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GIFTBOX is a special verb used by GameMasters to distribute giftboxes to the population when GemStone IV commemorates landmark occasions in its history. Giftbox items are typically limited to one per account and special items are either attuned to the account or to the claiming character. Other treasure such as SimuCoin items might also be included in the giftbox.

Giftboxes have been distributed on the following occasions:

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  2. GemStone III conversion to GemStone IV (11/12/2003)
  3. 20th anniversary of GemStone (March 2010)
  4. Player donations to charity that gave GS publicity - a bird-shaped giftbox (11/26/2010)
  5. 20th anniversary of move to the web (Jul-Aug 2017)
  6. Duskruin Arena starter pack (December 2018)
  7. New Year's Eve, 2019 (Dec 31, 2019 - Jan 5, 2020)

In 2017 the use of the verb was expanded to distribute items like SimuCon goodie bags. In 2018 it was used to distribute a goodwill gesture of an experience orb and quest nexus orb after frequent game crashes during Commencement of Coraesine Forest.


New Year's Eve 2019 This giftbox - a wrapped silver and gold present - included the following items:

  • an enruned verdigrised bell - account attuned (not tradable except among characters on the same account)
  • a blue feather-shaped charm - 20 uses (unlike the Simucoin Store type which has only 6 uses), tradable to a different character/account
  • a squat pale grey crystal bottle - 20 pills (unlike the Simucoin Store types, which have either 10 or 100 pills), tradable to a different character/account
  • a notched flexing arm token - 20 days of pauses (unlike the Simucoin Store type which gives 30 days), days stack if you use more than one token, tradable to a different character/account
  • a handful of silver and gold confetti - at least 10 uses, toss/throw, kick, look/measure, exhale, or thump it, tradable to a different character/account
  • a celebratory firework - drop/place on ground outdoors then light, tradable to a different character/account
>light firework
You carefully light the fuse on the celebratory firework, which immediately begins to issue forth a torrent of multi-colored sparks.
The fuse on a celebratory firework burns down further, issuing a torrent of multi-colored sparks.
The fuse on a celebratory firework burns down further, issuing a torrent of multi-colored sparks.
The fuse on a celebratory firework burns down further, issuing a torrent of multi-colored sparks.
The fuse on a celebratory firework burns away into the body of the firework.
The celebratory firework issues a violent torrent of fiery sparks from its base and shoots off into the air.  A bright trail of fiery light rises into the nighttime sky above the twin spires of Thanatoph, vanishing from sight a heartbeat later.
Trails of multicolored lights illuminate the nighttime sky and come together to form the numbers 5 1 2 0.

Duskruin Arena starter pack: This giftbox - a bloodstained parcel - included items used for Duskruin:

20th anniversary move to the web:
The following is from the 20th anniversary of the move to the web and were tied into the translucent glaes spider charms distributed upon login from the move to the web in 1997:

You may only obtain one gift box per account.  Once you get a gift box, you cannot use another character to get a second one.

This will be for {Character} the {Race} {Profession}.  Please use GIFTBOX CONFIRM if you want your gift box.

>giftbox confirm
You glance down and notice a ruined glaes spider charm in your left hand.

>open my char
You carefully but quickly crack open the charm and gaze in at its contents...

In the glaes spider charm you see a golden feather charm, a meteor-etched gold ring, a hazy white note, a shimmering violet orb and a small opaque spider.

20th Anniversary of Gemstone:
This box was a wrapped <character name> giftbox, and included a lantern charm and other gifts.

Felicia Day retweet charity giftbox:
This gift box was given as a result of a charity auction. Players donated money and won a retweet from actress Felicia Day. the box included a vest that gave a bonus of +5 to dexterity.

15th Anniversary of Gemstone:
This box was a wrapped <character name> giftbox, and included character-bound scripted jewelry worn items. A few examples of items found in this giftbox are:

  • a silver-traced pale green jade choker
  • a silver-edged bloodjewel crown
  • a rune-etched pale green jade diadem
  • a lustrous white pearl bracelet
  • a crimson-edged black diamond anklet
  • a sigil-incised sleek onyx amulet
  • a wire-bound sleek onyx choker

News Articles

Posted on 12/12/2018 03:33 PM CST by SIMU-WYROM

Duskruin: Bloodgames

Starting Friday, December 14th at 9pm ET!

Battle for blood in Duskruin Arena, acquire riches in the Bank Heist, or discover the lost treasures within the Sewers! Hitch a ride to Bloodriven Village and begin your adventure or continue where you left off! Brave the snowstorms and blizzards as you trek toward the DragonSpine Mountains during this wintery season!

Introducing the Treasure Trove, a brand new way to obtain some of the most coveted items in Elanthia! The Treasure Trove will have a single item for sale at a time, with four others on display. You can learn more about each item by inspecting them and discovering their properties. Once the item on sale sells or if enough time passes, a new item from the display will be rotated in and the display will be refreshed with another item. The Trove is packed with many one-of-a-kind items that you'll not want to miss!

Duskruin Arena is back in full swing for solo matches, duos, and trios! Face waves of enemies to test your strength in the timed matches. New champions have entered the fray, a fearsome shan and a battle-marred hisskra. If you need some time to muster up the courage to enter the arena, make your way to the Bloodriven Sewers and contemplate your tactics while searching and sifting through the the abandoned caches.

The Bank of Bloodriven is still being plundered and the three opposing factions still need your support. Stop the thieves by enlisting with the Silent Investors or join the Ophidian Cabal to slip past those vigilantes. Or perhaps meet with the Poisoned Heretics who have a much more grim need of you. Whichever you choose, you'll want to get your hands on the twelve priceless artifacts and be lucky enough to procure the rare and famed blood crystal. In exchange for these fabled valuables, you'll receive a treasure sack that will aid you greatly in storing your own inventory.

New this run are the following:

The Treasure Trove, a new way to obtain mid-level and high-level rewards.
New Champions: The Shan and Hisskra enter the fray.
Improved Mechanics: Summoning new creatures is less cumbersome..
Improved Arena Rewards: Bloodscrip earned isn’t as dependent on time.
Improved Bank Heist Rewards: New ways to achieve expanders.
New Shop Mechanics: Improved shop mechanics to display item properties.
New Inventory: Several new creations for sale across Duskruin.
High End Scrip Shop (HESS): New certificates added.

As a special thank you, GIFTBOX will be available for a Duskruin-themed prize pack throughout the run of Duskruin! Be sure to take advantage of this completely free offer in-game by simply typing GIFTBOX in game!

The games begin December 14th at 9pm ET!

Be sure to have a stamped voucher to get started!

Giftboxes Now Available
Posted on 11/26/2010 03:16 AM CST by the Webstaff
The month of October saw a nice gain in public notice for GemStone IV thanks to a tweet from Felicia Day. For those of you unaware, Felicia Day is the star of The Guild, the actress behind Penny in Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, a patron saint of geekdom, and a gorgeous redheaded vixen.
In honor of the immense efforts made by players to get GemStone IV noticed by the world of twitter, we're releasing +5 to Dexterity Vests via the GIFTBOX verb. Thanks to everyone who donated to TwitChange on our behalf.

Treasure and Giftboxes and Anniversaries, Oh my!
Posted on 03/24/2010 01:03 PM CDT by the Webstaff

In 2010, GemStone IV is celebrating the 20th anniversary of our official launch.

As a special thank you to both returning and long-time players, we will be amping up our treasure feeder distribution to "Frenzy" level over the next couple of weeks. Over 2,000 unique treasure items are queued up and ready to be released in treasure chests around Elanthia! The more you slay, the better your chances of finding these goodies. (Note: feeder distribution is being altered in prime only at this time. Platinum will have a separate event over the summer.)

Additionally, for a limited time, we are bringing back the GIFTBOX command with new gifts. Why? Because we like you! (And in special thanks for everyone's patience during the recent relocation of our data center and the subsequent *fun pauses*.) Giftboxes will be available in both prime and platinum.

The GIFTBOX command may only be used once per account (NOT once per character), and the gifts within will be attuned to the account. One item in the box is linked to your character's profession AND attuned to the character, so choose wisely!

We hope you enjoy these gifts! (Have you hugged a QCer today?)

Special Items


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