-relief cover every inch, in many cases overlapping into a confused mess of manic expressions. Stretched behind the column is a crescent of moonstone, pale against a dark backdrop.

Framed in an imposing figural architrave, the widest archway to the south leads outside, while a northern archway, a western archway, and an eastern archway lead further into the building.

[Elanthian Conclave, Liabo]
Gleaming alabaster radiates out from a shallow koi pond sunk into the middle of the chamber's floor. The surrounding walls are draped with rose vine-caught lengths of ivory silk, muffling the intermittent sound of footsteps or laughter, with the addition of scenic tapestries to break up the monochromatic backdrop. Shafts of silvery moonlight refracted through the glass-paneled skylight illuminate discrete arrangements of velvet-covered couches and chairs, all in restful shades of blue and green. You also see a refreshment cart with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: Obvious paths: east

a shallow koi pond

Blooming pink and yellow water lilies float serenely on the surface and large koi swim beneath the smooth green leaves, their sleek carnelian orange bodies flashing brightly as they dart for cover. The bottom of the pond is covered in silver coins that glint in the ambient light.

scenic tapestries

Woven in colorful silk, the various tapestries bear images of Arkati from the Pantheon of Liabo. Lumnis takes central position as the Queen of Enlightenment, her image picked out in muted grey and silver thread. On either side, she is joined by her sons, Phoen and Ronan, each identical in appearance yet captured in contrasting shades of gold and black. The seaweed-bearded manifestation of Charl fills another wall-hanging, juxtaposed with the leaf and flower-robed depiction of Imaera.
[Elanthian Conclave, Lornon]
Dark basalt walls surround a tessellated floor of grey slate and rust red-streaked hematite tiles. Stacked arrays of smoky tallow candles in wrought iron candelabra cast a dim light around the oppressive chamber, throwing long shadows over high-backed ebonwood chairs conveniently arranged for group discussion or quiet contemplation. A large shadowglass orb, cradled by a pair of cast iron hands, dominates the center of the room, its glassy surface cold to the touch beneath a layer of silvery mist. You also see a refreshment cart with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: Obvious paths: west

a large shadowglass orb

A sturdy iron stand, cast to resemble a pair of upward reaching hands, cradles a large oil-black sphere and holds it aloft. Paved with shattered glass, the patterning of the orb's exterior is seemingly random and difficult to make sense of, yet the shards reflect and multiply myriad perfect images of your face. Ethereal tendrils of silvery grey mist meander across the curved surface, partially concealing and distorting your many reflections beneath a ghostly haze.
[Elanthian Conclave, Neutral]
Natural moonlight floods the chamber from the array of glazed skylights overhead, warming the bare earthen floor and illuminating the feather-like quartz flecks in the grey stone walls. Gravel pathways bisect the space, leading to four archways and dividing the central circular garden. Each quadrant is filled with flowering trees, shrubs, and fragrant herbs, all teeming with insect life. Carefully positioned crescent-shaped benches allow for both quiet contemplation and conversation. You also see a refreshment cart with some stuff on it.


Simple in their construction, each heavy bench has been carved from a single piece of fine-grained stone in a pale grey hue. The lack of cushions and back support does not encourage loitering.

Framed in an imposing figural architrave, the widest archway to the south leads outside, while a northern archway, a western archway, and an eastern archway lead further into the building.

[Elanthian Conclave, Discussion]
Most of the space in this circular chamber is taken up by an imposing round stone table, the entire surface of which is elaborately carved with orbital moons and runic symbols. High-backed ironwood chairs encircle the table, allowing for open debate. The pale stone walls are covered from floor to ceiling with an array of painted murals, each depicting a significant theological scene, broken only by iron sconces at regular intervals.
Obvious exits: Obvious paths: east

high-backed ironwood chairs

Carvings of butterflies and bees amid flowering shrubs create the backs of each chair, echoing the lush garden in the chamber beyond. Ivory and ebony brocade cushions alternately cover each seat, with promise of many hours of comfort.

an array of painted murals

Images of otherworldy creatures merge with those of shadowy mythological dragons, distorted as if seen through a shifting grey rift. Massive winged beasts, reptilian in nature, flit through a flame-ravaged sky, locked in battle with black tentacled squid-like creatures. Other contrasting scenes in the collage depict peaceful images of humanoids living harmoniously alongside other races yet disturbingly juxtaposed with portrayals of decaying battlefields and undead abominations.
[Elanthian Conclave, Knowledge]
The high-reaching southern archway opens out into an arena where deep steps have been cut into the solid rock to form a half-circle of tiered bench seats leading down to a small area of sandy floor at the bottom. A carved stone lectern stands alone, almost dwarfed by the scale of its surroundings yet prominent enough to be visible from all seated positions.
[Elanthian Conclave, Meditation]
In contrast to the other rooms in the building, this space is small and intimate. Soft and slightly yielding underfoot, the sand-covered floor has been scattered with woven meditation mats and low tables set with candles and incense burners. The center of the room features a gently cascading water fountain surrounded by fragrant herbs and flowering shrubs, while taller bamboo plants in terracotta pots line the smooth stone walls.
Obvious exits: Obvious paths: west

water fountain

Stacked on a series of sandstone plinths are three stone bowls, each slightly larger than the one above. The smallest bowl at the top is fashioned from smooth white alabaster, the middle from blue-grey marble, and the largest, at the bottom, from a black-speckled granite. The configuration of the deep bowls allows for a gentle cascade of cool, crystal-clear water from one to the other, filling each to the brim in a steady and continuous flow.
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