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Leafiara's vote total and percentage in her second failed mayoral campaign were better than in her first: 72/159 instead of 59/190. However, the small margin of improvement and the much sharper absence of post-campaign moral support from opponents than the previous time led her to think that, as she'd believed to be true in her childhood sylvan home, the [[::Wehnimer's Landing|Landing]] secretly didn't want her there.

The conflicted Leafiara felt honor-bound to leave a place where she was unwanted, justifying it privately to companions that it was similar to her obligation to leave behind dead adventurers who refuse her help with [[::Raise Dead (318)|resurrections]], and yet also felt honor-bound to uphold prior promises to the Landing. Seeing no way around the latter, Leafi turned all attention to the unfinished business of helping restore [[::Larsya_Caulfield|Larsya]]'s youth, ending Raznel, and seeking a lasting truce between the [[::Brotherhood of Rooks|Rooks]] and the rest of town.

Now in a relative period of peace, Leafi believed that Larsya could be restored fairly soon--and [[::Landing_Events_-_5118-04-23_-_The_Return_of_Thadston..._and_Casiphia|the return]] of Thadston Andrews to the area gave her hope that pursuing Raznel would be a priority. Thinking that her vows might be fulfilled relatively soon, she considered locations to settle in afterward and decided on the elven village near the Vipershroud. She also prepared to pass her responsibilities at the TownCrier to her mother Florania, but backed off after realizing it might raise suspicions and continued to present herself publicly as if all was well.

Nonetheless, Leafi slowly grew detached from most things in the Landing unrelated to Larsya, Raznel, or the Rooks. The [[::Landing_Events_-_5118-04-17_-_Sketch_and_the_Missing_Thrayzar|disappearance]] of Thrayzar hardly registered to her, nor did Malluch Burdos' revelation that a figure called the Alchemist had trained and [[::Landing_Events_-_5118-05-05_-_A_Symbolic_Inspection|"conditioned" him]] with chemical treatments that warped him into the vigilante Rone. Nor, even, did the [[::Landing_Events_-_5118-06-26_-_Praxopius_En_Route_and_a_Future_in_Doubt|appearance of Praxopius Fortney]], a famed alchemist from Estoria who some suspected to be the very same.

Leafiara's myopic focus on Larsya, Raznel, and the Rooks was such that even when [[::Landing_Events_-_5118-06-09_-_Grishom%27s_Offer_and_Breshon%27s_Consideration|Breshon Caulfield asked for opinions]] about an offer from Grishom Stone himself to restore Larsya's youth, she was among the voices arguing in favor of it.

Soon, however, came the worst news that Leafi could have heard: Ta'Vaalor wanted to build an outpost near the very elven village that she'd hoped to settle in after leaving the Landing. Ta'Vaalor, the city in which she'd first tried to begin her adventuring career--the city whose cruel merchants had driven her off within less than a day.

Her enmity toward Ta'Vaalor predated her time in the Landing. Indeed, even if it came down to ending Raznel or pushing back against Ta'Vaalor, then the witch could live another day. Of all things, this could not stand.