Elantaran's Magic Supply

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Elantaran's Magic Supply is the alchemist shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located in a dark stone cottage on Jacinthea Wey.

[Ta'Vaalor, Magical Supply]
An eclectic mix of glassware fills a pair of long tables. Beakers, tubes and dishes make up most of the glassware. Each table is supported by four legs carved to resemble rampant dragons. A stunningly carved rolltop desk made from beautiful mahogany rests in one corner. Quills, scrolls and one overly large bottle of black ink reside on the desktop. A beautifully crafted scroll case towers over the desk, its many slots for scrolls mostly occupied now by a number of tomes. You also see the merchant Elantaran and a long marble counter.


Item Price Information
a carved haon wolf amulet 12000 <2 lbs, neck worn
a grot t'kel potion 2500 Used with imbedding
a slender blue wand 4000 Minor Cold (1709)
a twisted wand 3000 Mana Disruption (702)
a wavy aquamarine wand 4500 Minor Water (903)
a gnarled oak wand 2500 Stun Relief (108)
a tapered metal wand 5000 Major Cold (907)
a polished gold wand 4500 Minor Fire (906)
a heavy iron wand 1750 Minor Shock (901)
a tarnished silver wand 2000 Minor Shock (901)
a crystal amulet 2000 Activates ESP system
a crystal dragon pendant 11000 <2 lbs, neck worn
an emerald hawk pendant 11000 <2 lbs, neck worn
a crystal rod 3500
a slim emerald wand 4500
a wavy glass rod 2500
a Rohnuru potion 4000 Used in very minor enchantments (up to 2x)
a Duqnuru potion 6000 Used in minor enchantments (up to 4x)
a Dirtokh potion 11000 Used in strong enchantments (up to 6x)
a Sisfu potion 18000 Used in enchantments (up to 6x), may have special properties
a Sarmoc potion 5500 Used to remove the temper from one of the above potions.
a thin gold-hadled brush 5000 Used in making runestones
a silver phial of rune ink 1500 Used in making runestones
a dirty bronze cup 200 Used in making runestones
a marbled granite runestone 10000 Prepared runestone
an aish'vrak potion 7000 Used in making runestones
a clear glass vial 10000 Used to collect sea water or troll's blood
a black marble mortar 9000 Used to grind components for Alchemy or Animate Dead (730)
a black marble pestle 5000 Used to grind components for Alchemy or Animate Dead (730)
a small crystal flask 1000 Used to collect sea water
some waxy translucent chalk 1000 Used in Planar Shift (740)
a leather book 2000 Used in Planar Shift (740), customizable colors
a blue enameled iron cauldron 12500 Used in Alchemy.
a gold-flecked glaes jar 1100 Used to hold Alchemy components or gems; customizable colors
a clear glass amulet 50000 Invisibility (916)
a mirtokh potion 40000 6x-7x enchanting potion

You can sell magical items west of the main room (Elantaran's Magic, Consignment) and can buy second-hand magical goods west and north of the main room (Elantaran's Magic, Used Goods).


He looks as if business has been prosperous for him.