Harland the Bastard

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Harland the Bastard
Storyline Witchful Thinking
Gender male
Race human
Status dead
Alias/Title Patron, Herald of the Godking
Affiliation(s) Church of Koar

Harland the Bastard was the illegitimate son of Empress Lyssandra Anodheles and Paltrach, a Patriarch of the Church of Koar. As a paragon of Raznel, he went by the name Patron


You see Patron the Herald of the Godking.
He appears to be a Human.
He is shorter than average.  He appears to be mature.  He has tilted murky blue eyes and taned skin.  He has shoulder-length, tanged dark brown hair woven with tiny white beads.  He has a weathered face, a thin nose and a long dark brown beard that is faintly dusted with flecks of gold.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a carved wooden Koar symbol, a simple leather pack, some wrinkled white robes, a crested gold ring, and a pair of fur-lined boots.


Born around 4721, Harland appeared in 4754 to assert his claim to the Sun Throne. Unfortunately for Harland, the reigning emperor was the popular Rallick Anodheles, and Harland gained little support for his claim. He died a cleric in the Church of Koar, but his descendant, Trydall Anodheles, did assert a successful claim decades later.

In 5119, it was discovered the Harland had been taken by Raznel to be used as a paragon to help stabilize and strengthen her. On Day of the Huntress, day 17 of the month Eoantos, adventurers from Wehnimer's Landing traveled to Harland's imaginary realm in the Dragonspine Mountains. He was found to be going by the name Patron and residing with a group of devotees of Koar, many of them children. As Patron, Harland was confronted and ultimately released to pass beyond the Ebon Gate.