Phanna (prime)

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Phanna Green
As rendered by Divone.
Uploaded with permission.
Race Human
Culture Allace
Class Wizard
Religion None,
Church of Koar (formerly)
Affiliation(s) Cairnfang Manor,
Hall of Mages,
Order of the Swan,
Sisters of the Hidden Eye
In-a-Word Refined
Demeanor Courteous, poised
Greatest Strength Intuitive
Greatest Weakness Fatalistic
Hobbies Poetry, painting
Likes Tea, exotic animals, good conversation
Dislikes Boorishness
Spouse None

Phanna Green is a human wizard who is amazingly not from Phannus. She arrived in Solhaven in Phoenatos of 5115 and has remained in the region ever since with the expressed intent to continue her studies there. She became Chairwoman of Cairnfang Manor in 5120 and is especially active in managing the annual Solhaven Grand Art Exhibit. In 5123, Phanna was offered the role of the Faelcwyn in the Order of the Swan.

Phanna was born with a natural capacity for elemental magic. Originally from Oblone in Allace, she left when she turned fourteen to study at the Hall of Mages in Seareach at - yes - their location in Phannus. While there, she experienced the inevitable questions as to whether or not she was named after the city and the assumption that it was her hometown. In spite of that, she thoroughly enjoyed her time in Phannus for its comparatively cosmopolitan atmosphere. With its land and sea trade routes bringing in goods from the heart of the Empire, the Sea of Fire, and civilizations beyond, she became enamored with everything the city had to offer.

Her time with the Hall of Mages led Phanna to a fascination with the Imperial Drakes. She admires their pragmatism foremost, especially given the requirement that they must make such significant decisions within the greater stress of their particular assignments. She is currently recognized as a Prentice Mavwyr.

Phanna was wed briefly. While she and her former husband ended their union on good terms, he remained in the Sea of Fire when she sailed north from Seareach for Vornavis. She has a fox companion named Tzouq'vun, or Zozo for short.


You see Phanna Green the Mage.
She appears to be a Human from Allace.
She is average height and has an hourglass figure. She appears to be youthful. She has shadowed dark jade green eyes and lightly tanned, almond-hued skin. She has sleek, dark viridian ombre hair loosely covered by a pearl-beaded ivory flyrsilk scarf with wisps of hair escaping to frame her face. The naturally dignified cast to her features manifests as the quintessence of refinement. She has bare-tipped dark russet lacquer brushed onto her gently tapered fingernails.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a delicate lustrous black bloodstone lavaliere, an airy burnoose of loosely draping stygian flyrsilk, a russet charmeuse bodice with draping gold-embroidered split sleeves over a sheer champagne silk blouse bearing intricate golvern beadwork, a layered sash trailing lengths of ivory and saffron silks, a cylindrical vermillion ruic case, some loose bronze-sheened cinereous chiffon pants, and a pair of gold-beaded russet suede slippers.