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Chrism holders are items worn by adventurers that hold chrisms and were introduced at Ebon Gate 2011. When dead, the adventurer can LOOK at the (worn) chrism holder to pop the chrism out onto the ground. When the gem hits the ground, there is an extremely small chance that the gem will break, thus leaving the body with no chrism. This is the main use for chrism holders.

However, there is one alternate use for chrism holders which is less common. At Ebon Gate 2012 and other special events, merchants have offered services which would upgrade chrism holders to also work on a cleric using Symbol of the Proselyte (340). Chrism holders are not automatically holy symbols, and thus will not work with Symbol of the Proselyte unless merchant-altered for this use.

Chrism holders typically cost 100,000 silvers off the shelf. Chrism holders were not available at Ebon Gate 2019. When asked on Discord on October 18, 2019 GM Wyrom stated, "Chrism Holders are likely on hiatus for a long time".


PUSH a chrism holder with a chrism gem in hand to load it. This only works with an empty chrism holder in one hand and a chrism in the other hand.

LOOK at a loaded chrism holder (while dead) to drop the chrism to the ground for a cleric to pick up. This only works while wearing a loaded chrism holder.

PULL a loaded chrism holder (while alive) to remove the chrism from the holder. This only works while holding the chrism holder with the other hand empty.

Greater Chrism Holders

Greater chrism holders (GCHs) were introduced at Ebon Gate 2012 and automatically chrism the wearer when LOOKed at. Thus, the wearer will receive the full benefit of a chrism without the need for a cleric raise, and there is no chance of chrism breakage from hitting the ground. In addition, GCHs provide a chance for the chrism to replenish and the gem can be used again on the next death.

The holy magic within the {item} glows with a bright white aura, replenishing the blue diamond liquid interior and sealing the crack to make it whole again.  The blue diamond remains nestled in the {item}'s bezel setting.

Known GCHs include six that grant the wearer self-knowledge of Prayer of Protection (303) (distributed at Return to Coraesine Field), two that provide a +2 to spirit recovery enhancive (distributed at Cessation of Coraesine Field), and one that offers no benefit outside of self-chrism usage.

Loresong of Greater Chrism Holder

As your song flows into a XXX, your vision fades into darkness.  When the darkness is lifted, you find yourself laying still on the ground.  You try to move, but your physical actions are stopped.  Panic sets in just as your verse ends, causing your vision to end.
This is a small item, under a pound.  In your best estimation, it's worth about 50,000 silvers.  You can also tell that there is some type of metal in the structure of the XXX.
Roundtime: 6 sec.

You sense a faint aura of magic surrounding the XXX.  You sense that this is some type of holy item.  From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the XXX is unusual, but the exact use escapes you.
Roundtime: 9 sec.

Your song continues and you once again find yourself floating above your body.  The XXX fascinates you as you stare at a chrism gem nestled into its bezel.  A sudden overwhelming sensation floods your spectral form as if you could possibly interact with the XXX.  As the sensation fades, so does the vision.
You sense a divine influence within the XXX.
Roundtime: 7 sec.

Before the words fully escape your mouth, you are returned to the song's visions.  The iridescent glow seems to be the source of the empowering sensation.  You feel that if you look at the XXX long enough, you could cause the aura of holy magic to fade and crack open the gem resting within the bezel of the XXX, releasing the contents on your corpse.  There might even be a chance to replenish the gem to work again.  Your vision ends abruptly as your song draws to a close.
It appears to be a holy symbol.

You feel that you have reached the end of the XXX's song.
Roundtime: 9 sec.

Stock Chrism Holders

The first holder listed for each Arkati is from the Abandoned Church, which appeared for several consecutive years at the Ebon Gate Festival; they were also common prizes at the first Delirium Manor. The second holder listed is a series commonly referred to as "fallen chrism holders" that were found in copious amounts at Return to Delirium Manor.

Arkati Description Alignment
Aeia a blown glass lily symbol of swirled white and green Neutral
a blown glass pendant painted with a decaying lily
Amasalen a two-headed serpent symbol wrapped around a crimson blazestar Lornon
a thunderstone emblem painted with an impaled two-headed serpent
Andelas a ruby-eyed cat's head symbol crafted from black moonstone Lornon
a blood red stone emblem depicting a hissing cat
Arachne a black sphene widow symbol with maroon-tinted legs Neutral
an onyx-formed smashed black widow emblem
Charl an emerald-hued imflass trident symbol adorned with blue coral Liabo
a blue-green dusty seaglass emblem
Cholen a dark red vaalorn lute symbol accented with gold Liabo
a lackluster gold pendant adorned with a stringless lute
Eonak a scuffed golden anvil symbol pocked with dark bronze Liabo
a flattened iron anvil emblem
Eorgina a flame-shaped blazestar symbol speckled with grey jasper Lornon
a cracked flame-shaped ruby emblem
Fash'lo'nae a slit-pupiled eye symbol incised in a yellow heliodor Lornon
a slate grey emblem set with a bulging yellow eye-shaped sapphire
Gosaena a symbol of dark faenor inset with a silver sickle Neutral
a jagged silver sickle emblem
The Huntress a sharp-edged silver star symbol with eight blackened points Neutral
a twisted eight point silver star emblem
Imaera a twisted amber and jade symbol shaped like sheaves of grain Liabo
a pale green emblem painted with the image of withered grains
Ivas a wisp-formed chrysoprase symbol caged in scarlet despanal Lornon
an orbicular wispy red glaes emblem
Jastev a silvery crystal ball symbol crafted from alum Liabo
a deformed crystal ball-inset faenor pendant
Jaston a curved white alum feather symbol embellished with veniom Liabo
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Kai a silver clenched fist symbol marked with crimson streaks Liabo
a tarnished silver fist-shaped emblem
Koar a radiant golden crown symbol bedizened with white opal drakes Liabo
a bent golden crown pendant
Kuon a golden blazestar symbol dappled with umber sards Liabo
a bronze-dipped drooping leaf pendant
Laethe a black dreamstone rose symbol stemmed with amethyst Liabo
a steel-forged wilted black rose emblem
Leya an ivory dagger symbol set with chalcedony and blue quartz Liabo
a dull dagger pendant bound with ivory
Lorminstra a black-handled gold key symbol with a single bit Liabo
a large misshapen gold key emblem
Lumnis a flat vaalin scroll symbol marked with five colored circles Liabo
a circular vaalin pendant depicting a burnt scroll
Luukos a smooth jade serpent symbol inset with brown agate eyes Lornon
a deep brown pendant depicting a writhing green serpent
Marlu a black opal six-tined star symbol patterned with rings Lornon
a grey thunderstone emblem depicting six writhing tentacles
Mularos a red roestone heart symbol pierced with a white opal dagger Lornon
a dagger-pierced heart emblem dangling blood red rubies
Niima a crystal-eyed silver dolphin symbol encrusted in blue coral Liabo
a sickly-looking dolphin emblem embellished with moonstones
Non-Arkati a dull iron clasp N/A
a featureless copper badge
a matte brass curio
a nondescript rough stone emblem
a nondescript steel artifact
a plain bronze insignia
an unadorned mithril relic
a void black deathstone emblem
Oleani a faceted ruby heart symbol inset with a rose-cut sapphire Liabo
a fractured crystalline pink heart pendant
Onar a cracked white skull symbol inset with black marble eyes Lornon
a deep black doomstone pendant adorned with a shattered skull
Phoen a golden sunburst symbol carved from a radiant blazestar Liabo
a fading red sun emblem
Ronan a matte black kelyn sword symbol edged in silver Liabo
a bloodstained sword pendant with faded black backing
Sheru an onyx jackal's head symbol set in red gold Lornon
a fractured onyx pendant depicting a gape-mouthed jackal
Tilamaire a honey beryl note symbol inset with tiny water sapphires Liabo
a corroded copper musical note pendant
Tonis a golden laje pegasus symbol embellished with veniom Liabo
a scuffed laje emblem depicting a wounded pegasus
Voaris a bloomed amber rose symbol stemmed with a sylvarraend ruby Liabo
a black dreamstone emblem in the form of a decaying rose
Voln a smooth vaalin shield symbol hammered into blackened steel Liabo
a mithglin emblem depicting an abandoned shield on a deep red field
V'tull a void black deathstone symbol carved into a scimitar Lornon
a witchwood emblem adorned with a bloodstained scimitar
Zelia a symbol of silver and black marble shaped like a crescent moon Neutral
a large glaes emblem depicting twin waxing red and violet moons