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*[[Spiritual Lore]]
*[[Spiritual Lore]]
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Spiritual magic is the sphere of magic which harnesses the power of the Arkati, and other lesser spirits. Spiritual magic wielders shape the inherent power of various deities to perform their magic, typically without direct influence from the higher force. Spiritual magic is the most prolific type; practied by 5/8 of the magical professions. Weapons imbued with certain spiritual magic can have especially devastating effects on the undead.

The following professions have access to spiritual magic:

  • Clerics are the only pure profession concerned exclusively with spiritual magic. Their Cleric Base spell circle is spiritual in nature, and can even enable them to commune directly with the Arkati. They also have access to both the Major and Minor Spiritual spell circles.
  • Paladins are also exclusively spiritual magic users, though they are semis. Their Paladin Base draws heavily on their spiritual connectivity, and they also have access to the Minor Spiritual spell circle.
  • Rangers are another semi profession with exclusively spiritual magic. Their Ranger Base spell circle is spiritually powered, and they also have access to the Minor Spiritual circle.
  • Empaths, though spiritual/mental hybrids, possess access to both Major, and Minor Spiritual spell circles.
  • Sorcerers are also hybrid users of spiritual magic. Their Sorcerer Base circle is a hybrid of elemental, and spiritual magic. They also have access to the Minor Spiritual spell circle.
  • Monks, Rogues, and Warriors, are all square professions able to learn spells in the Minor Spiritual circle.

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