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*[[Piercing Gaze (416)]]
*[[Piercing Gaze (416)]]
*[[Enchant (925)]]
*[[Enchant (925)]]
*Use of [[BOIL|ALCHEMY BOIL]] and [[SIMMER|ALCHEMY SIMMER]] in the [[training cauldron]]
*Use of {{boldmono|[[BOIL|ALCHEMY BOIL]]}} and {{boldmono|[[SIMMER|ALCHEMY SIMMER]]}} in the [[training cauldron]]

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Type Mental
Prime Requisite Wizard
Modifiers by Race
Aelotoi +5
Dwarf +5
Elf -
Elf, Dark -
Elf, Half -
Elf, Sylvan -
Erithian +5
Gnome, Burghal +10
Gnome, Forest +5
Giantman -5
Halfling +5
Human +5
Krolvin, Half -10

Logic is a statistic that reflects a character's ability to reason. As a mental statistic, it is used to calculate the number of mental training points received per level. A high logic statistic increases a character's experience pool and affects a character's experience absorption rate. A logic bonus of +20 or higher increases a character's ability to gain ranks in various artisan skills.

Experience absorption: When on a node or in town, you will absorb an extra (Logic Bonus/5) experience every pulse. When in a hunting area, you will absorb an extra (Logic Bonus/7) per pulse.

Logic is a prime requisite of the wizard profession.

Systems and Skills Affected By Logic

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