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Standard Abbreviations for Locations Across Elanthia
Caligos Isle to River's Rest
CI Caligos Isle
CYS Cysaegir
EH Evermore Hollow
FWI Four Winds Isle
HW Hinterwilds
IMT Icemule Trace
KD Kharam Dzu
KF Kraken's Fall
MH Mist Harbor
PF Pinefar
Rift The Rift
Solhaven to Zul Logoth
RR River's Rest
SH Solhaven
SoS Sanctum of Scales
SY Sylvarraend
TER Teras Isle
TI Ta'Illistim
TV Ta'Vaalor
TW Troubled Waters
WL Wehnimer's Landing
ZL Zul Logoth
Unk Unknown