Casiphia Malatina

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Casiphia Malatina
Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Witchful Thinking
A Knight To Remember
North by Northwest
Gender female
Race Human
Status alive
Hometown Mestanir
Relationship(s) Chambeli Malatina, Thadston, Disean
Alias/Title Mother, Rone
Affiliation(s) Brotherhood of Rooks

In 5119, a woman known only as Mother arrived on the scene as the purported leader of the Wehnimer's Landing-based organization known as the Brotherhood of Rooks. It was revealed in Ivastaen 5121 that Mother was Casiphia all along.


You see Lady Casiphia Malatina.
She appears to be a Human.
She is average and appears to be in the prime of life.  She has long-lashed dark brown eyes and fair skin.  She has shoulder length, curly bluish-black hair arranged in a twisted roll at the back of her head and held in place by some carved ivory beads.  She has an oval face, a small nose and wide hips.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a suede-lined mantle of peppered wolf fur, a single-shoulder oiled leather vest, a wide leather baldric hung with a collection of various daggers, a trim black linen shirt left open at the collar, a slotted leather belt displaying various tools and pouches, some crisp black brocade breeches, and some scuffed black suede knee-boots cuffed in grey fur.

Appearance as Mother

You see a tall figure garbed in a billowy dark cloak with a deep hood that only partially reveals a featureless black mask etched with blood red sigils. The figure wears little else adornment, save for the gleam of a brilliant red soulstone ring upon one of her slender gloved hands.

Appearance as Rone

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Casiphia Malatina is the cousin of Chambeli Malatina, who was once the interim mayor of Wehnimer's Landing before she was framed and murdered by Grishom Stone and his minions. She has been a citizen of Wehnimer's Landing for over ten years, but a few years ago, before the untimely death of her cousin, she returned to her original birthplace in Mestanir to open up a small weapons business.

As a result of the War of Shadows, her business was left ruined by the invading barbaric hordes and chimera attacks, and she escaped as a refugee and returned to Wehnimer's Landing. She has shared openly about some parts of her past, that her mother and Chambeli's mother were sisters, who lived in Mestanir, but perished during a pilgrimage to the Crown of Koar one year. The Church of Koar helped care for them and place them with new foster parents, who ran a blacksmith forge in Mestanir, before returning to Wehnimer's Landing. Once Casiphia returned, she spent months helping Tykel in the weapon shop before seeking a position on the town council to help defend and protect the town she has always called home, despite the specter of her cousin's tragic end.

In 5116, she campaigned for Town Council but did not win. She later became enthralled by Chaston Griffin's magic and became a devout follower, but eventually broke away from his clutches and for a brief time was romantically involved with Disean, son of Thadston.

Throughout 5117, she and Thadston traveled away from Wehnimer's Landing, trying to hunt down Raznel and rescue Disean. During their time away, the pair became romantically involved.

In Ivastaen 5118, Thadston and Casiphia returned to Wehnimer's Landing, where Thadston became a citizen and was appointed as the interim marshal by Mayor Lylia. Casiphia joined the militia as well, practicing with Thadston and honing her combat skills for the day when they would take the fight back to Raznel again.

Late 5119 found Casiphia working in concert with Thadston and the Rooks to concoct a ruse to capture Disean. She played the role of "damsel in distress" atop Moot Hall, luring Disean to come to her aid. The plan was successful.

In 5121, it was discovered that Casiphia had been acting as the vigilante Rone, who had been battling crime in the streets since Lormesta 5119, as well as Mother, the leader of the Brotherhood of Rooks who had taken over earlier in Lormesta 5119. Thadston would sever romantic ties with her following these discoveries. However, in late 5122, after Thadston was elected the mayor, he granted Casiphia a pardon while barring her from the militia and public office.

In 5122, she opened the Rusty Cutlass tavern.

Quotables as Mother

Lormesta 18, 5119 - Discussing her plans and intentions shortly after taking over the Rooks.

Mother softly says, "[The children] are thin, because the leaders of the past, and the so-called heroes among you, have either used their bodies for shields, or used their plight for gain."
Mother softly says, "But yet no one has solved the problems the people of Wehnimer's Landing face, within, and without."
Mother softly says, "The days of Rysus and Drangell are over. The children of this city are not pawns. They are our future. Our legacy."

Fashanos 1, 5119 - Discussing more about her intentions.

Mother softly says, "We will not unnecessarily bleed our own to protect our own."
Mother softly says, "We serve to protect Wehnimer's Landing and its freedoms. We still exist to do that which many cannot bring themselves to do."
Mother softly says, "We operate in the shadows, and will continue to do so, for the betterment of this town and its people. But that does not require us to be in conflict, open or in secret, with you. Or the militia."
Mother softly says, "We have larger enemies to be concerned with. We do not need conflict among our own."
Mother softly says, "Imperial eyes are turning here."
Shinann says, "That is not new."
Mother softly says, "No. This will be new."
Mother softly says, "If we are finally given confirmation of what we believe is to pass, it shall be a response unlike you have seen yet."
Mother softly says, "It has stemmed from many years of what they deem chaos here, but most significantly the development of Grishom Stone in the area."
Mother softly says, "There are always those who will exist in the shadows. It is better someone leads them, than no one at all."

Koaratos 18, 5119 - Having pulled aside a farmer during the time of Raznel's blight...

Mother softly asks, "Is your crop gone Sir?"
The farmer looks around then finally shakes his head.
Mother softly says, "I see."
Mother softly asks, "So what then, why are you brought before me here?"
The farmer scowls.
The farmer scowls, "My crops are fine."
Mother softly asks, "Indeed. They are. And oddly, far more expensive now, aren't they?"
Mother softly says, "One might argue, unjustly so."
The farmer scowls, "It isn't a crime!"
Mother smiles.
Mother softly says, "Mother disagrees."
Mother leans in towards the farmer, and whispers something in his ears. His eyes open wider for just a brief moment before he catches his resolve.
Lylia says, "Ah, I see."
Lylia says, "Goodnight, then."
Mother softly asks, "You will make amends for this lapse of judgment, correct?"
Mother glances at Lylia.
Speaking to Mother, Lylia hisses, "Do as you wish. All of you."
Lylia says, "All I have done is see to it that the rot in the bay is stopped, that people are fed, that farmers are not beggared..."
Mother softly says, "If your house is not in order Mayor, do not be surprised when others sweep the dust."
Mother softly says, "Some refuse to allow dirt to collect and breed."
Mother softly says, "Do not forget those who call this town home."
Mother softly says, "If you continue your rightful hunt of this witch, do not forget the people."
Mother softly says, "I will not forget them."

Eoantos 26, 5119 - As Marshal Thadston prepares to lead the militia in sweeps of forcibly evacuating citizens onto ships made available by Stephos DeArchon...

From nearby, Mother says, "There will be no sweeps."
From nearby, Mother says, "The Brotherhood was, and remains more than happy to assist with the transportation, escort and protection of our citizens willing to leave their homes. We will not participate in the removal of citizens against their will. It is their choice. It is always their choice."
From nearby, Mother says, "You will find resistance, and you do not have the luxury to spread your efforts and weaken your defenses."
From nearby, Mother says, "If a single citizen is pulled from their home, the ships at dock will burn."

Imaerasta 23, 5120 - In a meeting requested by Captain Stormyrain.

Speaking to Mother, Goldstr exclaims, "One idea: Have yer Rooks who want to help da Landin JOIN da Militia!"
Mother softly says, "If we joined the militia, we would forfeit the last great bastion of independence this town had and the Gryphons would be forced to come conquer the town at the head of an imperial army."
Speaking to Mother, Leafiara asks, "'re saying the militia isn't independent?"
Mother softly says, "I am saying the militia has restraints."
Stormyrain says, "Mother is not incorrect."
Mother softly says, "The Brotherhood will do everything necessary to protect Wehnimer's independence. The militia will do everything only up to what is lawfully permitted."
Speaking to Mother, Ycelacie asks, "Why do they call you Mother?"
Mother softly says, "Because I care for the others, and I have birthed a new way forward for us."
Mother softly says, "There is no stronger fighter than that wielded by a mother's love."
Mother softly says, "We will die for Wehnimer's."
Mother softly says, "History has a way of rewarding lawbreakers with new titles such as freedom fighters, heroes, and pioneers."
Mother softly says, "Our time is coming."
Mother softly says, "We are not actively targeting you. We are not actively targeting the militia. But if our paths cross as we fight against those encroaching upon us, we cannot pause, we cannot show weakness."
Mother softly says, "Stand down and watch us live or die, or join us, as we fight to live or die."
Mother softly says, "Those are truly your only options."
Speaking to Mother, Goldstr exclaims, "Sos ye knows da Gryphon's oath be protect da Landin from all!"
Mother softly says, "The Gryphons serve two masters."
Goldstr says, "Only da Knight Bannerets."
Goldstr exclaims, "Dese spurs serve da Landin!"
Mother softly says, "You see spurs. I see chains."
Mother softly says, "But I do not question your honor."

Ivastaen 4, 5121 - During a meeting with town defenders regarding the problems of the Knave and the Consortium.

Mother softly says, "We are the last tide that keeps Wehnimer's Landing at the shores of freedom."
Mother softly says, "Wehnimer's Landing is at war. Even when the outward threats seem gone, even if the Knave is butchered, or whatever next enemy comes to the town gates is squashed, the war continues. It is endless."
Mother softly says, "Wehnimer's Landing is just one accord away from true freedom."
Mother softly says, "From losing that freedom."
Mother softly says, "The Brotherhood does not find pleasure in our methods. In the darkness, in the shadows, in the underbelly. But our masks, our secrets, our operations, they allow us to make an impact. They allow us to accomplish that which an outstanding member of the militia in a shiny badge and crisp tabard could not do."
Speaking to Mother, Fahlo says, "I've seen the Militia back down on a number of occasions just cause of some windbag in the Hall."
Mother agrees with Fahlo.
Mother softly says, "Sides will be drawn. Remember what future you want for Wehnimer's Landing. Do not get lost in the danger of today's fog, only to be blindsided by the enemy of tomorrow."