Modern Imperial History:5103 - Present

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5101 to 5103

Date Event Story
5102 Occupation of Solhaven by Dark Alliance forces during the second war for the griffin sword, renaming the port Night haven. Griffin Sword War
5102 Assassination of The Empress in the freeport of Solhaven. War of Nations
5102-5103 Siege of Wehnimer's Landing by Baron Hochstib. Vornavis and Northern Hendor come to the Landing's aid.
5102-5103 Mission to Mestanir to destroy the Mandis Crystal there. Sneaking into Mestanir disguised as Jantalarians, the group smashed the Mandis crystal into a statue of Koar.
5103 The V'reen Morphs begin appearing across Elanith, taking the form of others, their attacks occur from River's Rest to Ta'Illistim before their nests are destroyed in Icemule. Archmage in the Alchemists
5103 Baron Hochstib kidnaps leaders of the 'rebellion' from the Landing along with his sister Delphinuria. He has consumed a mandis crystal and is subsequently injured by many in the resistance wielding mandis bane weapons. He is dealt a killing blow by Falicor. Location, Outlands outside of Vornavis.
5103, Day 3 of Charlatos Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles is invested as Emperor.
5103 Earl Jovery of Northern Hendor is declared Northern Sentinel by Emperor Aurmont Anodheles.
5103 Mestanir is reinstated as a Barony with Baron Seurdyn Moraughton Chydenar serving as Baron.
5103 Delphinuria Hochstib is instated as the Baroness of Jantalar.


Date Event Story
5107 Baron Malwind of Vornavis under investigation for the assassination of the Empress.
5108 Paidreg Venquinor is declared the Provost of Haven, leading up to the events that would be called the Solhaven Cataclysm.
5109-5110 Solhaven is destroyed by Charl and then rebuilt during the Solhaven Cataclysm.
5107-5110 Casler Huntington, the disgraced former noble turned notorious smuggler and wanted criminal is brought to justice and hanged until dead. Prior to his death, Casler was known locally for his ardent defense of River's Rest against krolvin and his role in the Smuggling Wars.


Date Event Story
5113 Lord Rinhale Hurrst of Estoria, second cousin to Earl Hurrst, arrives in the Landing to investigate illegal weapon dealings.
5113 Emperor Aurmont Anodheles declares: “no individual within the Empire who bears a drop of human blood should be treated as less than human.”


Date Event Story
5114, Lormesta Lord Rinhale Hurrst of Estoria is killed by an urnon golem and his body is returned to Idolone. Cross into Shadows
5114, Fashanos Lord Kuligar Gardane is assassinated during his investment ceremony as Baron of Talador. Talador Baronial Coronation Festival
5114 Sir Davard leads Talador in an attack upon the Landing in retaliation for the assassination of Lord Kulgar Gardane . Sir Davard captures the Gryphon Holding. Earl Hurrst of Estoria sends the Estorian fleet to aid Talador's efforts on their attack. Cosima Chisholm
5114, Charlatos The Sun King, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, orders Earl Hurrst of Estoria to refocus their naval efforts from the blockade of the Landing to face the growing Krolvin threat.
5114 County Torre comes under attack and Fairport is occupied by Krolvin raiders. Count Claybourne may never fully recover from his injuries sustained in the fall of Fairport. During this time the Count also lost his only son.
5114 Earl Hurrst of Estoria is assassinated by an urnon golem during a massive Krolvin attack upon Idolone.
5114, Koaratos Elithain Cross arrives in the Landing and admits he is behind the attacks by krolvin, undead, demons, and monstrous hordes across the Turamzyrrian empire in an attempt to replace the leaders within the Empire. His request for aid to King Qalinor Vaalor of Ta'Vaalor, and the other great elven houses, is publicly rejected. Cross Into Shadows
5114, Eoantos The capitol city of Mestanir finally falls to the horde of creatures assaulting it after a nearly year-long siege. Baron Seurdyn Chydenar and his wife have evacuated along with a number of citizens thanks to a rescue mission consisting of Vornavian Knights and Order of Voln armsmen.
5114, Eoantos Activity near the Demonwall increases in particular near both Aldora and Trauntor, with defenders suffering heavy losses. Duke Bannon Chandrennin dispatches imperial soldiers from Elstreth, along with warriors of Voln, to help defend the southern region of Aldora where part of the Demonwall was destroyed.
5114, Phoenatos Assassins leverage the use of a Nalfein airship to assassinate Earl Berniah Kestrel of Chastonia. The plan was orchestrated by Elithain Cross and involved Nalfein mercenaries. After his untimely demise, the Earl's brother, the Royal Magister, was named acting earl in the interim Brieson's Report: Earl Kestrel, Cross Into Shadows


Date Event Story
5115 Emperor Aurmont Anodheles is wed to Samynthra Kestrel Weirlund. Wedding of Emperor Aurmont and Samynthra Weirlund
5115, Lormesta Wehnimer's Landing is declared a protectorate of the Empire, and Earl Jovery grants Sir Thadston rights to build and arm the Outpost. Knights of the Order of the Silver Gryphon have their oaths transferred to the Northern Sentinel. Cross Into Shadows - 5114-01-13 - Hendor Decree and the Burial of Walkar Wellington (log)
5115 The self-proclaimed chosen of Koar, Vindignis arrives in the freeport of Solhaven. His path is one of fiery retribution that ultimately leads to his own demise. Official forums post
5115, Koaratos Construction of the Hendoran outpost is completed outside of the Landing.
5115, Koaratos Earl Jovery visits the new Hendoran Outpost and the Landing.
5115 Lord Breshon Caulfield and Lady Larsya Caulfield of Bourth are given oversight of the Outpost.


Date Event Story
5116 Prelate Chaston Griffin leads their Blameless of the Church of Koar into Lolle, apprehending the Northern Sentinel Earl Jovery under false pretenses and accusations. The Earl is later rescued and reaffirmed in his role as Northern Sentinel by the Sun Throne. Eyes of the Dawn
5116, 13th day of Eoantos Talador is destroyed and turned into the Bleaklands. Malvernus of the Imperial Drakes was one of the mages that held magical shields in place to save as many citizens as possible.
5116, Koaratos It is officially announced that Empress Samynthra Kestrel Wierlund is expecting a child. A grey mystic of Yssian has foretold the child will spark the beginning of a new golden age for the Turamzzyrian Empire.
5116, Eoantos Emperor Aurmont issued a command that he would be gathering the Council of Lords to begin work on passing a law to end Chaston's Edict. No information about the results of this council has been communicated.
5116, Eoantos An heir is born! Empress Samynthra gives birth to a son. Eyes of the Dawn
5116, Eonatos Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis welcomes Lady Kasendra Chandrennin of Aldora to Vornavis. Lady Kasendra offers assistance on behalf of her father, the Duke, to provide relief to those in the North.


Date Event Story
5117, Lormesta Grand Magister Dennet Kestrel, along with his wife Reannah and children Cyph and Naimorai arrive at the Hendoran Outpost outside of the Landing to conduct research in the Bleaklands. Keeping up with the Kestrels
5117, Eoantos Grand Magister Octaven reaches out to the Landing regarding Dennet, stating he is part of a rogue faction within the Hall of Mages. Dennet claims Octaven is the rogue agent.
5117, Eorgaen Octaven's force attack the landing to apprehend Dennet. After the battle, Dennet surrenders and returns the Talon of Toullaire to Grand Magister Octaven.
5117 Lord Salnim Malwind of Vornavis and Lady Kasendra Chandrennin of Aldora begin sending aid to Talador. Lady Kasendra is kidnapped by brigand and later rescued by Lord Salnim. Swan Song


Date Event Story
5118, Olaesta Widespread attacks from wild animals occur across the northern baronies. Jantalar sends an official request for aid to the Hall of Mages. Wihliam of Oire was trapped in a temporal bubble since the destruction of Talador, his song ultimately causing issues with wild animals in the area. Freed of the temporal bubble, but still greatly injured, Wihliam was last seen heading into Vornavis to recover. Echoes
5118 House Vaalor demands territorial concessions from Wehnimer's Landing and Icemule Trace for previous grievances. The Turamzzyrian Empire grants the reparation of an elven settlement near the Red Forest to the Elven Nations. Icemule Trace grants the freedom of movement to the Vaalorian military in its environs and airspace in perpetuity.
5118 Naval forces of the Lords of Estoria raid Glaoveln with plinite pylon warships. Czag Dubra Kragnack is slain. Cross Into Shadows


Date Event Story
5119, Lumnea 23rd The Valley of Gold Treatise is signed: Discussions between Ta'Illistim elves and the Empire declaring mutual respect and friendship between the nations. Valley of Gold
5119, Phoenatos Elder sister to the late Empress, Mynalari, was discovered to have been taken prisoner and held against her will by the witch Raznel years ago. She was liberated from her prison by a group of adventurers. Witchful Thinking


Date Event Story
5120, Ivastaen Barnom Slim, rumored to have connections to the Horned Cabal, is returned to life during a blood ceremony at the shore of Lake Eonak.


Date Event Story
5121 Bidding war occurs between the nations of Elanith for the Manticore, a metal construct built by two burghal gnomes, turns violent when the weapon is stolen by krolvin from Glaoveln. Flight of the Manticore
5121, Imaerasta Lady Kasendra Chandrennin, Lord Duncarr Chandrennin and Lord Gerjonn Chandrennin visit Vornavis and surrounding areas to inspect the continued relief efforts for Taladorian refugees. Relief ships sail from Ubl to the freeport of Solhaven. What Follows


Date Event Story
5122, Charlatos Lady Kasendra Chandrennin is wed to Lord Salnim Malwind while Baron Dunrith Malwind and his family visited Aldora. After a brief return to Vornavis, Lady Kasendra, by royal decree of Emperor Aurmont is sent as an envoy to Ta'Illistim to serve as a Handmaiden to the Argent Mirror Myasara Illistim. Lord Salnim accompanies Lady Kasendra on her journey east.
5122, Ivastaen The Krolvin warlord Tyrrax launches an assault upon Brisker's Cove, razing a large portion of the docks while searching for an alchemical formula for Blue Suffer. Defensive forces from the Landing aided in both the defenses and search. Ashes to Ashes
5122, Lumnea Duke Bannon Chandrennin of Aldora, the Southern Sentinel of the Empire, passes beyond the gates after battling against an illness for many years. A small memorial is held in Solhaven with his daughter Lady Kasendra present.
5122, Koaratos Lady Larsya Caulfield is informed that her father, Baron Spensor Caulfield of Bourth, has passed away. Later that week, during a ceremony in the Wyrdeep, he was accepted by the Deep and laid to rest. His son, Breshon, travels to Tamzyrr before his coronation to remind the Emperor of his intent to repeal Chaston's Edict Born of Bourth
5122, Fifth of Phoenatos In a formal letter, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles officially repeals Chaston's Edict. The emperor decrees that individuals of all descents now have the right to own businesses or land within the Turamzzyrian Empire. Born of Bourth
5122, Fifth of Eoantos Cordarius shares a letter written by Earl Jovery, the Northern Sentinel, with the people of the Landing. A new barony of the Turamzzyrian Empire has been created from the environs around Wehnimer's Landing, named the Barony of Darkstone. The environs include the edge of the Locksmehr River, west to Darkstone Bay, including Wehntoph, Sentoph, Zelatoph, Thanatoph, Melgorehn's Reach, and Darkstone Castle. North by Northwest
5122, Tenth of Eoantos Thadston returns to the Landing from visiting the Northern Sentinel, Earl Jovery, with news of an imperial caravan arrival to the new Darkstone Barony within the week. This caravan will likely include the new Baron of Darkstone, Elidal Dhenin of Riverwood. His brother, Enisius, a mage in the Hall will join him in the new Barony. North by Northwest


Date Event Story
5123, 28th of Lormesta The Northern Sentinel Earl Jovery, at the request of Lord Elidal Dhenin, writes to clarify the protectorate status of the Landing, stating that the Empire has no interest in annexing the Landing, and the Protectorate Status remains intact. Meanwhile, Gnul continues to attack the Landing environs, even as Lord Elidal builds the Darkstone Barony camp. At the order of Lady Athalia Malwind, Vornavis sends shipments of aid north to the Landing and the Barony, only to be threatened by Mother for Vornavian generosity. North by Northwest
Northern Sentinel's Decree on the Imperial Protection of Wehnimer's Landing
5123, 3rd of Fashanos While serving as imperial envoy to the Argent Mirror for her cousin Emperor Aurmont, Lady Kasendra Malwind is killed while attending a ball in Ta'Illistim. Her husband, Lord Salnim is notified by elven courier the next day. Individuals are requested to report to the Sapphire guard for questioning. Solhaven: The Darkening Night
5123, 7rd of Fashanos Sayilla Javilerre is attacked aboard the Starseeker and thrown overboard while traveling from Vornavis to Tamzyrr. Her bodyguard Jarnsaixa is gravely wounded, and reports that the attacker was Grenhal, an aged healer who had been attending to Baron Malwind and was not supposed to be on the ship. The Starseeker is subsequently engaged by a pirate ship and forced to call off the search for Sayilla. One of the pirates is captured and taken back to Vornavis for questioning. Nations on the Brink
5123, Imaerasta An investigation into the Solhaven sewers provides enough evidence for groups from Vornavis to discover an island where Niatha is experimenting upon individuals from Glaoveln. Niatha is taken prisoner and sent east to the Illistim courts for her role in the attack on Lady Sayilla. During her capture, Niatha releases the Green Death, which spreads across the empire and surrounding environs. A cure for the green death would be created in the Freeport, using traditional Aldoran healing stones. Nations on the Brink, Odelgarde Report to the Sunthrone
5123, 25th of Imaerasta The Kasendra accords are signed between the Turamzzyrian Empire, Ta'Nalfein, and Ta'Illistim and are named in honor of Lady Kasendra Malwind. The accords cover naval collaboration against piracy, the concession of Wyrdeep, a removal of the ban on ownership of property by non-elves in ta'illistim, and updated collaboration along shared borders in the south. During the accords, Jarnsaixa is knighted and named Captain of the Vornavian Guard. The Kasendra Accords, Nations on the Brink
5123, 28th of Eoantos Magister Cordarius announces that Grand Magister Octaven stands accused of multiple crimes, and has been stripped of ranks, titles, and privileges afforded to her through the Hall. She is considered a wanted criminal and is reported last seen around the environs of Wehnimer's Landing. North by Northwest
5123, 19th of Eorgaen Emperor Aurmont releases an imperial decree that Thadston Andrews is raised to Northern Sentinel, Lord Salnim Malwind is raised to Eastern Sentinel, and Lord Gerjonn Chandrennin is raised to Southern Sentinel.