New Myssar

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New Myssar is a large, sprawling city in the hills in the center of Oire. The city is simple, comprising mostly traders from the surrounding farms and grazing lands. The city is not opulent, and offers little to visiting dignitaries, so it is rarely traveled to. The troops there are few and poorly maintained.

The city lies on the Pilgrim's Way, a road maintained by the barony.

The outskirts of the city, as seen in 5123:

[Oire, Outskirts of New Myssar]
Rising like a dark stain on the northwestern hills, New Myssar is surrounded by a low fence and spreads out around, amid, and upon a series of hills. Livestock travels the dirt track that grows thicker the further west it advances, the dusty trail following along the broad thoroughfare of Pilgrim's Way.
Obvious paths: southeast, west
[Oire, Outskirts of New Myssar]
Dirt tracks follow the cobbled roadway, each joining the other as they amble out from around the side of rolling hills covered in dappled grass. Roltons, sheep, and lambs kick up dust as they travel in a westerly direction, heading towards the sprawling city of New Myssar amid a chorus of bleating and grunting. Chimney smoke rises from homes huddled on the outskirts of the city, the grey tendrils joining the winter-dark sky.
Obvious paths: east, northwest
[Oire, Outskirts of New Myssar]
Surrounded by livestock, New Myssar huddles upon the rolling hills of Oire and is surrounded by trampled winter-yellowed grasses. Dirt tracks move to and from the low gates of the city, while to the east a central, cobbled thoroughfare departs from Pilgrim's Way. An ivory-washed pavilion surrounded by hitching posts is arranged on the southern grass.
Obvious paths: southeast, southwest
[Oire, Outskirts of New Myssar]
Bleating and grunting fill the air as herds of rolton, surrounded by shepherds and dogs, are ushered towards the low fences of the lazily sprawling city. Domiciles, homes, and storage buildings are cast in shadows by the starless, winter sky. Odiferous scents fill the air from the volume of livestock in the area.
Obvious paths: northeast, west
[Oire, Outskirts of New Myssar]
Sprawling across the horizon to the northeast, the imperial city of New Myssar spreads across the rolling hills in a languid fashion. Single-story outbuildings surrounded by winter-rested lands have shuttered windows and heavy thatch roofs, while closer to the center of the town the buildings are smaller but taller. Pilgrim's Way slips through the hills, skirting the edges of the city, though several dirt tracks lead to various entries in the low, encircling fences.
Obvious paths: east, southwest
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