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Paper maps are a great tool for the wandering adventurer. They have been sold off the shelf at shops such as Off the Beaten Path in a variety of designs, including town maps and astral maps.


You analyze your astral map and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This must remain a paper map of some kind.

You could OPEN, CLOSE, LOOK, SHOW, PEER, GAZE, or TURN the chart.  It is fully unlocked.

Tier 1


Verb First Third
OPEN You carefully unfold your astral map. XXX carefully folds her astral map.
CLOSE You carefully fold your blue star atlas, taking care not to tear it. XXX carefully folds her blue star atlas, taking care not to tear it.

Tier 2


Verb First Third
You gaze intently at your elven chart, tracing various routes with your finger. XXX gazes intently at his elven chart, appearing lost in thought as he traces various routes with his finger.
You gaze at your elven chart, but there is nothing to be seen. Perhaps if you unfolded it first? N/A
You study your elven chart closely, trying to determine just where you are! XXX studies his elven chart closely, trying to determine just where he is!
You peer intently at your elven chart, but there is nothing to be seen. Perhaps if you unfolded it first? N/A
You study your elven chart closely, but nothing seems to make sense. With a slight blush, you realize the chart is upside down! You quickly turn it over and resume your study of it. XXX studies his elven chart closely and gets a frustrated look on his face. With a slight blush, he quickly turns the chart in his hands to reorient it and resumes studying it.
You turn your folded elven chart over in your hands. XXX turns his folded elven chart over in his hands.

Additional Information


Type Show description
Astral map The astral map is unfolded. Covered in silvery symbols, the thin vellum has a nacreous sheen. The months of the year are inscribed on the outer edge and in the center, detailed depictions of seasonal constellations including "The Dragonfly", "The Huntress", "The Jackal", and "The Gates" stand out among the myriad of stars.
Bloodriven Village The village map is unfolded. A large prominent river cuts across the upper left corner of the map before giving way to a cluster of wagons and carriages that sit outside the village's gates. The sprawling village has clearly seen better days, with many rundown buildings and one dark alley that has a number of rats visible around it. Looming beyond that eastern edge of the town is a large arena with many dark crimson splotches darkening the sandy floor.
Caligos Isle The island chart is unfolded. A thick, silvery fog laced with deep indigo tendrils encircles a small island, with dark jagged peaks protruding from within the haze-laden blanket. Specks of silver dot the black sands of the ominous-looking beach, and several frigatebirds bedeck the otherwise empty sky. A large structure rests atop the highest pinnacle which is located in the center of the island, and a small overlook, complete with a telescope, is perched on the peak's edge.
Cysaegir The dragonfly-inked atlas is unfolded. A well-traveled road meanders its way along and through a long mountain pass before curving off toward a lush forest. Emerging from the forest and rising up into its trees, is a small but beautifully sculpted town. Several dragonflies dot the map around the town.
Feywrot Mire The banyan chart is unfolded. A large murky bog sprawls across the chart, with several paths set in concentric circles around the ruins of a large banyan. Dotted throughout the paths are numerous wagons, tents, and shop open for business. Set apart from the bog is a cemetery marked with what look to be freshly dug graves, sunken mausoleums partially excavated, and a curious amount of shovels. A well-trod paths from the cemetery leads below ground.
Four Winds Isle The island map is unfolded. The map depicts an island surrounded by jagged black rocks. Beyond the rocks is a dense mist.
Icemule The glacial map is unfolded. The map depicts a fairly barren, snow-covered plain surrounded by a deep gorge, a sparse forest, and a mountain range. Images of fearsome beasts are carefully drawn in varying areas of the map. Farther out is a frontier settlement.
Kharam Dzu The volcanic atlas is unfolded. The atlas depicts a great number of lava flows and a large volcanic crater. Various roads and paths are traced in great detail around what appears to be a village.
Old Ta'Faendryl The ancient map is unfolded. The map show a muddy, old cobblestone road leading towards the ruins of an ancient city. A pyramid rises from the center, surrounded by plazas and many other crumbling buildings. Forests surround the city on all sides, with a grey tower rising out of the western woods.
Pinefar The mountain map is unfolded. The map depicts a frozen mountain topped with a shrine. A small trading post lies nestled in some snow-covered woods. Dangerous slopes sprawl across the tundra terrain.
River's Rest The river map is unfolded. The map depicts a small island town, which is situated between a river and bay. An old castle lies to the east, and farther out is a cave with several images of trolls poking out from it.
Sea of Fire The desert map is unfolded. A vast expanse of desert covers the map, dotted with a scattering of rare oases and numerous mysterious stone obelisks. A large foreboding, crumbling city stands deep within the center of the desert.
Solhaven The imperial atlas is unfolded. The atlas shows a vast freeport with a expansive bay to the west. Thick forests surround the area, with a coastline and foggy valley. Through the valley, a tower of bone rises.
Ta'Illistim The elven atlas is unfolded. The atlas shows a grand city with a hanging garden. Airships hover just over the area, while pathways lead in all directions. A black forest rests in the southwest and to the northeast, a magical barrier abruptly ends the atlas.
Ta'Vaalor The elven chart is unfolded. The chart depicts a fortress city surrounded by a river like a moat. Farm land sprawls out to the west, while a bog and swamp are to the north and south. To the east is a cemetery and forest.
Varunar and Trail Tower The parchment map is unfolded. The map shows a long, winding road leading south through a great mountain range. An image of a broken tower and a ruined castle are indicated in great detail.
Wehnimer's Landing The frontier map is unfolded. The map shows a large town with a wide river flowing through it. To the southwest, an expanse of wide grassland opens. Further south, the grasses give way to rocky trails and caves. Further to the west, a large boulder is depicted among a scattering of trails.
Zul Logoth The cavern map is unfolded. The map shows a cavern deep underground. A beautifully lit city of toadstools glow on the map. Tunnels branch out toward mine carts and old mines. Deep down down one of them is a waterfall.

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Paper map Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Atlas
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 2
How to Unlock Merchant
Restrictions Must remain a type of paper map.