Casiphia Malatina

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Casiphia Malatina
Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Witchful Thinking
Gender female
Race Human
Status alive


You see Lady Casiphia Malatina.
She appears to be a Human.
She is average and appears to be in the prime of life.  She has long-lashed dark brown eyes and fair skin.  She has shoulder length, curly bluish-black hair arranged in a twisted roll at the back of her head and held in place by some carved ivory beads.  She has an oval face, a small nose and wide hips.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a suede-lined mantle of peppered wolf fur, a single-shoulder oiled leather vest, a wide leather baldric hung with a collection of various daggers, a trim black linen shirt left open at the collar, a slotted leather belt displaying various tools and pouches, some crisp black brocade breeches, and some scuffed black suede knee-boots cuffed in grey fur.


Casiphia Malatina is the cousin of Chambeli Malatina, who was once the interim mayor of Wehnimer's Landing before she was framed and murdered by Grishom Stone and his minions. She has been a citizen of Wehnimer's Landing for over ten years, but a few years ago, before the untimely death of her cousin, she returned to her original birthplace in Mestanir to open up a small weapons business. As a result of the War of Shadows, her business was left ruined by the invading barbaric hordes and chimera attacks, and she escaped as a refugee and returned to Wehnimer's Landing. She has shared openly about some parts of her past, that her mother and Chambeli's mother were sisters, who lived in Mestanir, but perished during a pilgrimage to the Crown of Koar one year. The Church of Koar helped care for them and place them with new foster parents, who ran a blacksmith forge in Mestanir, before returning to Wehnimer's Landing. Now that Casiphia has returned, she has spent the last few months helping Tykel in the weapon shop and seeks a position on the town council to help defend and protect the town she has always called home, despite the specter of her cousin's tragic end.

In 5116, she campaigned for Town Council but did not win.

In 5117, she for a time being became enthralled by Chaston Griffin's magic and became a devout follower, but eventually broke away from his clutches and for a brief time was romantically involved with Disean, son of Thadston.

In 5118, she left Wehnimer's Landing for a time and traveled with Thadston as they tried to hunt down Raznel and rescue Disean. Thadston and Casiphia returned a year later, and reside in Wehnimer's Landing currently where Thadston has taken over as the interim marshal of the Landing Militia and Casiphia has joined the militia as well, practicing with Thadston and honing her combat skills for the day when they take the fight back to Raznel again.

5119 found Casiphia working in concert with Thadston to concoct a ruse to capture Disean. She played the roll of "damsel in distress" atop Moot Hall, luring Disean to come to her aid. The pair was successful.