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GIFTBOX is a special verb used by GameMasters to distribute giftboxes to the population when GemStone IV commemorates landmark occasions in its history. Giftbox items are typically limited to one per account and special items are attuned to the claiming character. Other treasure such as SimuCoin items might also be included in the giftbox.

Giftboxes have been distributed on the following occasions:

  1.  ?
  2. GemStone III conversion to GemStone IV (11/12/2003)
  3. Player donations to charity that gave GS publicity
  4. 20th anniversary of GS (March 2010)
  5. 20th anniversary of move to the web (Jul-Aug 2017)
  6. Duskruin Arena starter pack (Dec 2018)

In 2017 the use of the verb was expanded to distribute items like SimuCon goodie bags. In 2018 it was used to distribute a goodwill gesture of an experience orb and quest nexus orb after frequent game crashes during Commencement of Coraesine Forest.


The following is from the 20th anniversary of the move to the web and were tied into the translucent glaes spider charms distributed upon login from the move to the web in 1997:

You may only obtain one gift box per account.  Once you get a gift box, you cannot use another character to get a second one.

This will be for {Character} the {Race} {Profession}.  Please use GIFTBOX CONFIRM if you want your gift box.

>giftbox confirm
You glance down and notice a ruined glaes spider charm in your left hand.

>open my char
You carefully but quickly crack open the charm and gaze in at its contents...

In the glaes spider charm you see a golden feather charm, a meteor-etched gold ring, a hazy white note, a shimmering violet orb and a small opaque spider.

Special Items


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