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Trials of Lumnis will begin Friday, April 15th at 9pm Eastern.

SHOP LISTING Agora Promenade.

Rings of Lumnis Quest Item, Rings of Lumnis News & Teasers, and Rings of Lumnis Primer
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The Rings of Lumnis premiered in April of 2018 as a small scale event that transported players to the Isle of Ornath where the first Trials of Lumnis would take place in the Needle of Pentas, a spire dedicated to the arkati Lumnis and maintained by the Order of Lumnasi Viragos. Players purchased entry from the SimuCoin Store and are transported to one of five Rings on the Moon of Liabo to complete a trial. Each ring represents one of the five tenants of Lumnis (elemental, chaos, order, spiritual, planar), with each run awarding one point towards the Quest Item.

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Run Dates

Date Offerings Shop Listings Rare Trials Prize Saved posts
April 14 - 30, 2023 Trials of Lumnis Shop List NA Saved posts
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Date Offerings Shop Listings Rare Finds at the Trials of Lumnis Saved posts
April 15–30, 2022 Trials of Lumnis Shop List Lunar Halo
Servants of Lumnis
Saved posts
April 16–30, 2021 Trials of Lumnis NA Lunar Halo
April 17–30, 2020 Trials of Lumnis NA NA NA
April 19–30, 2019 Trials of Lumnis NA NA NA
April 20–29, 2018 Trials of Lumnis NA NA NA

Release Announcement

The Rings of Lumnis

Journey to the historic Isle of Ornath and take in the scenic view from the Needle of Pentas. Adventurers can begin their quest by exploring the beautiful gardens of the Needle before diving into the trials! Face thought-provoking puzzles and answer compelling trivia to earn Lumnis' commendation.

Each of the five Rings of Lumnis offers unique challenges for you to solve, and rewards from each will be tracked on a powerful relic that you'll receive upon entry to The Needle. As you complete more trials, your relic will grow more powerful.

The Rings of Lumnis Rewards:

Planar -- Larger experience capacity
Spiritual -- Instant absorption
Elemental -- Adventurers’ Guild task performance boosts
Chaos -- Randomly selects one of the other bonuses with a twist
Order -- Extra bounty point rewards

In order to participate in the trials, be sure to obtain a scholar's card in the SimuCoin Store. With the card in hand and the relic worn, you’ll be able to travel to Liabo to face the Rings of Lumnis.

Brush up on your Elanthian knowledge for an out of this world adventure.

Successful completion of any puzzle will also result in either lightening notes (common) or deepening notes (uncommon). Successful completion will also award you an increment to your brooch, matching the specific trial you just completed.

Have you accrued enough insight in preparation for this task? Or will you leave your fate up to luck as you guess your way through question after question?

Most Recent Teasers

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Areas to Play



  • Silvers


  • Agora Promenade - Built along the cliffs beyond the Needle of Pentas, the Agora Promenade offers wares to visitors and a plethora of places for socializing. This promenade faces the ocean on three sides and the sheer cliff that stretches towards the Needle on the fourth.

Quest Reward

Additional Information


Entry to Trials of Lumnis can be gained by purchasing a voucher or booklet of vouchers from the Simucoin store.

Item Simucoin Cost Description Object
Trials of Lumnis Entries (250 uses) 23,750 250 entries for the Trials of Lumnis a brilliant scholar's card:
Trials of Lumnis Entries (100 uses) 9,500 100 entries for the Trials of Lumnis an incandescent scholar's card
Trials of Lumnis Entries (50 uses) 4,750 50 entries for the Trials of Lumnis a radiant scholar's card
Trials of Lumnis Entries (25 uses) 2,375 25 entries for the Trials of Lumnis a luminous scholar's card
Trials of Lumnis Entries (10 uses) 950 10 entries for the Trials of Lumnis a glowing scholar's card
Trials of Lumnis Entries (1 uses) 95 1 entry for the Trials of Lumnis a dimly lit scholar's card

Portal or Travel Info

Travel to the Isle of Ornath for the Trials of Lumnis at the Needle of Pentas can be achieved by using QUEST TRANSPORT RINGS or by utilizing the wagons at the locations listed below:

Town Transport Departs From:
Wehnimer's Landing Town Square, Southeast
Icemule Trace South Barbican, Gate
Ta'Illistim Ta'Illistim, City Gate
Ta'Vaalor Entrance to Ravelin
Teras Isle Copper Avenue, West Docks
River's Rest River's Rest, Underbridge

Quest Info

A quick summary of the event can be pulled up by typing QUEST HELP RINGS.

Notable NPCs


To view verbs relating to Rings of Lumnis and their use, click here.


Be sure to use the modifier RINGS.

>quest transport
 Transports you to the designated event or quest.
 Please note that you may need to purchase entry and the event or must be running.

    Sample Usage: Quest Transport summit

  SUMMIT - Summit Academy Entrance
  DUSKRUIN - Bloodriven Village Entrance
  DELIRIUM - Delirium Manor Entrance
  EBON - Ebon Gate Entrance
  RINGS - Rings of Lumnis Entrance

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