The Uncertain Times

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Uncertain times plague the northern town of Icemule Trace. A continuing storyline by GameMaster Auchand that began in 2020 with the Icemule Renaissance


Our story begins around the time that the Den of Rot was opened under the Abbey.

There are two Liches, both were members of the infamous Council of Ten. How they have survived until now is unknown, but both are missing their phylacteries. Zeban is a devout follower of the Blood God, Amasalen. Physically, he seems to appear as a crimson mist. He has no body we know of, seeming to seep into his victims and take control over their bodies while still alive. This seems to be temporary, as the bodies he inhabits degrade quickly. His discarded shells have been spotted multiple times, always withered and drained of blood, and screams have been witnessed as he took over his next victims. Zeban controls an undead army, which he created using the powers of an ancient text called the Tablet of Death. It is believed that this tablet was taken from the Den of Rot.

The other, Prangar, came to us under false pretenses. Most people recognize him as Ellerel Barrowfoot, who was one of the candidates in the 5120 Icemule Mayoral race. Some time before this, Prangar possessed the body of Ellerel and assumed his position in life as a merchant of sorcerous reagents. After the theft of the Tablet of Death from the Abbey by Zeban, Ellerel revealed his true self to us. He claims to have no ill will towards Icemule Trace, and he only seeks a means to give himself a new body and start over on a life that he feels was stolen from him. He seems to desire redemption.

After the theft of the Tablet of Death, the abbess Mellian, now restored to her former self thanks to the efforts of some courageous adventurers, informed us that there is another tablet, the Tablet of Life. If these two tablets were to come together, the world would witness a power never before seen.

On numerous occasions, Zeban has assaulted us with his undead forces. With each attack, he seems to be testing our strengths and weaknesses. After one such incursion, he even stated so himself. During this time, his forces ravaged and decimated a Half-Krolvin settlement to the west of Icemule. We sent emissaries, and the refugees set up a camp outside of the West Gate in town. They expressed interest in becoming citizens of Icemule Trace, but the paperwork was conveniently misplaced by Councilman Reiphe. This seemed to work at first, but after another incursion by Zeban's army, the refugees took the brunt of this attack and demanded council with the town's "Chieftains." It was then decided by majority agreement that the Half-Krolvins would integrate as members of town.

  • Recently the Ice Giant emissary, Valfald, arrived to Icemule Trace at the request of the Mayor and Council in order to strike an alliance with the town.

02/03/2021 Dabbings Issues Slew of Emergency Orders

02/06/2021 Log Entry(Storyline update)

02/06/2021 Town Council Meeting

02/10/2021 Ambushed! Relic from the Ice

02/10/2021 In the Cold

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