Colossal boreal undansormr

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Colossal boreal undansormr
Level 111
Family Worm family creatures
Body Type Worm
Area(s) Found Hinterwilds
Attack Attributes
Defense Attributes
? ASG ?
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee ?
Ranged ?
Bolt ?
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base 460
Cleric Base ?
Empath Base 488
Paladin Base ?
Ranger Base ?
Sorcerer Base ?
Wizard Base ?
Minor Elemental ?
Major Elemental ?
Minor Spiritual ?
Major Spiritual ?
Minor Mental ?
Other Unique Abilities
Treasure Attributes
Coins ?
Gems ?
Magic Items ?
Boxes ?
Skin ?
Other ?
Gleaming scales protect the vermiform body of a colossal boreal undansormr.  Most of the undansormr's natural armor is of cinereous hue, but there are occasional glints of striking teal or shocking blue, especially along the creature's raised spine.  the undansormr's visage boasts a trio of glowing amber eyes.  The two smaller ones are laterally placed, while the largest dominates the center of the undansormr's serpentine head.  More eyes dot the sinuous length of the beast, though with less regular configuration and sizing. 

Hunting Strategies

General Advice
  • Undansormrs have great amounts of health, pretty high DS, exceptional TD, decent maneuver defense by virtue of their high level if nothing else, immunity to being knocked prone, and no limbs to get rid of to make them less effective. However, unarmed combat can kill undansormrs reasonably effectively with focused mstrikes, Fury, or stray tiered-up shots to the head (one of the only body parts this worm-like creature does have). Even a pure (with trained Brawling and Combat Maneuvers) can make unarmed combat work against them with minor setup of stunning the undansormr first to increase MM and more than overcome the UAF vs. UDF gap.


A colossal boreal undansormr's venom sacs swell and pulse.  It opens its vast maw, spraying a cloud of vibrant green mist around itself, where it lingers heavy and livid on the air.
Several of a colossal boreal undansormr's eyes focus upon you, their amber depths beckoning with swirls of hypnotic color.
  CS: +471 - TD: +402 + CvA: +5 + d100: +28 - -5 == +107
You lose yourself in the multifarious eyes, your mind going utterly blank.  You are stunned!

Other Information

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