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This page is about the history of the game GemStone IV. The Official History of Elanthia describes the in-game history.

Important events

Date Event
December, 2003 GemStone IV is released.
September, 1995 The ICE age ends.
February, 1990 GemStone III is released.
April, 1988 GemStone II is released.


Release Date Towns, Villages, and Settlements
April 1988 Squire's Bluff
December 1989 Kelfour's Landing (beta test)
Early 1990 The Graveyard (necropolis); Stonehold (Gnoll settlement)
June 1990 Danjirland (ruined kingdom of Ugus Fost)
November 1990 Claedesbrim Castle (ruined kingdom)
May 1991 Spider Temple (cult compound)
July 1991 Wrecked Village (Coastal Cliffs)
Late 1993/Early 1994 Krolvin Village (Lysierian Hills)
AOL: Late 1995/Mid-1997 Kobold Village, Elven village, Luinne Bheinn
Early 1996 Teras Isle
Mid 1996 River's Rest
Fall 1996 Icemule Trace
December 1997 Anwyn (ruined kingdom)
January 1998 Pinefar
February 1998 Wehntoph (minotaur settlement)
December 1998 Solhaven, Vornavis, Northern Caravansary, Marshtown, various ruins
May 2001 Zul Logoth, Ta'Illistim
September 2001 Sylvarraend, Ta'Vaalor
December 2001 Old Ta'Faendryl (ruins)
March 2004 Isle of the Four Winds (Mist Harbor replaced Frostacres)
July 2004 Cysaegir
August 2007 Ravelin
December 2012 Lich's Landing (restored but inaccessible again August 2017)
March 2015 Bloodriven Village
July 2016 Derelict Village (Ilvari / older Elven Village ruins)
September 2016 Reim (ruins)
September 2020 Kraken's Fall and Open Sea Adventures

References - Elonka's Simutronics timeline (some inconsistencies with the above).