The Art of Accessorizing (log)

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Vincien cheerfully exclaims, "Morning all!" 
Vincien says, "Lovely to see you all looking bright and cheery this fine morning." 
Vincien walks to stand behind an arboreal linden wood lectern. 
Vincien says, "I should forewarn you that this lecture is likely to be quite long so I recommend that you help yourselves to some coffee and cake and take a seat." 
Razanetika softly says, "I have two." 
Melangell squeakily says, "I'm trying to watch my figure." 
Daevian says, "I do love the responsible decisions of having buttercream cake for breakfast." 
Vincien laughs! 
Daevian says, "I will not at all be a nightmare in an hour or so.." 
Akenna asks, "Responsible... or fun?" 
Akenna takes a bite of her rose and violet cake. 
Vincien says, "Let's get started, shall we." 
Vincien flashes a wide grin. 
Vincien says, "As I said, you're all free to get more tea and coffee during my talk." 
Ysaeril nods appreciatively at Vincien. 
Vincien says, "And you are welcome to take notes but can I please ask that you try and hold all questions until the end as we have a lot to cover this morning." 
Vincien says, "First, can I ask you all to gather close and JOIN me." 
Vincien exclaims, "No skulking and dozing at the back!" 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "As this is effectively an IC lecture, I'll be avoiding OOC references but will try to emphasize useful terms or verbs by using capital letters and, when I refer to any other sources, I'll whisper the links to the group."

Vincien leans against an arboreal linden wood lectern. 
Vincien begins, "Accessories are like the exclamation point of an outfit." 
Vincien nods once. 
Vincien says, "In the broadest sense they include everything except the outfit itself and are important for a number of reasons." 
Vincien says, "Accessorizing is a great way to achieve the  LOOK you want, whether that is sophisticated, prosperous, artistic, down-at-heel, and so on." 
Vincien jokes, "Although, why anyone would want to look down-at-heel is beyond me!" 
Vincien chuckles to himself. 
Vincien says, "It's also an easy way to change the appearance of an outfit - from casual to formal and vice versa - simply by changing out the accessories you wear." 
Vincien exclaims, "Replace that helm with a hat and ... instant suavity!" 
Orthir gives a quick nod and tips his hat. 
Daevian smirks at Orthir. 
You giggle at Orthir. 
Orthir preens. 
Akenna surreptitiously glances at Orthir. 
Daevian rolls his eyes. 
Vincien nods approvingly at Orthir. 
Vincien says, "Suave, right there." 
Vincien points at Orthir. 
Vincien says, "Accessories can bring an older outfit up-to-date and enable you to follow fashion trends without spending a lot of silvers." 
Razanetika agrees with Vincien. 
Orthir grins slowly. 
Vincien says, "When putting a new outfit together it's a good idea to get into the habit of thinking about what accessories you will wear with it to create or complete the LOOK you're after." 
Vincien says, "When choosing accessories, the two most important things to remember are to harmonize and to utilize." 
Vincien stresses, "Harmonize and utilise." 
Vincien says, "To harmonize, make sure that there is a common theme between the accessory and the outfit." 
Vincien says, "This could be the color - either by picking out similar hues or choosing some other color element to echo: cool or warm; muted or shiny, light, medium or dark." 
Vincien says, "It is also a good idea to harmonize accessories with each other in the same outfit, but take care to have some contrast in your look." 
Vincien says, "If you are wearing a pale gossamer dress, for example, choose light-colored elegant, strappy sandals rather than dark-colored, heavy looking shoes." 
Vincien says, "Complete sameness can be boring though so add in something edgy as a focal point, like a shiny metallic case." 
Vincien says, "Focal points are things that attract attention such as a bright color or striking design." 
The black mouse squeaks. 
Vincien nods once. 
Vincien amusedly says, "Even the mouse agrees." 
Orthir nods approvingly to the black mouse. 
Vincien says, "A polished appearance is achieved through balance so don't go overboard with your accessories and focal points." 
Vincien says, "Too many can be overwhelming.  Too few can result in an uninteresting look." 
A tiny black mouse says, "Yes - not enough contrast in most outfits." 
Vincien holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture. 
Daevian nods at Vincien. 
Vincien says, "As a rule of thumb, three focal points should be the maximum." 
(Vincien holds up three fingers.) 
Vincien says, "Accessories can make an outfit extraordinary." 
Vincien exclaims, "And we all want to be extraordinary!" 
Vincien says, "Remember the theme of this year's  FashionCon: the classic elements ..." 
Vincien reminds, "The classical elements of fire, earth, air and water." 
Vincien says, "Take a powder blue silk dress - very on trend at the moment - and add a feathered shrug with a pair of wing-vamped heels - you've taken your look from non-descript to airy chic." 
(Vincien wafts his hand in the air.) 
Vincien says, "Switch out the shrug and heels for a few strings of pearls and a pair of sea-foam green thonged sandals, and you're the epitome of water goddess." 
Vincien says, "Take a plain white shirt and add a raw umber linen cravat with an alabaster marble pin; you've embraced nature and its natural earthen tones." 
Vincien nods firmly. 
Vincien says, "Switch out that cravat and pin for a crimson satin bow tie and a pair of sardonyx cufflinks for a nod towards fiery fashion." 
Vincien leans against an arboreal linden wood lectern. 
Vincien says, "Learning about the basics of accessorizing will help you make the most of them and utility is just as important as harmony." 
Vincien says, "It also helps to select accessories that have versatility and functionality." 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, " INSPECT and  ANALYZE are your friends.  They will often tell you all about the properties of your item."

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "Where is it worn? Does it morph into something else?  Are there any fun scripts?  See Script.  Can it be unlocked for more options?"

Vincien says, "Let's quickly run through some popular accessories by using the eyes-down approach." 
Vincien exclaims, "What is the eyes-down approach, I hear you ask!" 
Vincien raises an eyebrow. 
Vincien says, "When someone is LOOKing at you, their eyes should be drawn from your head to your toes for best effect." 
Orthir glances appreciatively at Vincien. 
Orthir glances up. 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, " SORT AUTO HEADTOTOE will make sure your items appear in a fairly logical order."

Orthir glances down. 
Orthir nods approvingly. 
Vincien flashes a wide grin. 
Vincien says, "Headworn accessories comes in myriad options, some of which can be customized to a large extent." 
Vincien says, "Bandanas, snoods, and cauls can be worn to great effect, giving your features a semi-formal or casual look, as well as ribbons, scarves, and caps." 
Vincien says, "Alternatively, you can opt for a more glamorous look with hats, fascinators, circlets, and other ornaments, such as hairsticks, ferroniere, beads and combs." 
Vincien says, "Some of the most well-known designers of headworn accessories include Vahmyr, Cidolfhus, Ezza, and Veola." 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "A lot of the more recently created headworn items can be worn in the character features rather than in your general inventory."

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "For more information on inventory and features see  INVENTORY and Character features."

Vincien says, "Veola creations are particularly noteworthy and, given the intricacy of the design, I will be covering them in more depth in another lecture." 
Vincien exclaims, "Later today in fact!" 
Vincien notes, "I'm especially fond of the ferroniere and you can read more about its origins and variations in a widely available book called, "A Detailed History of Jewelry and Lapidary: How Cultural and Philosophical Mores Influenced Our Adornments"." 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "For more information of the cultural variations of forehead worn gems see Ferroniere."

Vincien says, "For those who prefer a simpler adornment, there is also the option of flowers or feathers that can be worn in the hair of simply tucked behind the ear." 
Vincien says, "Any outfit can be transformed by the addition of something dapper or chic around the neck." 
Vincien says, "Consider wearing a cravat, scarf, or bowtie, especially one designed by the illustrious Ianthra Nishaye Nalfein, a former apprentice of the Lady Yfane, the famed dress maker." 
Vincien says, "These can be further accented by a pin, clip, or brooch of some kind." 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "All of Ianthra's off-the-shelf neckworn items can be accented with pins but when unlocked, they become interchangeable.  See Cravats for more details."

Vincien says, "Moving on down, gloves mean so much more than simply protection against the elements.  They are continually at the forefront of fashion and etiquette." 
Vincien says, "I could deliver a lecture in its own right about the history and etiquette of gloves but suffice to say that they add style to any outfit." 
Vincien says, "The Tinker Bazzelwyn is specifically known for his magical flare with gloves and gauntlets."

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "Commonly known as spellcasting gloves, Bazzelwyn's scripted and magical gloves and gauntlets were sold at Ebon Gate a few years ago."

Orthir pushes his ebon leather gloves down more closely over his fingers. 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "Other casting gloves that do not require the addition of wands are available.  See Wavedancer gloves for more information.  They are especially fun for those attuned to the elements."

Vincien says, "No lecture on accessories would be complete without a mention of footwear." 
Vincien glances at his jet black shoes. 
Vincien says, "Again, I could speak at length about the art of cobbling but unfortunately my time is running short and we still have a few more accessories to cover." 
Vincien exclaims, "Besides, I hear we have an expert in the audience with us today!" 
Vincien winks at Akenna. 
Akenna hums happily to herself. 
Vincien says, "So perhaps grab her later if you would like to know more." 
Akenna blushes a delicate shade of pale pink. 
Vincien says, "Well ... don't grab her. Ask her nicely." 
Akenna agrees, "Please." 
Vincien chuckles. 
Vincien says, "One particular line worth mentioning though, is Lofty Aspirations.  This superior brand of tall shoes is aided by the use of sticks or canes." 
Vincien says, "The addition of a cane in the hand, regardless of the line of footwear, is always to be admired and, similarly, no lady should be seen without a parasol or fan at society events, especially during the summer months." 
Vincien says, "The most sought after fans are those popular in higher social circles, especially amongst the Nalfein Elves." 
Vincien says, "These are often referred to as Vanne fans, or dagger fans for obvious reasons." 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "Vanne fans are heavily scripted items that have a slot to hold daggers and can be worn on the wrist when not used.  See Vanne fan."

Vincien says, "Finally, I should mention spectacles, monocles, and timepieces for that final touch of elegance." 
Vincien removes an alum-banded dark ivory pocket watch from in his grey bourde coat. 
Vincien glances at an alum-banded dark ivory pocket watch in his hand. 
Vincien put an alum-banded dark ivory pocket watch in his grey bourde coat. 
Vincien nods approvingly. 
Vincien exclaims, "Fancy looking studious for a change?  Slip on a pair of spectacles or tuck a timepiece into your pocket.  No one will ever know any different!"

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "There are a number of scripted spectacles available which vary slightly in their functionality and can add a lot of depth to your character's persona.  See Spectacles, Fancy4eyes, and Superspecs."

Vincien says, "And last, but by no means least, there are cosmetics, fragrances, and tattoos." 
Vincien says, "All of these are a matter of personal taste so are not something I will discuss in depth today." 
Vincien says, "Many boutiques in Elanthia now stock the basics of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.  Perfume and cologne are also available in select establishments." 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "The Crystal Lotus has a good selection of both, and Dragonfly Inks have a small selection of tattoos all year round.  Both are on Mist Harbor."

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "For more information see Cosmetics and Perfume.  See Stock tattoo for details on tattooing."

Vincien says, "Festivals are a good opportunity to try the more specialized items such as lip gloss, nail polish, and some of the more sophisticated fragrances." 
Vincien brightly says, "So ... having overwhelmed you all with information, allow me to sum up and leave you with some final do and don'ts." 
Vincien says, "First ... wear a few well-chosen accessories at a time." 
Vincien says, "Some make the mistake of piling on all the accessories they own at once.  Wearing a full get-up can overwhelm your look." 
Vincien shakes his head, clucking his tongue. 
Vincien says, "Choose a few accessories that accent your outfit or highlight the feature you want to play up." 
Vincien says, "When it comes to accessories, less is usually more." 
Vincien says, "Pair bold accessories with understated clothes.  Neutral clothing can be completely transformed when you add a few bold accessories." 
Vincien exclaims, "Avoid being too "matchy"!" 
Vincien says, "Whilst it might be tempting to play off the blue dots in your gown with matching blue sapphire earrings, a blue sapphire necklace, and blue shoes, it can appear ... overdone." 
A tiny black mouse says, "Exactly." 
You wrinkle your nose. 
Daevian glances at a tiny black mouse. 
Vincien grins. 
Speaking to a tiny black mouse, Daevian asks, "Very opinionated, are we?" 
Vincien says, "A very knowledgeable rodent." 
Vincien nods. 
Vincien says, "The monochrome look can however be carried off with a certain amount of panache, if done deliberately and with care." 
Vincien says, "Throw some unexpected, yet surprisingly perfect accessories into the mix to show off your creativity and add interest to the outfit." 
(Vincien waves his hand dramatically in the air.) 
Vincien says, "Wear items that play up a color in your outfit.  Bring out of one of the understated colors." 
Vincien says, "If you're wearing a gown with a small flower pattern, try wearing shoes or a hat that match the green of the flower's leaves." 
Vincien says, "You can also use accessories to tie together two seemingly mismatched clothing items." 
Vincien suggests, "Pick an accessory that shares colors with both of the garments, like a cravat that picks up the purple in your shirt and blue in your boots." 
Vincien says, "Balance the size of your pieces.  If you're wearing a pair of dangling earrings with lots of detailing, don't pair them with another oversized statement accessory such as an ostentatious hat." 
Speaking to Orthir, Vincien jokes, "At least you're not wearing dangling earrings with your suave hat." 
Orthir begins chortling at Vincien. 
You glance appraisingly at Orthir. 
Speaking in Elven, Orthir says, "I do try, sometimes." 
Orthir gives a quick nod and tips his hat. 
Vincien laughs! 
Orthir winks at Vincien. 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "A good tip is to balance out your LONG description items in your inventory with those that have SHOWs - alternate them for best effect.  People also tend to lose interest if your LOOK becomes a wall of text."

Speaking to Orthir, Vincien acknowledges, "Well played, sir." 
Melangell agrees with Vincien. 
Orthir flashes a quick grin. 
Vincien says, "Let one item be the star of your look.  If you're excited to show off that hat, don't wear a bold belt and outrageous shoes at the same time." 
Vincien says, "Choose accessories that enhance your features, especially of the more unique variety." 
Vincien says, "Wear a scarf that matches your eyes to highlight them.  Place a flower in your hair to draw attention to your new hair color.  Add an earcuff to those perfectly pointed ears." 
Vincien glances around the room, running a finger up and over the point of his ear, purposely trying to draw attention to it. 
Vincien says, "And for the ladies ... don't forget bold make up for a statement." 
Vincien hastily adds, "Or gentlemen too, for that matter." 
Daevian agrees with Vincien. 
Melangell tilts her head toward Vincien, examining him intently as the tip of one ear twitches briefly. 
You nod approvingly at Vincien. 
Orthir nods in agreement. 
Speaking in Elven, Orthir thoughtfully says, "It has been some time since I have worn eyeliner." 
Daevian says, "I was about to say, I do love me a man with some accents about his eyes." 
Vincien says, "If you're wearing a stunning red nail polish, or you've lined your eyes in kohl black, you probably don't need too many accessories to complete your look." 
Vincien grins at Orthir. 
Vincien exclaims, "It's a statement!" 
Vincien says, "Let the makeup itself be the accessory." 
Vincien says, "The same goes for tattoos.  Be careful of overdoing it." 
Vincien says, "But then ... a nicely tattooed body can be  ...." 
Daevian smirks. 
Vincien looks very far away for a moment, a wistful expression on his face. 
Vincien says, "Yes well, enough of that." 
Vincien clears his throat. 
Daevian laughs! 
You giggle at Vincien. 
Melangell squeakily says, "Not sure what you are gonna do a bout it if you DO overdo it." 
Vincien grins at Melangell. 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "Nail polish, for example, will be added to you  unique feature field.  Tattoos are added separately and can add quite a lot of additional text to your LOOK."

Vincien says, "Adapt your accessories to your signature style.  There are no end of options and it can be tricky to narrow them down." 
Speaking to Melangell, Daevian says, "There's always dismemberment." 
Orthir begins chortling at Daevian. 
Vincien chuckles. 
Vincien exclaims, "A little drastic perhaps!" 
Vincien says, "If you're only just starting your collection, begin by choosing a few pieces that match your current style and have an element of versatility." 
Vincien exclaims, "Find inspiration!" 
Vincien says, "Perhaps those of you who were at yesterday's lecture on Nature have found yours." 
Vincien says, "When deciding which accessories to buy, pay attention to signs at festivals, ask the merchants working on them how they are styled, and seek out people around you with similar taste." 
Vincien exclaims, "Don't forget to check out local traders!" 
Vincien says, "Most towns have a number of outlets and boutiques, including a pawnshop for those invaluable second-hand bargains." 

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "See  Boutique Shops for a full list of shops and their inventories.  It is also possible to search for items in Player-owned shops."

(OOC) Vincien's player whispers to the group, "It is now possible to send an urchin to pick up something from any playershop in the lands.  Urchin Runners can be gained by using your login rewards.  Type  BOOST INFO to see if you have any available."

Vincien says, "Spend big on classic items that will work with the majority of your wardrobe." 
(Vincien raps on the linden wood lectern for emphasis.) 
Vincien repeats, "Big!" 
Vincien says, "If you're absolutely certain that you'll wear an accessory a lot, buying something of a higher quality could be a good investment - invest in a Veola creation instead of a barrette from the gemshop backroom." 
Vincien says, "Consider accessories outside the obvious." 
Vincien says, "Anything you wear on your body can be used as an accessory.  A parasol can be used to accessorize an outfit." 
Vincien continues, "So could a tattoo, a feather boa, pins, veils, keychains and pouches hanging from your belt   even candy necklaces.  Be creative!" 
Vincien concludes, "Use accessories to create a new look and most importantly -- have fun with it!" 
Vincien nods firmly. 
Vincien takes a few steps back. 
Vincien grins. 
Vincien says, "Thank you for your attention."