Eddric Jovery

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Eddric Jovery
Storyline Beyond the Arkati
Eyes of the Dawn
North by Northwest
Gender Male
Race Human
Culture Hendor
Status Alive
Alias/Title Northern Sentinel

Eddric Jovery is the Earl of North Hendor and since 5103 he has been Northern Sentinel of the Turamzzyrian Empire.


You see Earl Eddric Jovery the Northern Sentinel of the Turamzzyrian Empire.
He appears to be a Human from Hendor.
He is tall and appears to be in his declining years. He has pale blue eyes and tanned skin. He has receding, steel grey hair. He has a square-jawed face, a prominent nose and a short beard.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an ornate gold coronet adorned with eight ivyleaf clusters each bearing a sapphire cabachon, a full-length blue velvet robe overlayed by an ermine cape with three rows of seal spots, a silver-trimmed blue silk surcoat, a gem-studded blue leather belt, an elegant blue leather scabbard, a silver-edged blue suede pouch, some black silk trousers with a narrow, black velvet stripe down the seam, and some elegant black leather half-boots.


Earl Eddric Jovery is the Earl of North Hendor and also the Northern Sentinel of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Not only does he preside over Hendor as the Earl, but as the Northern Sentinel he manages all of the northern imperial provinces of North Hendor, South Hendor, Jantalar, Mestanir, Talador, and Vornavis.

Repulsed Krolvin overtures during Sankir's flight from River's Rest and Teras Isle for refuge in 5103 after recently ascending to the position of Northern Sentinel.

Hendor sent forces under the Earl's orders to Wehnimer's Landing during the War of Nations in 5103 when Jantalar had taken the city. Their forces helped to reclaim the city and restore it to it's people. Afterwards they withdrew giving the city is autonomy as a Protectorate of the Empire.

Earl Jovery has consistently been a longstanding ally of Wehnimer's Landing and has even knighted several adventurers in the area of Wehnimer's Landing and Vornavis. He has also been an opponent of Chaston's Edict, never really enforcing the anti-human laws and regulations in the northern provinces, especially throughout Hendor.

In 5111, Interim Mayor Barnom Slim had Sir Brinn and Sir Cryheart executed. They were restored to life, but Earl Jovery informed Slim that if the knights were being persecuted he'd dispatch Hendorian Soldiers in two weeks time. Slim would threaten the Drakes Vanguard, Black Wolves before he later fled to Icemule.

In 5115, Earl Jovery commanded Sir Thadston Andrews to open the Hendoran Outpost near Wehnimer's Landing to keep watchful observations, and possible involvement in the area, after the heavy losses and chaos of the War of Shadows.

He was kidnapped by Chaston Griffin and the witch, Raznel during Eyes of the Dawn and later rescued by the Order of the Silver Gryphon in the winter of 5116. Since he has returned to North Hendor to recover. Rumors have persisted since he has in bad health.

Shortly before the Emperors announcement regarding Chaston's Edict and the Valley of Gold gathering between the East and West in 5119, Earl Jovery was in Tamzyrr along with Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis and the Southern Sentinel, Bannon Chandrennin and his daughter, Kasendra.

Due to further unrest in Wehnimer's Landing, Ithzir concerns and powerful storms above Melgorehn's Reach as the Darkstone Bay Consortium was amassing power behind the scenes, Earl Jovery appointed Cordarius Hodges of the Hall of Mages as Regional Envoy to the Landing and would be part of the Landing Council along with the Mayor.

Recently, sent letters to Mayor Thadston, after being ignored on multiple attempts in the fall of 5122 to visit him to which the Mayor eventually acquiesced on the third attempt.

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