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The krolvin are a seafaring race of humanoids. They stand slightly shorter than humans on average. Their skin color tends to be blue or bluish-grey, and their hair is often blue or white, covering the head and shoulders thickly and running down the spine. They have remarkably long arms and highly dextrous hands.

History and Organization

The main krolvin nations are rumored to be on the Shattered Continent, an archipelago in the Great Western Sea. As early as 4058, the krolvin have raided and plundered the western coast of Elanith, taking slaves among the native inhabitants.

While it is believed they have many permanent settlements off the coast, the only presently known location is the Isle of Glaoveln, which is northwest of Wehnimer's Landing. Explorers discovered Glaoveln in 4926, leading to the Krolvin War. The last great attack by the Krolvin occurred in 5103, with the partial occupation of Teras Isle and the full occupation of River's Rest.

The krolvin fleets of Elanith are each led by a Czag Dubra (lit. "one who brings war").

Notable Krolvin

List of Krolvin Creatures

Krolvin are active in the Abandoned Mine in the Lysierian Hills, as well as the shores around River's Rest. Krolvin ships are also a common sighting on the Open Seas.

Creature Level Location
Krolvin mercenary 17 River's Rest, Wehnimer's Landing
Rotting krolvin pirate 18 River's Rest
Krolvin warrior 19 River's Rest, Wehnimer's Landing
Krolvin warfarer 25 River's Rest, Wehnimer's Landing
Krolvin slaver 36 River's Rest
Krolvin corsair 38 River's Rest

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