Song of Tonis (1035)

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Song of Tonis (1035)
Mnemonic [TONISSONG]
Base Duration 60 seconds
Added Duration Special
Span Refreshable
Defensive Magic  
Subtype Skill enhancement 
Enhancement +20 Dodge ranks
-1 second Haste effect 
Availability Group 
Bard Base Spells
Holding Song (1001) Attack
Vibration Chant (1002) Attack
Fortitude Song (1003) Defensive
Purification Song (1004) Utility
Lullabye (1005) Attack
Song of Luck (1006) Utility
Kai's Triumph Song (1007) Offensive
Stunning Shout (1008) Attack
Sonic Shield Song (1009) Utility
Song of Valor (1010) Defensive
Song of Peace (1011) Utility
Sonic Weapon Song (1012) Utility
Song of Unravelling (1013) Attack
Sonic Armor (1014) Utility
Song of Depression (1015) Attack
Song of Rage (1016) Attack
Song of Noise (1017) Utility
Song of Power (1018) Utility
Song of Mirrors (1019) Defensive
Traveler's Song (1020) Utility
Singing Sword Song (1025) Utility
Song of Sonic Disruption (1030) Attack
Song of Tonis (1035) Defensive
Troubadour's Rally (1040) Utility

While singing this song, a Bard magically imparts all members of his or her party with additional speed, making all of their actions a bit quicker, and giving them an increased chance to dodge incoming attacks. Specifically, Song of Tonis increases the defensive equivalent of the group's Dodging skill by +20 ranks as well as adding a -1 second haste effect.

Elemental Lore, Air

Training in Elemental Lore, Air adds a bonus to the base values for both dodge and haste at certain thresholds.

Haste Bonus

The haste effect increases from -1 second (base) to -2 seconds with 30 ranks and -3 seconds with 75 ranks EL, Air.

Dodge Bonus

Dodge ranks increase from +20 (base) to +21 with 1 EL, Air rank to a maximum of +40 dodge ranks with 96 air lore ranks.

Dodge ranks increase at the following Elemental Lore, Air thresholds:

Elemental Lore, Air ranks 1 2 3 5 8 10 14 17 21 26
Added ranks of Dodging 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Elemental Lore, Air ranks 31 36 42 49 55 63 70 78 87 96
Added ranks of Dodging 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Mental Lore, Telepathy

The 60 second base duration of Song of Tonis can be increased by training in Mental Lore, Telepathy.

Duration Bonus

The bonus is +1 second per rank for the first 20 ranks of ML, Telepathy. Every 2 lore ranks thereafter will increase the spellsong's duration +1 second. The maximum duration (base + lore bonus) with 100 ranks of ML, Telepathy is 120 seconds.


Spell starting:

Kout changes his tune, adding a new element to his song...
Kout skillfully begins to weave another verse into his harmony.
As Kout sings, a squall of wind briefly swirls around you. You feel yourself moving more smoothly and quickly than before!

Spell Fading:

Kout seems to slow down and become a bit less nimble.
You hear a laugh and a clink of coins, and become a bit less nimble.
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