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Wednesday nights are Guild Nights

The Rogue Guild is the rogues' profession guild which allows them to train in a variety of skills.


Rogues receive an invitation to join the guild when they reach the 15th level. A rogue of level 15 or greater may also be invited to join the guild by a player guildmaster. The initiation fee is 15,000 silvers and monthly dues are 5,000 silvers. One can pay up to three months in advance. A rogue who falls more than three months behind on his dues risks expulsion from the guild.

An invite will be sent and look like

A young lad dashes in, hands you a message and dashes off.

You break open the message and read the following:

~Private Invitation for <character>

You are cordially invited to be a charter member
of the Elanthia Rogue Guild~
Head to the nearest chapter.  The very first thing you should do is lean close to the door...then you will be required to perform a certain number of actions on the door, so the guild knows that you're legitimate and not some deviant.
Your passcode is to: pull, pull, slap, rub, rub, push, turn. Then open the door, and go on in!  Make sure you perform these actions to the door in the proper sequence, and don't forget to lean against the door first!

     Signed, Elanthia Guild Council


This is a basic list of the skills that may be learned in the rogue guild:


To become a Guildmaster one needs a total of 125 ranks in guild skills, as well as mastery in one of those skills (63 ranks to master a skill). One then must be nominated by 2 Guildmasters or other rogues that are eligible for nomination. The mechanic for doing so is GLD NOMINATE [CHARACTER NAME]. Once nominated by two Guildmasters or other eligible rogues, the nominee brings themselves and the nominators to the NPC Guild Master and ASKS them ABOUT GUILDMASTER.

Guildmasters need not pay any dues, however they do need to drop by the guild once a month - if they don't they'll receive a warning after a month, followed by loss of status after three. Also, Guildmasters may collect dues from other members of the guild, promote others, and nominate candidates for Guildmaster status.

In addition, any rogue that trains with a Guildmaster will receive double credit for each repetition completed. For example: If a rogue has 16 repetitions of "sweep a partner" and practices with a Guildmaster, the rogue would only have to complete 8 repetitions (this number is always rounded up on odd number of repetitions) in order to get credit for all 16.




Rogues tend to be a bit tight-lipped about exactly where their various guilds are located, but gathered information does suggest that there are guilds in the following places:

There is no Rogue Guild in Cysaegir.

Important Note: The locations of the Rogue Guilds may be considered an in-game secret, and as such, lack of discretion in game or on official forums may have undesirable results, up to and including death and dismemberment. Please use this information intelligently.