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The August 2022 (Aug 12th-Aug 31st) Duskruin Event includes:

New for 2022 Duskruin


  • Booklet Sales Begin: Friday, August 12th at 6 PM
  • Opening: Friday, August 12th at 9 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered)
  • Trove Starts: Monday, August 15th at roughly 7 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered)
  • Trove First Drawing: Tuesday, August 16th at roughly 7 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered)
  • HESS Opening: Friday, August 12th at 9 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered) - For Platinum and Shattered this will also include limited quantity services
  • Spin Night: Friday, August 19th at 9 PM (Prime Only) - Spins for limited quantity HESS services. More details to follow separately
  • Mania Auction Night #1: Friday, August 26th, 9PM (Prime, Platinum) - This will be automated auctions in New Bids on the Block Official Forum Post
  • Mania Auction Night #2: Saturday, August 27th, 7 PM (Prime, Platinum) - This will be LIVE with Lahke
  • Trove Final Drawing: Tuesday, August 30th (Prime, Platinum, Shattered)
  • Closing: Sunday, September 4th at 11:59 PM (Prime, Platinum, Shattered)

Duskruin: The Deepest Depths

Hushed whispers about a lost band of temple marauders have been making the rounds in the taverns of Bloodriven, while ominous rumblings have been heard echoing from deep beneath the Arena. Do you dare venture in to discover the source?

Rumor has it that more than treasure was unearthed during the last dig!

HESS additions

Six new add-script-to-existing options, including Dramatic Drapery will be available, as well as new unlimited resistance swapping, additional sides for Morphing Armor, and unlocks for Morphing Shields. And what's this? Exclusive, unlimited enchanting certificates up to 15x?

Main post by Tivvy: Official Forum Post

Chapel wedding verbs

Wedding licenses purchased during Duskruin will provide access to the new Chapel series of wedding verbs.

Two Legendary Bloodrune Cloaks

This Duskruin's legendary bloodrune is the crocodile and will go with a thick granite-scaled longcoat and a new distribution method is being tested: one full set in the trove, one cloak for sale at mania, and one bloodrune in the sewers.

Main post by Thandiwe: Discord
Distribution update: Discord

Shop Listing

Final Run ** New ** Refresh Reopen
Are You Not Entertained? Bloody Lotus - Origami At The Ready Alchemical Attraction
Covert Couriers Diskovery - Disk cuztomization boxes All You Knead Art of Lore
Crested Glory Eonak Arms - Eonak Arms Be Warez Best Tressed, The
Cultural Cuts Good In-Tent-ions - Pup Tent Bundle Up Beyond Barriers
Get Thee Behind Me Peashirmen - Life Aquatic Burning Twilight Blades of Glory
In Your Element Secretive Sips - Drunkard Clothing Cut And Dried Blood Red Rose
Kraet and Barrel Twist of Briars, A - Briar flare Essencetials Bloodbenders
Kraet Expectations Gamac's Goods Bloodriven Bowery
Messy Alchemist, The Gilded Gladiator, The Bolt From The Blue
Sable Quietus, The Just For Kicks Curved Cuts
Strength and Honor Knifery, The Currents and Safeguards
A Kraet Deal Dunh's Lab
Kraet Lengths Fatal Afflares
Librarium, The (Study, Sanctuary, Laboratory) Fireside Supplies
Sigil Shop Heady Spirits
Sparrow's Dance Hide and Fur Depot, The
Icy Disposition
Knit One, Punch Two
Kraet Aim
Make Your Mark
Mar and Scar
Modern Morph, The
Mystic Phrases
Ode To Resistance
On the Other Hand
Pinned and Pleated
Pirate Looks at Four Teas, A
Potation Parlor
Rock Solid
Shadowed Light
Shield Thyself
Sprite Club
Stay Awhile and Glisten
Stay Vigilant
Temple of Tentacles
Tiles of Chance
Untamed Spirit
Vaalin Rose, The
Vambrace Yourself
Wild Instinct
Yarrrpee Shoppe
You're So Vain

August 2022 Duskruin Item Teasers

Drunkard Clothing by GM Avaluka

Drink too much? Don't drink enough? Need to sneak some potent potable into a fancy event without anyone realizing? Drunkard Clothing may be for you. Messaging even reflects your state of inebriation. Coming to Secretive Sips!

Main Post: Official Forum Post

Life Aquatic Tubes and Pails

Announced during the Simucon State of Elanthia, Life Aquatic is a system similar to the Bugs on Parade for capturing images of small aquatic creatures as gems, paper embellishment, or even candy. With friends like these, who needs anemones?

FAQ by Thandiwe: Discord

Briar flares for gloves and boots, as well as greaves

Briar flares are receiving a general update, including new fluff and quality of life improvements, as well as being made available for unarmed combat gear. Look for them at the new shop, A Twist of Briars.

Main Post by Xynwen: Discord
Pricing and more information: Official Forum Post

  • Available OTS alongside unlock certificates, as well as the add-to-existing HESS item.
  • Non-weapon briar items contribute to the briar flare weapon’s AS boost. Discord
  • The new wrist/leg accessories are available both as armor and non-armor jewelry. Discord

Nightbringer by GM Retser

Nightbringer (or Really-Quite-Dark-bringer) weaponry is a counterpart to/variant of the Daybringer specialized in fighting the living.

Main Post by Retser: Discord

  • Nightbringers flare cold against the dead and disintegration with a chance of double flares against the living.
  • Charged with night-themed spells like cold and darkness.
  • Otherwise similar mechanically to Daybringer.

Eonak Arms by GM Netz

Customizable artificial limbs worn on the shoulder or belt to carry items, block attacks, and assist with general physical tasks, available at Eonak Arms, which makes sense.

Main Post by Netz: Discord

  • Each ability can be upgraded independently.
  • No shield needed for blocking, similar to (and compatible with?) Shield Capes.
  • Limbs only carry things, they can't use them and you won't benefit from enhancives being held by them.
  • OTS it can pick up 1lb. Top tier 25lbs.

Essence Belts by GMs Kenstrom and Mestys

From the creators of hand-held pylons and available at Essencetials, Essence Belts offer a variety of special abilities and magical benefits activated by elemental essences.

Main Post by Kenstrom: Official Forum Post

Disk Creator by GM Haliste

Convert black crystals into pre-customized floating disks using common materials and wands, also sold in Diskovery.

Main Post by Haliste: Discord
Update to include lore bonuses (yes, they stack): Discord

Cormorant's Roost - Mania Private property

This private property will be available during Mania. Located above the pawnshop in Kraken's Fall, the Cormorant's Roose is six rooms well-suited to the discerning Gentlefolk Pirate. Discord.

News and Updates


No new Animalistic Spirits this run! Per Avaluka: "I, unfortunately, did not get enough time to do any noun additions for this run. Hoping for next run to do a full sweep and add of more nouns. (Sorry if anyone was hoping for some new ones this run!)" Discord


Bedroll storage? Scents? A working light source? Rugs, mats, and chairs on the floor? What else could be in store! Pup Tent updates have cleared QC. Discord 1 2


An anonymous source suggests that HESS will be open for unlimited quantity items immediately, and that the Spin Night for limited items will be returning, including a new add Energy Shield option. Discord
Elysani revealed a few of the new Be Warez Illusion Props, including a jade teadragon and indicated that we have now purchased enough to unlock access to the shop's back room. Discord


Origami paper as well as new patterns will be available at The Bloody Lotus. Discord
Returning Be Warez Illusion Props: Discord


On the Other Hand has been removed from the Final Run list, while Sable Quietus has been slated for retirement. Discord

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