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Storyline Beyond the Arkati
All the Lich King's Men
Cross Into Shadows
Eyes of the Dawn
Gender Male
Race Giantman
Status Dead
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Relationship(s) Thrayzar
Alias/Title Wrathbringer
Affiliation(s) Leader of the Brotherhood of Rooks
Commander ofThe Blameless


You see Drangell.
He appears to be a Giantman.
He is average height and appears to be in the prime of life.  He has brooding dark amber eyes and tanned skin.  He has short, thick dark russet hair interspersed with strands of grey.  He has a fleshy face and a large nose.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a huge black-bladed axe in his right hand and a spiked black rolaren greatshield in his left hand.
He is wearing a heavy black orc hide greatcloak, a pair of faded black trousers, a thick steel-buckled belt, a suit of spiked mithril armor, some heavy black plate armor, a stained black cloth pack, and a pair of spike-toed boots.


Once a giantman mercenary who secretly worked for the Turamzzyrian Empire, he was sent alongside Thrayzar to assassinate a witch. In the final moments of her life, the witch cursed him and he transformed into the form of a troll.

Enraged by his betrayal from the Empire, which had supposedly sent him on a suicide mission, Drangell embraced the monster he had become and used his new powers of superior strength and near immortality to gather an army of trolls under his command. It took an army of dwarves to finally subdue him and imprison him in a fiery prison deep below the ruins of an old keep.

In Ivastaen 5111, Grishom's minions located Drangell and released him, thus allowing him to besiege Wehnimer's Landing with his troll army. Drangell was eventually defeated by adventurers after his troll-form curse was broken by the Tehir Spiritcaller named Akhash. Back in giantman form, he was locked away in the magically-warded prison in Wehnimer's Landing in Lumnea 5111.

Almost two years later, Drangell was financed by a mysterious benefactor to form a new underground organization called the Brotherhood of Rooks. In Lormesta 5113, the Lich King Barnom Slim broke Drangell out of prison and struck an alliance between his undead minions and Drangell's Rooks. Drangell was recaptured on Fashanos 23, 5113. In the end, Drangell turned on Barnom, providing the adventurers with pertinent information to bring about his demise, in exchange for a full pardon of his past crimes against the town from Mayor Walkar.

After Barnom Slim was killed, Drangell and his right hand man, Jankus the gnome, were pardoned and freed. Rumors insisted the Brotherhood of Rooks still operated within the shadows of Wehnimer's Landing, but it was anyone’s guess if Drangell still secretly lead them or not.

It was later revealed that Drangell was in fact the leader of the Rooks. He caused additional trouble before setting off a series of explosions in the pathways under the city and was buried under rocks. Due to the everblood curse it was not believed he was killed and rumors surfaced he was seen later that evening.

Drangell eventually resurfaced, trying to reclaim leadership of the Brotherhood of Rooks, who in the interim had been following Alendrial DeArchon and Rysus. There existed for a brief time a civil war among the Brotherhood of Rooks, with Wehnimer's Landing being caught in the middle. Drangell even recruited some Grimswarm to follow him and be added into the mix.

In Lumnea 5115, Sir Thadston Andrews, Thrayzar, some local adventurers, and even some of the Rooks worked together to lure Drangell into a trap, where they were able to lock him away in a magical bane coffin that will keep him sealed until the Hall of Mages can discover a way to finally end his life and defeat the everblood in his veins. In the aftermath of the civil war of Rooks, Alendrial was apprehended by imperial forces and Rysus took over the Brotherhood.

In Koaratos 5115, Lord Brieson attempted some research on Drangell while in the coffin, but it was deemed unsafe. He was then transferred by Sir Thadston's command to a safe location in Talador. There, Drangell remained sealed away in the magical coffin, a small gesture Sir Thadston said he did to try to bring some closure to the people of Talador for Drangell's role in the murder of Cosima, a beautiful woman who many call "The Jewel of Talador."

In 5116, Drangell was seen in the service of Chaston Griffin, having been released from his bondage and enlisted as one of The Blameless. Chaston often visited Drangell and converted him. Drangell then shared his everblood with the Blameless and became the Commander of the Blameless, earning the title Wrathbringer. Also as part of his service, he murdered an Imperial Drake, Lady Noralia, on Phoenatos 28, 5116. Drangell and the Blameless attacked Wehnimer's Landing on Jastatos 3, 5116. By Eoantos 5116, he was seen heading back to Talador and he was attacked by adventurers and killed on Eoantos 7, 5116.