Haegan's Weaponry

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Haegan's Weaponry is the weapon shop in Cysaegir. It is located in a stone mill towards the eastern side of Cysaegir. Interaction with Haegan is not possible as he does not take the form of a concrete town NPC, hence, little is known about him. However, for some unexplained reason, Urgaen, the owner of the local pawnshop, seems to view Haegan in a negative light, and implies that Haegan overcharges for his merchandise.

[Haegan's Weaponry]
Recent renovations are apparent in this small shop, from the new tile floor to a rather pristine wood-paneled walls. The tang of metal and faint scent of oil linger in the air, drifting over from the neighboring forge. A small burnished counter stands before several organized racks that display the numerous weapons for sale. You also see a silvery-blue roiling fog-filled chamber.


Name Price
1. a cinquedea 7
2. a fel-hafted maul 225
3. a battlesword 250
4. a yierka-spur 75
5. a partizan 37
6. a mace and chain 150
7. a spiked mace 175
8. a manople 125
9. a voulge 225
10. a spiculum 75
11. a crescent axe 125
12. a bardiche 175
13. a fist-scythe 100
14. a badelaire 175
15. a spatha 150
16. an adze 225
17. a truncheon 12
18. a fel-hafted mattock 225
Base Metal Choices
1. iron
2. mithril
3. faenor
4. imflass
5. mithglin

The backroom of Haegan's Weaponry does not carry any merchandise.