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Asrial / Arianiss / WinterDawn (sandbox)

Recommended Elanthia Bucket List

- die and don't get rescued in Luukos' temple on Teras (difficulty: easy)

- Lorminstra deed puzzle on Teras (difficulty: hard)

- AI puzzle

- Go up and down Melgorehn's Reach naturally (recharge something in the moon room; the water tunnel is okay to cheat and look up but if you play around with it a bit there's 1 or 2 special rooms you'll go through) (difficulty: easy)

- learn how to summon a ki-lin (difficulty: hard)

- do the death salve puzzle (difficulty: hard)

- as a cleric get a 340 item from Zul Logoth

- katana quest

- get hit by 316 and 311 from a cleric of your deity

To Read

Shihadara (and everything in resources)

Erithi Funeral


History Stuff

To Do

Windfellow's Retreat Festival 2021

(and some other pages)

Rare Metal Alter Approval Locations


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Best NPC Shops for Buying Enchanted Armor (aka How Not to Overpay at Player Shops)

Until there is readily accessible 5x armor this list only goes to 4x.

robes - the "runed kaftans" from The Tailor's Sister in Brisker's Cove - supposedly +20 for 24k

light leather - ???
full leather - "a rune-stamped thrak hide buffcoat" from Niima's Embrace in Brisker's Cove - supposedly +20 for 60k
reinforced leather - ???
double leather - "a set of bead-trimmed leathers" from Island Armor in Mist Harbor - +20 for 64k (needs backroom access)

leather breastplate - ???
cuirbouilli leather - ???
studded leather - ???
brigandine leather - Aznell's?

chain mail - Aznell's?
double chain - Aznell's?
augmented chain - Aznell's?
chain hauberk - Aznell's?

metal breastplate - Aznell's?
augmented breastplate - Aznell's?
half plate - Aznell's?
full plate - "some enruned silvery ora platemail" from Niima's Embrace in Brisker's Cove - supposedly +20 for 329k