Feast of the Immortals festival 2016

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The Feast of the Immortals festival 2016 took place from December 16-23. The Feast of the Immortals festival is an annual Premium festival taking place in December in northern Mist Harbor.


Returning/refreshed/new shops confirmed per Jainna.

Animal Adaptations

2015 inventory

Animal skin clothing, containers, and accessories (some scripted)

a slanted old wagon, Lich #12300, go wagon

Main Room

[Animal Adaptations, Main Room]
The wagon leans precariously as the water-damaged wood creaks under the weight of the wares. Hanging from steel wire from the ceiling are skulls of many swamp creatures, and several shelves line the walls. A short driftwood table stands in the middle of the room, while at the back a draping curtain of twine-tied bone shards leads to the next room.
Obvious exits: out

On the Shelves you see

a black otter fur coat with round white buttons Pocketed:Significant
several items
Fuzzy parka
cloak-worn 10000
a soft deerskin jacket with a fleece-lined hood
a dark alligator skin longcoat with onyx buttons
a mottled snakeskin carryall with a thin fang clasp Pocketed:Medium
several items
a compact mistwood case inlaid with a forest scene mosaic Pocketed:Medium
several items
a carved ivory cane wrapped with sinew at the handle Lofty Aspirations

On the Table you see

a tanned leather tunic with sinew laces chest-worn 10000
an ermine-edged soft velvet shirt
a stiff suede corset with pale bone stays
a pair of low-slung pants crafted from supple doeskin leg-worn 10000
a pair of zebra fur leggings with wide black seams
a long grey rabbit fur skirt with white accents
a red fox fur loincloth with black side seams
some rugged crocodile skin boots Pocketed:Very small amount
one item
foot-worn 10000
a pair of spike-heeled boots lined with plush fox fur Pocketed:Very small amount
one item
Lofty Aspirations
foot-worn 25000
a thin belt of linked tortoise shell tiles waist-worn 5000


Back Room

[Animal Adaptations, Back Room]
Two small work tables are set against both sides of the room, while the back wall has numerous skins in different stages of curing. A cruel-looking hook hangs from the center of the ceiling, with a large steel bucket underneath. Across from a draping curtain, a short, distressed witchwood stool sits near an old sign.
Please don't drink from my bucket.
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Captive Curiosities

2015 inventory

Perfume jewelry, hair jewelry, scripted containers

a small wooden wagon artistically draped with mosquito netting, Lich #3639, go wagon

Front Room

[Captive Curiosities, Front Room]
A faint smell of decay lingers in the small, windowless front room of this shop. A dim imflass lantern flickers atop a rotting maoral display case, while bugs dance in the shadows thrown on the cracked plaster walls. Opposite the doorway, a makeshift curtain of mosquito netting obscures the view into the back room. Adjacent to the curtain is a dilapidated yew cabinet and a small sign.
Obvious exits: out
Please refrain from touching the lovelies around my shop.  You'll find the items on the case to be able to hold perfume, although, you will not find it for sale here.  In the case are items to style your hair, while the cabinet holds various containers to store your own captives.

In the Case you see

some golden honeybee hairbeads head-worn 10000
a trio of iridescent butterfly hairbeads
some hairsticks made from petrified walking stick insects
some web-etched vaalin haircombs

On the Case you see

an electrum wire dragonfly pin with jade and peridot wings Perfume Holders pin-worn 5000
a pale white butterfly pin with gossamer wings
a delicate silver wristlet with onyx ladybug beads wrist-worn
a dark cocobolo cuff set with an amber-included moth
a pale green lunar moth pendant neck-worn
a bug-eyed green lizard pendant

In the Cabinet you see

a paper-lined cherrywood crate Pocketed:Medium
several items
a smooth driftwood box inlaid with a nacreous seashell
a fleece-lined silk pouch with a pawprint-shaped clasp Pocketed:Medium
several items
a rounded steel cage
a slender pale blue glass jar Pocketed:Very small amount
one item


Back Room

[Captive Curiosities, Back Room]
Shelves have been haphazardly nailed to the wall and piled high with boxes, a variety of buzzing, chirping and clicking sounds emanating from within the clutter. Several small tools and an assortment of lenses cover a narrow table sitting directly in front of a dirty window. Crumpled drawings, nets, and open cages litter the floor underneath a sturdy ebonwood chair.
Obvious exits: out
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Eye Spy

2015 inventory

Eye dye, both permanent and temporary, scripted spectacles (Super Specs), and scripted monocles

a large pine wagon with eyes painted on the side, Lich #3637, go wagon

Eyes Right

[Eye Spy, Eyes Right]
A tarnished chandelier set with low burning candles adds little warmth or light to the general ambience of the windowless room. Set against one wall is an antique walnut sideboard which matches the low table that sits alongside a faded crimson velvet couch. A series of life-sized family portraits hang on the sepia-papered walls, their eyes painted in a most lifelike fashion. A narrow wooden door, framed in a pair of crimson velvet drapes, resides at the back of the room.
Obvious exits: out

In the Table you see

an invar-framed clear glass monocle Monocle pin-worn 25000
a gold-framed crimson glass monocle
a blue-framed aqua glass monocle
a silver-framed dark glass monocle
a kelyn-framed clear glass monocle
a pair of wire-framed glasses Superspecs pin-worn 20000
a pair of rectangular glasses
a pair of blue-framed glasses
a pair of yellow-framed glasses
a pair of reading glasses
a pair of black-framed spectacles
a pair of narrow spectacles
a pair of frameless spectacles
a pair of green-tinted spectacles
a pair of rectangular spectacles

In the left section you see

a mist grey glass phial clouded mist grey eyes Temporary eye dye 5000
a midnight black glass phial opaque midnight black eyes
a gold and emerald glass phial gold-striated emerald eyes
a silver and wisteria glass phial silver-flecked wisteria eyes
a deep violet glass phial gentle deep violet eyes
a steel grey glass phial piercing steel grey eyes
a russet brown glass phial warm russet brown eyes
an ice blue glass phial twinkling ice blue eyes
a leaf green glass phial vibrant leaf green eyes
a golden amber glass phial sunny golden amber eyes

In the right section you see

a mist grey glass bottle clouded mist grey eyes Permanent eye dye
Two doses
a midnight black glass bottle opaque midnight black eyes
a gold and emerald glass bottle gold-striated emerald eyes
a silver and wisteria glass bottle silver-flecked wisteria eyes
a deep violet glass bottle gentle deep violet eyes
a steel grey glass bottle piercing steel grey eyes
a russet brown glass bottle warm russet brown eyes
an ice blue glass bottle twinkling ice blue eyes
a leaf green glass bottle vibrant leaf green eyes
a golden amber glass bottle sunny golden amber eyes


Eyes Wrong

[Eye Spy, Eyes Wrong]
In stark comparison to the adjoining room, the walls are painted white from floor to ceiling and the floor is fully tiled, although not very clean. Most of the space is taken up by a reclining patched leather chair equipped with a complex lever and pulley system and a nearby tray-stacked metal trolley. The air is redolent with a pungent aroma of boiled acantha and essence of bur-clover.

In the Middle tray you see

a soft black suede eyepatch pin-worn 10000
a flimsy satin eyepatch
a scuffed leather eyepatch
a lace-edged white eyepatch
a dark leather eyepatch

In the Bottom tray you see

a milky white glass phial opaque milky white eyes Temporary eye dye 5000
a red and yellow glass phial bloodshot yellowish eyes
a ghostly blue glass phial haunted ghostly blue eyes
a pale grey glass phial insipid pale grey eyes
a bile green glass phial sickly bile green eyes
a matte black glass phial vacant matte black eyes
a milky white glass bottle opaque milky white eyes Permanent eye dye
Two doses
a red and yellow glass bottle bloodshot yellowish eyes
a ghostly blue glass bottle haunted ghostly blue eyes
a pale grey glass bottle insipid pale grey eyes
a bile green glass bottle sickly bile green eyes
a matte black glass bottle vacant matte black eyes
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Fancy a Fool

2016 inventory

Jester items

a silk tent in a bright motley of hues, Lich #3635, go tent

Shop Interior

[Fancy a Fool, Shop Interior]
A trio of wax mannequins gathers around a juggling jester fountain that dominates the center of the room. Blanketing the back wall is a grand mural depicting a large estate and its surrounding grounds, providing an appropriate and colorful backdrop for this courtyard scene. Three brightly colored orbs spin in a circle above the fountain, set into motion by streams of water that project upward from the jester's hands.
Obvious exits: out

On the grinning knave wax mannequin you see:

a colorful tri-peaked hat tipped with tiny gold bells head-worn 10000
a green and purple silk tunic with gold accents chest-worn 10000
a pair of purple silk stockings layerable 5000
a wide glittering gold belt Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items
some supple purple leather boots with exaggerated curled toes Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items

On the wax madcap mannequin you see:

a loosely fitted silk shirt with bell-trimmed cuffs Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
any number of items
a deeply hooded ebon cloak speckled with silver bells Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a deep purple hood topped with a row of silver spikes head-worn 10000
a bisected leather bodysuit of crimson and gold AsG: 8 81000
a pair of black satin slippers with curved bell-tipped toes Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items

On the wax jester mannequin you see:

a tri-tipped silk hat with bells dangling from each point head-worn 10000
a gold-edged blue longcoat with bells at the cuffs Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a patchwork quilted jerkin with purple accents Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
any number of items
a pair of striped stockings layerable 5000
a pair of gold satin slippers with curved bell-tipped toes Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items


Back Room

[Fancy a Fool, Back Room]
While the front of the shop is suitable for any patron who might want to outfit their entertainment, the back room contains all variety of novelties for those who practice the trade. Numerous crates and boxes fill the tiny room. A large curio and its contents almost look out of place among the plethora of toys scattered everywhere else.
Obvious exits: out
The role of the jester is not an easy one.  If he is too subtle, he may end up mystifying his audience.  If he is too crude, he may lose not just his job but his head.  May the items within prove useful when wit fails.

In the boxes you see:

a long cobalt sparkler 1000
a long gold sparkler 1000
a long neon green sparkler 1000
a long scarlet sparkler 1000
a pearlescent white ball 15000
a red-speckled matte black ball 15000
a gold-flecked shiny green ball 15000
a white and red-striped ball 15000
a brown cricket finger puppet with outstretched wings finger-worn 5000
a bumblebee finger puppet with yellow and black stripes finger-worn 5000
a length of rolton intestine 5000

In the crates you see:

a deformed ogre hand-puppet hand-worn 10000
a red-eyed demon hand-puppet hand-worn 10000
a buxom barmaid hand-puppet hand-worn 10000
a frail nymph hand-puppet hand-worn 10000
a motley jester pin pin-worn 5000
a butterfly finger puppet with jewel-toned wings finger-worn 5000
a polished golden coin 80
an oblong silver coin 50
a purple and green-painted bilboquet 20000
a polished tigerwood cup and ball 15000

In the large curio you see:

a tri-colored gornar dart with a rolaren tip dart 15000
a sleek double-bladed dagger painted gold dagger 15000
a drakar quoit dangling tiny black feathers quoit 106000
a thin vultite discus surrounding a solid rhimar core discus 74500
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New in 2016

a large rhimar-lined wagon, Lich #3637, go rhimar wagon


[Fro-Zone, Interior]
A light chill fills the air of this spacious wagon. Beads of condensation continuously well up and trickle down the rhimar reinforced walls. Void of decoration, this space appears better suited for supplies than sales. Several large, square blocks of ice and a large mithril pail rest near a small circular hatch in the opposing wall.
Obvious exits: out
Worms in the pail are something fun I found.  They need someone to take care of them.
Snow Cones out back!

In the large mithril pail you see:

an amethyst glowworm 1000
a pale white glowworm 1000
a deep crimson glowworm 1000
a frost blue glowworm 1000
a light green glowworm 1000
a sickly puce glowworm 1000
a ruby red glowworm 1000
a lemon yellow glowworm 1000
a dark ebon glowworm 1000
a pumpkin orange glowworm 1000


Behind the Wagon

[Fro-Zone, Behind the Wagon]
A wide space has been cleared out behind the wagon, creating a comfortable area in the moonlight. Several benches and tables have been set out next to a rickety clothing rack, providing ample seating for customers. A bright yellow awning extends from the side of the wagon, just above a small circular hatch leading back inside.
A hastily scrawled sign affixed to the rack reads, "USED!  Absolutely NO refunds!"

On the rickety clothing rack you see:

a hideous green knit sweater chest-worn 2500
a threadbare red sweater chest-worn 2500
a faded blue and white sweater chest-worn 2500
a stained white sweater chest-worn 2500
a holey puce sweater chest-worn 2500
                   ~@~KOERN'S CONES~@~                     

Step right up and grab yourself the hottest thing
to hit the glacier since Thurfel burned the town!
Sixty fabulous flavors, and a few others thrown in
 just for good measure!


Step One: Push the lever to get yourself a cone.
Only 200 silvers!

Step Two: Pull the lever to get yourself some snow.
Only 50 silvers!

Step Three: Turn or spin the wheel to select a flavor.
Absolutely free!

Step Four: Push the button to get yourself some flavoring.
Only 200 silvers!

Step Five: Eat and Enjoy!

Warning: These treats won't long remain in their ideal
frozen state, so eat them now and buy more later!


On the right side of this contraption is an enormous multicolored wheel. At the front, a small red button projects from the steel casing like a nose on a face, while a sliding panel below resembles a mechanical mouth. On the left side is a large lever engineered to move both forward and backward. Three small wheels and a handle at the back make the contraption portable, if somewhat unwieldy in its movements.


Easily twice as tall as the barker, the wheel is painted in a riot of color, in wedges radiating out from the center. At the top of each wedge is a card representing a fruit or other flavoring.
At the edge of the wheel is a nail that points to the current flavor setting of the contraption. The contraption is currently set to dispense almond flavoring.


Shiny and red, the button beckons with an air of mystery and the innocent challenge of play.


Two feet of hammered steel ends in a leather-wrapped handle, making this lever a pleasure to use.
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Hot Pots

New in 2016

Coffee and tea brewing

a gold leaf embossed oak wagon, Lich #19585, go wagon


[Hot Pots, Interior]
Stained oak panels fashioned together with iron strips form a large arch, and give the wagon a high roof. Shelves line the polished walls, and are stacked with various tins, jars and little bottles. One side has been dedicated to coffee and its accoutrements, while the other houses tea and its accessories. An unobtrusive island bisects to two sides providing a central location for samples.
Obvious exits: out
Today's selections:

Coffee:  Campfire Companion
Tea:       Traveler's Respite

On the island you see:

a cup of green tea Free food
a cup of dark roasted coffee

On the tea shelf you see:

a sugar cube 50
a jar of cinnamon 5000
a bottle of raspberry syrup 10000
a slice of lemon 50
some dried orchid petals 100
a bottle of orange honey 10000
a bottle of clover honey 10000
a bottle of honey 10000
an apple etched tin 5000
a mint etched tin 5000
a red-striped tin 5000
a tea-leaf etched tin 5000

On the coffee shelf you see:

some vanilla hazelnut syrup 10000
a bottle of peppermint syrup 10000
a bottle of hazlenut syrup 10000
a bottle of milk 10000
a bottle of brandy-spiked cream 10000
a shaker of pumpkin pie spice 5000
shaker of apple spice 5000
an embossed brown tin 5000
an embossed cherry red tin 5000
a fire embossed tin 5000
an embossed almond tin 5000
a frosted glass coffee press etched with snowflakes 50000



[Hot Pots, Patio]
Small bright orbs of light hang from a gold leaf embroidered awning, supported by a pair of iron poles, that provides a bit of shelter and comfort from the hustle and bustle. Several tables and chairs provide ample seating for patrons and are perfect for taking tea or coffee. Off to one side, a cast iron pot belly stove serves as both a heating source and a place to warm a drink.
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Marshy Medicament

2015 inventory

Bandages, eye-patches, and other assorted medical items

a green alligator skin tent, Lich #3636, go tent

[Marshy Medicament]
A white monir trunk sits opposite an untied tent flap upon a sand-swept dirt floor. Flies buzz about the ceiling of the low-draped, olive canvas tent that is supported by slender oak poles with cotton rope lines strung between. A metal table sits next to a curtained entryway leading further into the tent, and a small metal sign hangs on one of the tent's supports.
Obvious exits: out
Greetings, take a look around!
The single bandages on the table can be worn for effect, while the rolls of cloth each have ten bandages you can TEAR off that can be used with tinctures to cure what ails you.
The bandage on the lines changes your hair feature, and the swathe covers your face.
The poultice in the trunk is a little smelly, I apologize.  And the concoction in the bottle packs a real kick!
Several of my other trinkets are quite fun when used properly.

In the Table you see

a pristine linen bandage pin-worn 10000
a filthy muslin bandage
a sloppy cotton dressing
some stained linen gauze
a neat cotton bandage
a small roll of linen 50000

On the Trunk you see

an opaque yellowed glass bottle 300
a flask of watery oil 1000
an ivory-handled steel lancet
a pair of slender steel shears
a roll of thick black thread
a dirty glass jar filled with leeches 3000
a rusty butcher knife 6000
a sweet-scented green linen poultice pin-worn 10000
a bloodstained silver needle dangling a frayed piece of thread Piercing needle 50000

In the Lines you see

a bloodied black cotton eyepatch pin-worn 10000
a bloodstained silk swathe Feature Concealing Mask pin-worn 10000
a layered linen bandage Cidolfus head-worn 25000
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New in 2016

a bamboo hut with a palm frond roof, Lich #3641, go hut


[Premeditated, Showcase]
Shoots of tall bamboo have been split lengthwise and tied tightly together with strips of hemp to form a barrier against the external elements. A pale reed basket swings at one end of a silver chain, the other end attached to a sturdy hook in the ceiling. A roughly woven mat of palm fronds covers the floor, and cool, white sand drifts pile at the base of a driftwood crate. A dark twig creel hangs from a crooked nail on a woven bamboo door leading into the back.
Obvious exits: out
Welcome to Premeditated!
The crate holds regular old crystal amulets.
In the basket you will find "lighter" holders for the amulets,
While the creel holds the "darker" types.
The seashells will make things more peaceful in your head.

In the pale reed basket you see:

a gold bangle with a frosty pale violet pearl 20000
a polished imflass wristcuff etched with mistletoe 20000
an ornate ivory cameo locket on a twisted gold chain 20000
a frosted teardrop diamond lavaliere on a thin platinum chain 20000
a platinum icicle-shaped pendant on a thin chain 20000

On the driftwood crate you see:

a frosted crystal amulet neck-worn
snowflake-etched crystal amulet 5000
an opalescent spiral seashell 1000
a large conch shell 1000

In the dark twig creel you see:

a ruby-inset pendant on a black satin ribbon 20000
a hammered silver neckchain with a triangular pendant 20000
a rose gold lavaliere suspending a faceted crimson diamond 20000
a wide platinum wristcuff centered with a frost opal 20000
a trio of electrum bracelets joined by a large onyx cameo 20000


Private Viewing

[Premeditated, Private Viewing]
The walls, comprised of strong bamboo, are lacquered and glisten in the ambient light. Granules of pure white sand litter the palm fronds covering the floor. Puffs of pure white cotton fill the joints between the floor and the walls, resembling snow drifts. A slender workbench is pulled up to a counter along the back wall, and a woven bamboo door leads back into the front of the shop.
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Shadows, The

2016 inventory

Lockpicks, metal-plated containers, and magical items

a darkly stained oak wagon, Lich #3641, go wagon


[The Shadows]
The hardwood floor of this wagon is covered with a fine layer of dust. Chains and ropes hang from the exposed beams of the ceiling, their function a mystery. A glass case against one wood-paneled wall houses tiny, slender objects, while the opposite wall sports a pair of shelves that contains glittering wares. Hanging suspended from the ceiling, a lantern casts the corners of the room into shadow. A narrow doorway stands in the far wall, opposite the steps leading out.

In the glass case you see:

a simple copper needle with a wickedly sharp tip 100
an ornate steel pin with one straight tip 500
a curved glaes-edged bone with a bit of sinew attached 9500
a sharp laje fishhook dangling a bit of string 17000
a twisted mithril stickpin adorned with tiny diamond stars 6000
a thin alum toothpick etched with tiny runes 23000
a mangled vultite wire with one straightened tip 30000
a broken invar comb with one intact tine 75000
a thin vaalin skeleton key capped with an ivory skull 125000
a helical vaalin hairpin sparked with onyx bursts 125000

On the top shelf you see:

an onyx scarab figurine Disarm Enhancement (404) 11250
a kneeling crystal rogue miniature Lock Pick Enhancement (403) 10000
a yellow jasper eye statue Presence (402) 8740
a ruby wand inscribed with an open lock Unlock (407) 8000
a diamond rod inscribed with a scarab Disarm (408) 8700

On the bottom shelf you see:

a patchwork leather backpack with rusty twin metal plates Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a metal-plated suede tool satchel sporting a braided strap Pocketed: Slightly large (40-49)
any number of items
a brushed suede wrist pouch with tiny twin metal plates Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
several items of very small size
a hard leather case sporting twin metal plates Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a sturdy brown leather pouch with twin metal plates Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items


Back Room

[The Shadows, Back Room]
This room is bare, save for a lantern hanging from an exposed beam of the ceiling. Seams in the floorboards create a pattern in the floor, and a draft seems to come from below. A narrow doorway is the only break in the surrounding walls.
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Silver Bells

2016 inventory

a tall white silk tent, Lich #3677, go tent


[Silver Bells]
White silk walls surround this small room, made cozy by the small wood stove burning in the corner. A rack of clothing and several jewelry boxes house wares that sparkle in the firelight. A belled curtain leads to another room, the strands tinkling softly with the small breezes that enter through the tent's open flap.
Obvious exits: out

On the rack you see:

a flared red suede skirt with tiny silver bell buttons leg-worn
a fur-hemmed white skirt edged with tiny silver bells leg-worn
a patchwork grey and red skirt with tiny silver bell buttons leg-worn
a fitted grey wool skirt sporting a silver bell-lined slit leg-worn
a vivid red cotton blouse with silver bell buttons chest-worn
a fur-hemmed white silk bodice with bell-tipped back laces chest-worn
a soft grey linen shirt with silver bell cufflinks chest-worn
an open-necked white cotton shirt with silver bell cufflinks chest-worn
a thinly woven wool jacket with silver bell buttons Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a tailored fox fur longcoat with a silver bell-trimmed hem Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a deeply hooded grey fur cloak with a silver bell clasp Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a fur-trimmed white velvet cloak with a bell-lined hood Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items

In the several jewelry boxes you see:

a delicate silver anklet dangling heart-shaped ruby bells ankle-worn 10000
a silver chain wristlet adorned with tiny ruby bells wrist-worn 10000
a thick platinum cuff set with rows of tiny bells wrist-worn 10000
a tiered silver necklace sprinkled with tiny ebon bells neck-worn 10000
a belled platinum back lariat necklace neck-worn 10000
a narrow silver ring sporting a cluster of ruby bells finger-worn 10000
a slender green jade band set with a cluster of silver bells finger-worn 10000
a tiered rose gold hip-chain sporting tiny diamond bells waist-worn 10000
a delicate silver hip-chain dangling tiny star-shaped bells waist-worn 10000



[Silver Bells, Storage]
Boxes are stacked against three of the walls in this cramped space. One box has fallen over, its innards spilled out across the floor in a tangled pile. Set within an exposed white silk divider wall is a belled curtain leading out of the room.

In the tangled pile you see:

a delicate vaalin hip-chain sporting tiny kelyn bells waist-worn 10000
a slim faenor ring set with a cluster of metallic green bells finger-worn 10000
a smooth vaalin wrist-cuff adorned with tiny jade bells wrist-worn 10000
a white satin ribbon choker dangling a trio of emerald bells neck-worn 10000
a three-tiered faenor anklet dangling miniscule ivory bells ankle-worn 10000
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Warm Tidings

New in 2016

Warm clothing

a small plank wagon, Lich #3638, go plank wagon

[Warm Tidings]
A line of shelves circle the small room, framing a series of gold hooks that have been firmly imbedded in the rippled maple walls. Attached to a rounded door is a large ribbon-tied wreath, its greenery overwhelming the cramped wagon with the sharp tang of pine. Sitting directly across from the door is a three-legged table table covered in a bright green doily.

On the three-legged table you see:

a mug of spiked hot chocolate Free food
a jam-filled shortbread cookie

On the upper shelf you see:

a saffron grosgrain scarf pinned with a trio of copper orbs neck-worn 5000
an indigo linen scarf embroidered with silver iceblossoms neck-worn 5000
a wide scarf formed of charcoal-on-cream tartan neck-worn 5000
a lush chocolate mink scarf lined in dark merlot silk neck-worn 5000
a long ecru cotton scarf fringed in broken moose teeth neck-worn 5000
a fuzzy violet scarf patterned with thick kohl stripes neck-worn 5000

On the lower shelf you see:

some pale lemon mittens adorned with copper-threaded puffs hand-worn 10000
some navy elbow-length gloves secured with minute diamonds hand-worn 10000
a pair of soft bistre fur mittens dappled with ivory whorls hand-worn 10000
some burgundy silk gloves corset-laced with caramel cord hand-worn 10000
some thick beige wool mittens bound by strips of trout skin hand-worn 10000
a pair of ebon suede gloves trimmed with orchid lace hand-worn 10000

On the gold hooks you see:

some flaxen moreen robes cinched with a copper filigree belt Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a mazerine angora cape fastened with a diamond snowflake pin Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a long charcoal frieze gaberdine lined in soft ermine fur Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a back-laced madder samite corset jacket with belled sleeves Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a salmon skin raincoat patched with iridescent trout scales Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a plum suede coatee fitted with a hip-length jet tulle skirt Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
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What Lies Beneath

2015 inventory


a starched white tent, Lich #19585, go tent


[What Lies Beneath]
The interior is dimly lit, with a few lanterns providing scant light. Swathes of material hang from hooks attached to loops affixed to the tent's walls. A pile of upturned crates occupies one side of the tent, devoid of content. A scratched modwir chest sits precariously upon the crates, and a polished metal rack nearby displays an array of items. An unadorned canvas sheet hangs from ceiling to floor, with the edge pulled back against itself to form a flap.
Obvious exits: out
~ Male and female garments of a more delicate nature.  To the best of my knowledge, none of these items have been worn before. ~

In the Chest you see

some red and white striped stockings layer-able 5000
a pair of black knee-high socks
a pair of crimson stockings
a pair of brightly hued socks
a pair of soft knee-high socks
a pair of dark sheer stockings
a pair of dotted leg wraps leg-worn
a pair of pale silk leg wraps

In the Rack you see

a mottled leather loincloth waist-worn 5000
a soft suede loincloth
a white silk undertunic layer-able
a sheer ebon silk undershirt
a pair of thin cotton breeches leg-worn


Back Room

[What Lies Beneath, Back Room]
Somewhat cramped, the room is lit by two lanterns suspended from a supporting pole. Flickering shadows play upon painted figures on the flap. Underfoot, dry straw provides a contrast to the earth floor. Rolls of material sit within a series of stacked battered boxes adjacent to the entry, and behind the boxes lie two semi-dismantled female mannequins. The center of the tent houses some low display tables with items upon them.
Obvious exits: out

In the Tables you see

a black and white paneled corset front-laced with red ribbon chest-worn 5000
a fitted black leather bodice side-laced with purple cording
a slim dark blue corset back-laced with silver ribbon
a layered crimson undergown layer-able
a scoop-necked pale pink chemise
an off-white multilayered underskirt with a ruffled hem waist-worn
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Winter's Chill

2015 inventory

Winter-themed weapons with vacuum or ice flares

a pure white silk tent, Lich #3640, go tent


[Winter's Chill]
White silk walls surround this small room, and a chill is present in the air that several burning torches do nothing to dissipate. A multi-tiered silver rack holds weapons for sale and a small sign mounted on the side boasts black printed words. A dangling curtain of crystalline beads catches the firelight and casts rainbow shadows on the smooth walls and packed dirt floor.
Obvious exits: out
~*~Winter's Chill~*~
All silver or white weapons have ice flares.
All black weapons have vacuum flares.
All other weapons are merely blessable.

In the Third tier you see

a frost blue vultite yierka-spur with razor-sharp tips 23250
a white-bladed vultite troll-claw with silver braces ice flares 69500
a cobalt vultite spear carved with a winter scene 12250
a midnight black vultite pilum with a grey haft vacuum flares 57500
a pure white vultite warlance carved with snowflakes ice flares 105000

In the Second tier you see

a bundle of black-striped arrows vacuum flares 100
a jagged jet vultite flamberge with a silk-wrapped hilt vacuum flares 226000
a sharp silver vultite war mattock with a long birch haft ice flares 176000
a mottled blue vultite tetsubo with a sturdy haft maul 71000
a gnarled ebon faewood staff inset with black diamond chips vacuum flares runestaff 265000
a silvery white orase scepter capped with snowflake obsidian ice flares runestaff 230000

In the First tier you see

a slender black vultite manople with crimson crosspieces vacuum flares katar 114000
a white-bladed vultite misericord with a simple silver hilt ice flares dagger 17250
a pale azure vultite langsax with a blue diamond pommel longsword 49500
an oak-hafted ebon vultite hatchet sporting spiral carvings vacuum flares handaxe 114000
a silvery vultite machete with a snowflake obsidian pommel ice flares falchion 137000



[Winter's Chill, Storage]
Rows of tall objects are wrapped in hides and leaned against a rough wooden rack at the back of the storage space. The white silk walls are cast in shadow, as the only light in the room emanates from a clouded glass oil lantern hanging from the ceiling. Packed dirt muffles any footsteps across the floor, and a dangling curtain of crystalline beads does little to brighten the area.
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Winter's Frost

2015 inventory

Winter-themed jewelry

a white scarf-draped wagon, Lich #3638, go scarf wagon


[Winter's Frost]
The walls of this wagon are draped with wispy, gossamer scarves in winter hues. Afloat in the sea of white, silver, grey, and pale blue, several white marble cases house glittering jewelry in an array of hues like tiny iridescent butterflies. Plush white rugs cover the hardwood floor and further enhance the cloud-like ambiance. Translucent glowing glass orbs dangle from the ceiling amidst more scarves, and the light strikes a dangling curtain of pearl beads, causing it to glimmer like sunlight on snow.
Obvious exits: out

In the Lefthand case you see

a slender bracelet of snowflake obsidian beads wrist-worn 5000
an intricate snow cowrie shell wristlet woven with beach grass
a solid blue pearl cuff engraved with tiny snowflakes
a white gold ankle cuff inset with blue sea glass chips ankle-worn
a silver-strung anklet of tiny blue-white frost opal beads

In the Middle case you see

a white gold armband etched with a winter scene arm-worn 5000
a blue-white frost opal armband inset with silver snowflakes
a pair of frost opal earrings shaped like snowflakes ear-worn
a pair of silvery wraithaline earrings shaped like teardrops
a pair of blue amber hoops dangling tiny sea glass spheres

In the Righthand case you see

a frosted blue waterweb amulet on a vaalin chain neck-worn 5000
a silvery wraithaline talisman on a thin grey chain
a snowflake-shaped frost opal pendant on a simple silver chain
a silver-edged blue amber band engraved with tiny icicles finger-worn
a delicate silver ring set with a tiny white opal


Back Room

[Winter's Frost, Back Room]
Wispy white, grey, and pale blue scarves dangle from the ceiling and walls in a haphazard fashion, with several glowing translucent glass orbs interspersed between them. Low white shelves raised just above the plush white rugs house glass-paned boxes of stored wares. The air is chilly, and the winter-hued surroundings lend a snow-like quality to the room. A dangling curtain of pearl beads leads to the front of the wagon.
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