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The Multiplier Modifier (MM) is a numerical value that serves as a multiplier of the unarmed attack factor (UAF) / unarmed defense factor (UDF) ratio in the unarmed combat system (UCS) damage formula.

The primary factors that determine the MM value are the attacker's stance and the defender's evade, block and parry ability. This value scales up as the attacker moves from defensive to offensive stance. The MM value has a significant random component, possibly determined by the defender's statistics and condition.

Stance and MM

Success with unarmed combat is heavily dependent on the attacker's stance and its impact on the multiplier modifier. The table below lists the unmodified MM values by stance. Actual MM values in combat situations will vary, sometimes substantially, from those listed below due to one or more MM modifiers.

Stance MM Value
OFF 100
ADV 80
FOR 60
NEU 40
GUA 20

Unarmed Combat System Formula

((UAF ÷ UDF) × (MM)) + d100 = endroll

A successful attack will occur when the endroll is greater than 100.

1. The UAF/UDF ratio is capped at 2.000
2. Truncate (UAF/UDF * MM)


UAF: 418 vs UDF: 246 = 1.699 * MM: 89 + d100: 20 = 171
... and hit for 54 points of damage!
Powerful roundhouse kick catches the triton combatant under the right
armpit and continues through!
The combatant's silvery blue trident falls to the ground.
The triton combatant no longer favors its leg.

Held Item Penalties

All HELD items penalize an attacker's effectiveness with unarmed combat (Jab, Punch, Grapple and Kick) attacks. The base penalty for each held item is -15 MM (-30 MM with an item in each hand). Worn items, including UCS suitable hand and footwear do not penalize UCS attacks. The MM penalties for holding weapons, shields, and compatible UCS brawling weapons can deviate from the base penalty. See the appropriate table on this page for these penalties.

UCS Compatible Brawling Weapons

Each of the approved-for-use brawling weapons that function with Jab, Punch and Grapple attacks have innate Damage Factor (DF) bonuses and Multiplier Modifier (MM) penalties. These special properties only activate with the Jab, Punch and Grapple commands. Kick attacks are unaffected by these held weapons.

Weapon DF Bonus (Single) DF Bonus (Dual) MM Penalty (Single) MM Penalty (Dual)
Cestus .025 .050 -5 -10
Paingrip .025 .050 -5 -10
Razorpaw .025 .050 -5 -10
Knuckle-blade .050 .100 -10 -20
Knuckle-duster .050 .100 -10 -20
Yierka-spur .075 .150 -15 -30
Tiger-claw .075 .150 -15 -30
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Weapon Penalties

All held weapons penalize the multiplier modifier. Training in the appropriate weapon skill can reduce but not eliminate this penalty.


  • Bows are not affected by handedness (use the Right Hand Only MM penalties listed in the table for bow in either hand).
  • Runestaves require magic skill ranks in lieu of weapon ranks to reduce the MM penalty. Eight magic ranks per level is the equivalent of 2x weapon traing and will lower the MM penalty to its -15 minimum.
Weapon MM Penalty
0x train
MM Penalty
1x train
MM Penalty
2x train
Right Hand Only -30 -22 -15
Left Hand Only -30 -26 -22
Both Hands -60 -48 -37
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Shield Penalties

MM shield penalties are affected by both the level of training and the shield size. This table gives the penalty for holding a shield with 0 ranks, 1x and 2x ranks per level in the shield use skill. Ranks greater than 2x per level will not further reduce these penalties.

Training in the Shield Specialization, Shielded Brawler, will reduce these penalties by 2 points per rank with a maximum MM penalty reduction of 10 points at rank 5.

Note 1: Shielded Brawler has a prerequisite of 3 ranks in the Shield Focus specialization.
Note 2: Because shield specialization point costs per rank are cumulative, there are minimum level restrictions applicable to each shielded brawler rank: R1/L18; R2/L18; R3/L24; R4/L36; R5/L50.

Shield Size MM Penalty
0x train
MM Penalty
1x train
MM Penalty
2x train
Small -30 -22 -15
Medium -32 -24 -17
Large -34 -26 -19
Tower -36 -28 -19
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Armor Penalties

The MM armor penalty is 1/4th the armor Action Penalty (round down). This penalty is not affected by stance, nor is it increased if wearer is not fully trained for that armor. Overtraining Armor Use does reduce the MM penalty as the action penalty is reduced.

AsG Name MM
7 Reinforced leather -1
8 Double leather -1
9 Leather breastplate -1
10 Cuirbouilli leather -2
11 Studded leather -2
12 Brigandine armor -3
13 Chain mail -3
14 Double chain -3
15 Augmented chain -4
16 Chain hauberk -4
17 Metal breastplate -5
18 Augmented breastplate -6
19 Half plate -7
20 Full plate -8
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Room Lighting Effects

Room lighting, other than normal, will increase/decrease the multiplier modifier. Rogue guild members can utilize the LM SENSE command to determine current room conditions. Spells Spirit Fog (106) and Light (205) can temporarily change room conditions. Lighting does not affect the unarmed defense factor.

Room Condition MM Bonus MM Penalty
Normal 0 0
Bright +5 0
Dark 0 -5
Foggy 0 -5
Dark and Foggy 0 -10
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