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Original Story: Ivastaen 6, 5120

(a letter to the town council...)

In light of the frequent recent attacks, I'm formally requesting that we expedite the rebuilding of the mobile defense towers. Marshal Thadston and Councilwoman Alendrial, I trust you can ensure that the necessary workers get the necessary funding. Thank you.

Mayor Leafi


Leafiara watched as the messenger departed, envelope in hand, then leaned back in her chair and idly twirled her zoetic quill between two fingers. I so wanted to toss in a jab... unlike the two of them, I've yet to ever strike a deal with the Rooks. Shoot, even Bear and Hapenlok have been suggesting deals I could make with Mother, but if I make the first move, I don't think I can ever answer the question: are our philosophies as in sync as they look, or is it all coincidence so far?

A sobering thought suddenly crossed Leafi's mind and she set the quill down. Then again, maybe the cost of getting that answer isn't worth the cost of not using our resources. Mobile towers or no, do we have enough forces to protect the Landing and Lake Eonak without some underground help?

She briefly glanced out the window toward the outpost, then shook her head. No, don't need to give the Imperials any more reason to think we owe them. The half-sylvan let out a long breath. ...I don't think we need to strike deals just yet. The enemies aren't so bad other than the advantage of surprise they've had until now--so it's our own tactics that we've needed to work on. And we're learning quick.

Leafi nodded absently, then picked up the quill again and began writing.


(pamphlets outside of Moot Hall and in Town Square Central...)

Regarding the Recent Invaders:

Reapers - Seemingly immune to magic. Dangerous by the dozens but individually fairly weak. They often go where they can collect the most limbs, namely inside town.

Giants - Exceptionally familiar with Cone of Elements spells and capable of reflecting them. Casting such spells anywhere near them is a death sentence--and not to the giants.

Ogres - Possibly the most experienced of our current enemy's forces. All but the best of the best with a weapon will have trouble against their keen defenses; best left to wielders of magic, but even then a challenging foe.

Titans - Dangerous largely due to their collection of feras weapons. Best disabled quickly, killed quickly, or both.

Griffins - Webs, arrows, and other ranged attacks can bring them out of the sky sooner than they'd like.

Orcs - Capable of creating voids. Spells such as Silence, Corrupt Essence, Interference, and Sounds might be useful, as would a well-aimed Cutthroat strike.

A note on gas clouds - These can be dismissed one at a time with dispelling magic or several at a time cleared away by spells like Breeze and Call Wind.