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This Month's Edition

Editor-in-Chief: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

The Eorgaen edition of Elanthian Vogue is my personal favorite because it gives me the opportunity to look back over the year. I have been fortunate to meet and interview so many wonderful people over the past 12 months, many of whom I now consider to be friends. I hope that you - our readers - have also enjoyed the glimpse into their varied lifestyles and have befriended them in turn.

We started the year off gently with a look at the benefits of relaxation and, with the frenzy of festivals and events thereafter, I hope you were able to utilize some of the suggestions given. The rest of 5120 proved to be an eye-opener where we put some contentious and ostentatious personalities in the spotlight as subsequent editions delved into the diverse lifestyles of courtesans, Ivasians, and theatrical performers. We also covered seasonal and exotic fashion for the discerning shopper along with cosmetics and pets as accessories for the more dedicated followers of trends.

This year's FashionFest was held in Koaratos as a prelude to the 25th Bardfest; sadly, the finale of that long-running and beloved annual festival for the performing arts. The theme of this year's fashion extravaganza was a celebration of performance and costume with a weekend of lectures, workshops, and parties, all culminating in the Fashion Showcase. The winner of this year’s prestigious Chalat Award was the delightful Xanthium Dyvim – one of the aforementioned Ivasians - with honorary mentions for both Akenna Laeraun and Lazaryth. Her name has been duly added to the plaque in the Fashion Wing of the Museum Alerreth alongside previous winners of the coveted accolade.


The year-end is also when I get to acknowledge a few of the personalities that make a contribution to our world. In the past, our Vogue Gallery has recognized those who have played their part in diplomacy, valor and the Arts. This year, we have invited nominations for a Rogue Gallery and I'm sure you will all agree with me that those selected are highly deserving of inclusion in the Gallery and the honorific, "notable" or "lovable" rogue.

Our closing edition for the year is usually marked by a party as well and this year is no exception. We would like to thank all our readers for continuing to make Elanthian Vogue a successful venture and we invite you to help us celebrate its three-year anniversary.

Everyone is welcome to join us at a champagne reception on Feastday, the 19th day of Eorgaen in the Fashion Wing of the Museum Alerreth. We hope you will come and share your favorite theme and interviews or what you would like to see in future publications. Perhaps you will get a chance to meet one or two of our 5120 Gallery entries in person!

In closing, I personally want to pass on my blessings and best wishes for the Solstice and I hope the new year brings you all that you wish for yourselves.


V(R)ogue Gallery

Before we introduce this year's stealthily curated gallery, we must first present the last portrait in our 5119 portfolio. Each month we have been featuring last year’s winners in turn so last, but by no means least, we are excited to present Dreaer Idrilain, Vice Chair of The Looking Glass Fashion House and warrior extraordinaire, as our twelfth and final portrait for the year.

Eorgaen Dreaer Idrilain Framed in sprigs of glossy green holly and creamy white mistletoe is the image of a young elf dressed only in a pair of skin-tight scarlet leather pants. His subtly tanned skin seems to glisten with the clever application of silver ink and his outstretched hands bear a giftbox accented with gold leaf. A pair of ebon-haloed green eyes stare out of the page beneath a mane of thick dark blonde hair as if challenging you to take his festive offering. A shock of red brushwork across his cheek hints at lingering traces of lip color from stolen kisses. Portrait as featured in the 5119 Vogue Gallery

It now gives us great pleasure to present this year's Gallery, which features a number of personalities with a reputation for being "roguish." Whilst you may not see them in person very often – for obvious reasons - I am pretty sure you are aware of their presence, if only by reputation.

Rogues come in all shapes and sizes and notoriety can be achieved for different reasons. When asked, many of our readers could name quite a few renowned rogues, whether that is for their lockpicking skills or versatility in combat. Some however, have become notorious for their nefarious activities or mischievous personalities.

It could be said that a "notable rogue" cannot be deemed to be a true rogue because an adept of the profession would surely be a master of stealth, masked in anonymity, and striking only from the shadows. Those nominated for our gallery have gained their reputation for many of those reasons and we are honored that they agreed to step forward and be interviewed.

The term "lovable rogue" is often used to describe someone who tends to recklessly defy norms and social conventions but who still evokes empathy from others. They are not known for being paragons of virtue because they frequently break the law or seem to act for their own personal gain, however, they are charming enough to convince others to support them.


It is no surprise that Land Pirate Maylan immediately springs to mind; most notably for her candidacy in the Landing mayoral elections last year, which culminated in attempts to burn down the General Store and town's Pie Shop. I think we all know how that ended!

"We are burning down the General Store in order to prevent our enemies from burning down the General Store. It is really very simple."

Maylan is the first to feature in this year’s Gallery and regular readers may recall we interviewed her back in Olaesta 5119. For some reason, our correspondent was very eager to renew his acquaintance with the affable young lady but her swashbuckling endeavors at sea meant she was unavailable for comment.


"I would first like to say that I didn't do it, unless there is a reward for doing it, then I did it all by myself!"

When surveyed, Landing residents named Pukk with a mix of wry humor and disdain. Perceptions varied on whether or not they had encountered the rascal or the cutpurse. Tracking him down for an interview involved several forays into Shanty Town followed by a dubious conversation about the concept of this publication and why he was being asked to give an interview in the first place.

"I can't read well but if you add a bunch of drawings that would be great!"

A self-professed scamp of few words, Pukk's response to our correspondent's questions were met with a certain amount of enthusiasm yet he skillfully avoided any attempts to share much about himself other than his roguish diversions. Many of these seemed to involve haranguing Sir Cryheart Thaxin, who ironically featured in the 5118 Vogue Gallery.

"I'm Pukk! I'm the official unofficial town herald! Have you heard the expression 'Everybody join Cryheart!?' Yep, I came up with that one! It's popular even to this day! I enjoy long walks, unless Cryheart is leading then ... uugghhh."

Another of his favorite pastimes is jokes, which is hardly surprising when you know that he is a devotee of Cholen. His viewpoint on this has a certain amount of logic.

"I'm a Cholenite, so it's almost a rule but good thing it isn't because I hate rules! If somebody actually made an official town rule to not follow rules then I think my mind will just shut down."

Apparently, he is good at telling jokes even when the jokes he tells aren’t very good. It didn’t take much encouragement to get him to share an example of his sense of humor.

"One of my favorite moments was when I saved a bunch of empty boxes with difficult locks then relocked one and placed them inside each other relocked. This resulted in several very heavy boxes giving the impression of riches galore! I left the boxes in the Town Square and watched somebody's eye light up in joy when they felt the weight of the box. Seeing that joy gave me joy! I'm humble that way!"

Humility and vigilance were definitely the order of the day. Pukk’s relaxed and mischievous grin belied the overt attentiveness in his sapphire blue eyes. It was then that our correspondent noticed his stance: ever watchful with an element of preparedness in his posture at all times. '

"It's those little things that I can do for people that are the best. If I'm recognized by somebody then I would like to remind them that snitches end up in ditches! Not that I did anything wrong mind you ... what's that over there?"

Pukk pointed east!

Pukk left.


You see Starchitin Elfpeer the Master Locksmith. He appears to be a Forest Gnome of the Angstholm Bloodline. He is diminutive. He appears to be in the spring of life. He has piercing purple eyes and alabaster skin. He has raggedly cut, tousled blonde hair. He has a broad chest. He has a small opaque spider on his right forearm. He has a simple silver stud in his lip, a Angstholm bloodmark tattoo on his leg, a black scarab tattoo on his neck, a small lockpick tattoo on his finger, and a tinkering gnome tattoo on his wrist. He is wearing a malachite-set white lily symbol, a delicate teardrop ruby pendant, a smooth peridot pickle charm, a crystal amulet, a light brown plush suede cloak, a blown glass lily symbol of swirled white and green, a silver and ruby mistletoe pin, a sephwir composite bow, a black leather back quiver inlaid with uncut emeralds, some shadowy kroderine-studded brigandine, a tarnished gnomish bracer, a small gold ring, a slender midnight black steel lockpick case, a dark ale-stained sack clasped shut with a smooth onyx scarab, some deep black silver-studded pants, a small locksmith's anklepouch, and some calf-high black leather boots. The outline of a single boot print is embroidered on the seat of the pants in bright red threading. The rubies on the pin are partially hidden by all the mistletoe covering the pin. The mistletoe spells out "Watch your step." Heavy brown suede has been pieced together with almost imperceptible hems, leaving the creamy material of the cloak with a flawless smoothness. Lightly edged along the bottom with a rich nut brown leather to contrast the suede, the cloak is lined in deep chocolate silk lined with many pockets.

A long-time resident of River's Rest, Starchitin Elfpeer, or Star to his – I hesitate to say, friends – fellow "Resters," is well-known around town for his abrasive and often crude demeanor. Despite their revulsion of his antics, which have included mimicking, drooling and peeing on people who annoy him, they rely on his natural talents for tinkering when it comes to locksmithing. He is known for bragging that there's no box in the Rest that he cannot pick and that any creature can be killed by simply "pokin them in the eye".

All that said, our elven correspondent opted to stay fairly quiet throughout the interview for fear of being peed on; especially as the opening question was misinterpreted. When asked to tell our readers a little about himself, Starchitin immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion and thought it was a reference to his diminutive stature.

"Little? ... LITTLE!?!?! What yea mean little? O course I'm little, all the best thins are little an annaone tha says anna different must be a elf or a giant... and annaone thas seen up they kilts kin tell yea they ain't naethin giant bout a giantkin."

Not a good start! Even his squint was intimidating and it didn't take long for our correspondent to read the mood in the room from his facial expressions.

"Harumph... well if yea gotta ask yea must nae listen tha those folk tryin ta gimme a good reputation... maybe yea nae too bad afta all."

Taking that as a good sign, he was pressed about his home town.

"Annaway, I live in River's Rest, the best town in the...wait...nope! Dun need all tha common rabble flooding in. It's the werst town imaginable, stay out if yea value yea sanity. Way too manna undead an trolls runnin round all ova tha place, why annaone would wanna live here is beyond me! Jest sell all yea crystal amulets at the pawn like good adventurers an pretend yea neva heard o it...."

Lulled into a false sense of security, our correspondent then made another error of judgement by asking about his motivations.

"Dunno wha this talk about "motavatin" is... must be some elvish nonsense. Jest bring me yea boxes an naeone gets hert... an dun yea dare lemme catch yea abusin them with all yea wagglin an bashin! Those boxes didnae do annathin ta deserve that!"

Another squint ... moving swiftly on!

"Roguish lifestyle?!?! Hey, tha was onla once, it ain't my lifestyle! How was I supposed ta know tha was a man annaway, wha man has dyed pink... wait... what? Wha yea mean it dun mean that? OOOOOHHHHHH.... erm... well...."
"...I pick boxes, poke critters in the eye an annoy tha heck outa annaone tha needs it. Wha more is there ta say about it?"

A change of tactic at that point to avoid any further offence; something tame like most memorable moment in 5120 seemed like a good idea.

"Sneezin on elves, yea realla should see tha faces they....waitaminute....this is a fashion rag, ain't it? Hhhmmm... in tha case I got me some sweet kroderine brigandine a few months ago. Helps blend in wit the shadows like naeone's business an keeps those pesky elves from slingin those webs they seem ta like so much at me. Ain't so good fer locksmithin, but naeone complains about me doin that nude since they gave us tha tent ta werk in."

On the backfoot now, our correspondent awkwardly switched to plans for the new year.

"Plans? What're those? Sounds like more elvish foolishness ta me... maybe if they did more schemin and less of this "plannin" business the gnomes wouldnae be runnin all yer... erm...nevermind."

One last question and our correspondent could escape but even that was met with yet another squint and no small amount of skepticism. Asked for a comment about how he felt being nominated by his peers, again the intent was misconstrued with alarming results.

"Peers? There are other peers? Do they jest pee on elves or do they pee on otha thins too? I tend ta stick ta elves myself, the best way I've found ta bring them back down ta Elanthia when they get too haughty."

Time for another hasty exit; only this time it was our correspondent.


As a Grandmaster of the Rogue Guild, it is only right that Nodyre be included in an edition featuring rogues. The stylish bycocket aside, his choice of clothing is simple yet tasteful, something we can all appreciate.

You see Nodyre the Grandmaster of the Rogue Guild. He appears to be a Half-Sylvan. He is very tall and has a lithesome, nimble build. He appears to be time-worn. He has piercing emerald-hued eyes and pale skin. He has short, sandy blonde hair. He has prominent biceps. He has an ethereal kut'zikokra tattoo. He is wearing a wide-brimmed bycocket adorned with an especially long feather, a cloak, an intricate vaalorn quiver affixed with a complex dial just above its open mouth slung over his shoulder, a locksmith's harness, a sleeveless tunic, a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of gloves, a simple swordbelt, a coin pouch, a quotidian scabbard, a pair of cuffed trousers, and an unremarkable pair of boots.

It was a pleasure to spend time with this handsome elder of the Lassaran D'ahranal who claimed to live wherever his travels took him. When pressed, he admitted that Icemule Trace was the closest to what could be considered home, adding that the icy wind and frontier-living suited him well and he always appreciated the warm welcome he receives on his frequent visits to the Silvermule Gaming Hall.

Nodyre spends his days picking locks at the Stucco Well and assisting the local Adventurer's Guild with a variety of tasks. Due to his role as an Officer of The Hand of the Arkati, he can often be found beating back the ethereal hordes of Reim, a floating settlement accessible beneath Thurfel's Island. He also tries to make himself available to local guild members seeking improvement in their combat maneuvers and gambits.

As many have professed, 5120 was a very challenging year for him. In terms of memorable moments, his lengthy stay on the island of Kraken's Fall ranked at the very top of the list. He proudly announced that he was the owner of a beautiful carrack, The Strong Niveous Seafarer, which allowed him the opportunity to master the roles of the open sea.

Our correspondent made a note to follow up on this next year and seek a potential invite onboard. Expect a nautically themed edition in the not-too-distant future!

For 5121, he plans to start sailing again, only this time out of Wehnimer's Landing, the closest port to Icemule Trace. While he greatly enjoyed his time on Kraken's Fall, the isolation took quite a toll. He looks forward to protecting Darkstone Bay and the northern coast from the pirates, krolvin, and undead that infest those waters.

In closing, it was very clear why this extremely affable half-sylvan was nominated for inclusion in the 5120 Gallery. When asked for a comment, Nodyre had this to say:

"I am honored to have been nominated as a "lovable rogue," but it certainly calls the judgement of my peers into question! Kidding aside, I consider it a lifelong pursuit to extricate the underhanded assumptions from my honorable profession. Despite the shady behavior of some, most all rogues aim to be productive and pleasant members of their communities. In this I strive to lead by example."


The Elanthian Team tried various approaches to reach out to those nominated for the Gallery as is evident in the interviews of those featured. Persuading Gavrien to spend time with us was by far the most challenging! He basically ignored all of our letters inviting him to speak with us but word finally reached us from a surprising source that he had reluctantly agreed; we thank Lylia Rashere for making the arrangements.

Seated in a chair, Gavrien is flanked by his partner Azryen to his left and Lylia to his right. He did not seem particularly happy to be there but nonetheless acknowledged my presence with a faint nod.

You see Gavrien the Bastard. He appears to be a Half-Elf. He is tall and has a hard-muscled physique. He appears to be in the prime of life. He has deep-set, narrow amber eyes and dusky olive skin. He has long, curly coal black hair tumbling past his shoulders in rebellious coils. He has an unshaven, angular face, a slightly crooked nose and a slanted scar across his upper lip. He has an inked ebon and silver jackdaw paired with a stylized crow on his arm. He is wearing a scuffed black leather coat, a brushed suede neck pouch, a dark-stained leather bandolier over an open-necked white cotton shirt, some leathery scale-mottled handwraps, an overlapping pair of low-slung dark leather belts, some faded ebon pants with leather stitching down the sides, and a pair of dark scarred leather boots. Two grappling corvids are inked in broad, stylized lines that imitate the strokes of a paintbrush. A rangy black crow and a smaller, grey-breasted jackdaw are caught mid-flight, the asymmetric and blurred splay of their wings evoking frantic struggle. Their sharp beaks are open and their talons tangled in each other's disheveled feathers, but with the coy angles of their heads and fanned tails, is not entirely clear whether the birds' encounter is one of conflict or courtship. Host to numerous scuffs and abrasions, the ebon leather of the coat appears supple and reasonably well-kept despite the apparent beating it's taken. A dense line of narrow bone buttons curves right of center and ends just short of a buckled strap at the right shoulder. Carmine linen pools at the base of the short standing collar and drapes like a mantle over the left shoulder. Vents at the sides and back punctuate the asymmetrical hem, which sweeps to a nearly knee-length dag on the left. Dark, leathery hide has been wound and layered to balance mobility and protection. A scattering of bright bronze and dun-colored scales clings to the hide in places, hinting at a reptilian origin. Beneath the edges of the scaled wraps, an underwrapping of pale cotton provides an additional layer of support. Gornar chains, the pattern of their weave dense and geometrically intricate, loop about the thumbs and across the back of either hand, secured at each wrist by a single sharply curved bone claw. Thready scars of uneven depth mar the dark, leathery hide of the boots, branching in wildly divergent fractal patterns from broad toe caps of hammered zorchar. Clustered most densely along the quarters, patches of scales cling to the thick leather and dapple the tall boot shafts with blue-black and pale iridescence. A line of sharply angled straps crosses each boot, secured by a series of small, forged iron buckles rippled with tool marks.

I opened with a polite question in the hope that Gavrien would warm to me and share a little about himself. Quill poised; I waited for his response.

"You writing this down? Great. Just what I need."

Admittedly not the start I was hoping for but his scowling glance at Lylia was met with a slight smile and arched brow causing him to shift from his initial sour stance.

"Right, yeah. About myself. Sure. Been a drifter a long time. Been settled a few years now in south 'Haven. Mostly quiet. Neighbors leave us the hell alone."

I noted Azryen's smirk as Gavrien leant forward in his seat. Propping his forearms on his knees, he appraised me a brief, sharp-eyed stare. A flash of a wry grin was twisted by the scar on his lip.

"As for what I do... sometimes look for trouble, sometimes avoid it. I like a good fight; a little violence gets the blood moving, yeah? It ain't a good fight unless you got a challenge, though. Been around a few enforcers who liked their work a little too much, if you get me."

Gavrien leaned back and settled into what I could only describe as an insolent slouch. Despite that, I was beginning to like this surly half-elf.

"Got an ear for music, too, and a lot of contacts. People want to know where a thing's been, what it might be good for, I can help with that. It's a living."

The semi-relaxed posture he had adopted prompted me to ask what his most memorable moment of 5120 had been and what, if any, plans he had for 5121. At this, Gavrien squinted a little and gave a dry chuckle. His grin was a little sly and a touch lascivious.

"Yeah, you don't wanna hear about that."

Stealing a glance at the occupants of the room, I noted that Gavrien was shaking his head, Azryen was grinning and nodding. Lylia was suddenly taking a keen interest in her manicure. My interest was piqued but he refused to oblige and, instead, opted to address the second part.

"Been a decent year for business, but I hear tell of some opportunities abroad. Might be time to look into some sea trade."

At this point, I sensed whatever limited patience he may have had was rapidly waning and a quick glimpse of Lylia’s face told me I had pushed my luck so one final question. I pressed him on his thoughts about being nominated and included in this year’s Gallery. His thoughtful musing over his maritime pursuits dropped away into a scowl.

"Yeah. Bugger o--"

Lylia cleared her throat. Gavrien snorted out a breath and glanced away, still scowling.

"It ain't fit for print, let's just leave it at that."

At this, Azryen escorted me out of the room and we parted company.


"I hope I'm not recognized. I know you're big on fashion and all but if I have any advice it's that you can't stand out because then people will notice you. Never be noticed."

Whilst Juspera Spintari resides in the Landing, she is no stranger to the Isle of the Four Winds and the Stumbling Pebble Bar in particular, which is where our correspondent managed to track her down. Partaking of a few questionable beverages – which she ordered and conveniently forgot to pay for - she agreed to answer a few questions.

Unlike some of her counterparts, Juspera was very open and willing to talk, especially when it came to sharing how much she liked to help people.

"My lifestyle is mostly just relaxing, like a lot of resting because I've had a very valiant and tiring life. Sometimes I help people break into things like if they managed to lock themselves out of their opulent mansion that's filled with valuables."

Several drinks in, her easy-going manner and open smile had me at a disadvantage. I enjoyed just listening to her talk. I was keen to know what motivated her.

"What motivates me? Helping others, I guess. Just trying to be a good person and of course standing up against injustice. If you see something, say something, sort of thing. Like if you see a follower of Grishom Stone tormenting an innocent citizen you should stomp his face in and light him on fire."

It didn't take much persuasion for her to tell me about her most memorable moment from 5120 and her plans for next year.

"Um probably when I defended Socius's honor and helped him regain his rightful place as butcher of Mist Harbor. I mean ruler. Sorry, I was thinking about barbecue."
"For 5121, not much. But if anybody running for mayor needs an advisor just look me up, I'm really good at campaign strategy and can help you incapacitate your opponents, like in debates or whatever."

Anyone interested in her offer can reach her through our offices or leave word with Greth, the owner of the aforementioned bar.

You see Juspera Spintari. She appears to be a Dark Elf. She is shorter than average. She appears to be very young. She has mud-brown eyes and ashen skin. She has shoulder length, red hair. She has a slightly round-featured but otherwise unremarkable face. She has a wiry, boyish frame outlined in lean muscle. She is wearing a plain black cotton shirt, some dark leather arm greaves, a twisted fishing net bracelet, a pair of rivet-set charcoal leather leggings, some sturdy grey steel-toed boots, and a cloak.


"5120 has been a taxing year on all of us, and yet, we have accomplished many great deeds together. I am confident that all this success will bring great fortune to my business, as well, and as such, I look forward to where we shall find ourselves next year."

Lynaera came to our attention in a very early edition of Elanthian Vogue with subsequent inclusion in the 5118 Vogue Gallery. It comes as no surprise that she has been nominated for the 5120 V(R)ogue Gallery as well and it was to her villa in Marble Springs that she invited our editor, Rohese, to discuss it.

You see Lady in Waiting Lynaera Ariamiel Nalfein the Gem Trader. She appears to be an Elf. She is average height and has a lithesome, nimble build. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has gold-ringed sapphire blue eyes and rosy skin. She has mid back-length, wavy raven black hair meticulously styled beneath a black iron-forged mournbloom inset with sapphire blue petals. She has a well-defined, heart-shaped face and a birthmark in the shape of a heart. Her features bear a soft, gentle appearance. She is wearing a slender silver choker strung with deep blue sapphires, a sleeveless black cotton robe lined with sapphire blue silk, and some black sapphire-hued suede flats beaded with pieces of hematite.

Accepting a cup of delicious lavender tea, I seated myself on silk pillow and prepared my quill. Noting the stylish furnishings, it was clear to see why she enjoyed living here.

"I purchased this lovely villa from a retired Nalfein businessman who no longer had need of the property. While I do live here, I would not consider this estate to be my home; home would be the Nerisys Estates, or the Miel Manor, in Ta'Nalfein. Still, while I do not consider this place, and Ta'Vaalor, to be my true home, the fortress grows on me with each passing year, and this little villa has served me quite well. I am pleased to be a member of this community, even though my exploits of late have drawn me all over the lands."

No stranger to the shadows, Lynaera is first and foremost a business woman and, during her interview, she wished to dispel a few misunderstandings about her activities. I shall let her speak for herself!

"I am afraid I may shatter some air of mystery. I have often heard people asking about my profession in hushed tones, with many casting doubt and unsubstantiated rumors into my dealings, proclaiming me to be some sort of peddler of violence. Naturally, I am sure you yourself know of what I do, but I am happy to elucidate for your readers, although many may find my work dreadfully mundane."
"I am a Handmaiden of sorts; a Lady in Waiting. I serve at the interests of another, who has a great desire in expanding her business dealings across the Nations and beyond. I serve as a relevant point of contact for establishing business relations and passing on the proper guidance to those who wish to solicit the favor of my Lady. Simply put: I am her eyes, ears, and hands, outside of Ta'Nalfein, and my greatest desire to continue to facilitate the growth of her business."
"As for a roguish lifestyle, I am unsure if I properly fall into that description. To many, it conjures the image of some brigand or highwayman, slinking into the town tavern with silvers, violently obtained, from some mark. Others may think of the charlatan, the thief, conning people with false promises and other distractions as they are relieved of their coin. More still may envision the humble locksmith, helping those who has misplaced their keys for a small payment. It seems, at least to my mind, that the only constant is a pursuit of wealth."
"While I do live a somewhat wealthy life, much of my silver has come from trade, be it gems, magical artifacts, or even information. I am rather proud of my accomplishments, but I know I must not be complacent, as all in Ta'Nalfein know, wealth always rests on a razor's edge, prone to falling at any slip of the knife."

Another cup of tea and several pages of interview notes later, I asked what her most memorable moment of the year was.

"My most memorable moment of this year occurred in early to mid Olaesta, where my trainer decreed that they had no more to teach me, as I had reached the cap of my profession. Of course, there is always so much more to learn, and I have been delving into many unusual magical studies… But I am proud to have reached this point after many untold years, and the training as opened up many opportunities for me. Other memorable moments might include my many dealings on the Isle of Four Winds, or even my work with the Argent Mirror's Handmaidens."

And what does 5121 have in store for this elegant and enigmatic Nalfein?

"Regarding my plans for the future? I have no hard, set-in-stone plans. I will continue to spread the influence of my Lady, while participating in what social events I can. There is quite a lot to look forward to, no?"

I couldn't have put it better myself.


The team also wanted to recognize Ordim but we were unable to locate him for an interview. Attempts to track him down on the Isle of the Four Winds, where he was reported to be spending time with the Iyo, were met with violence. We are disappointed to report that our messenger was accosted and forcibly removed from the village. We are seeking legal advice from Barrister Faerinn Greatsinger.

Congratulations to all of our Gallery winners!

With Thanks

In closing, the team would like to thank everyone who has helped us during the year: from writers to artists and those who kindly agreed to be interviewed; this publication wouldn't be possible without your contributions. We are looking forward to many more collaborations in 5121 and hope to expand our readership accordingly! As always, I welcome feedback, suggestions, and articles for future editions. These can be submitted using a SUBMISSION FORM.