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Words of Wyrom

The Wyrom
My 2022 experience can be summed up with the phrase, "I didn't hear no bell." It was a pretty exhausting stretch that led into long days, some sleepless nights, and times when I wasn't sure what week it was anymore. I led the teams through an organizational restructuring to try to focus on the core pillars for GemStone IV. That came with its own hardships, but I feel confident it will help highlight our strengths versus putting a spotlight on our weaknesses.

Something that has been on my mind a lot is how we conduct ourselves as game staff. All of us working on the game are players of GemStone IV. I think most of us have similar origin stories where we found the game on an ISP such as GEnie, Prodigy, or AOL and continued on over the years. Maybe you're just returning after a long hiatus or you've been with us off and on throughout the years, but the important part is you're here now reading this. And that means GemStone IV is a part of your life, whether you're passionate about the game or you're just here for the GIFTBOX. But sometimes it is hard to communicate with everyone on a daily basis. Discord has really turned the volume up on how much we engage with our players. It's really easy to chat on there and get sucked into a time vortex. It's also really difficult to not take feedback personally. We're all humans (mostly), after all. GameMasters have built a lot of relationships with our players, some of those extending multiple decades, so it can be a tough balance between friendships and professionalism. We had some slip ups recently, and the only thing I can say is, we'll try to be better.

I'm looking forward to 2023 and I think staff as a whole are eager to get working on new projects. One of my team's major goals on Production is to look at giving Premium players more value to that subscription tier. We are very thankful to see Premium continue to grow and we hope to put together a series of deliverables this summer. It's going to be pretty hot this summer, and in the evenings some people might need to find a way to cool down!

The Road Less Traveled

It's not often that we talk about projects that didn't happen or didn't make it on time. Sometimes we need to take a humbled approach. We had a lot of plans for 2022, but we lost some momentum in some areas and had tons of feedback in other areas. I'd like to talk about deadlines and projects that missed the mark and what our plan is. I usually talk about the road ahead, but I feel this year we need to take a different path and talk about what happened in 2022 and how we plan to move forward with those changes.


One of the major areas we plan to walk back is Divergence. The immediate plan is to implement some of the less controversial changes that were part of Divergence and remove the rest. We will go back to working on the professional reviews and tweak the areas that we feel would constitute a better gaming experience. Spell concerns that were a hot topic during Divergence will get worked on more and we'll try to balance more of the feedback that was brought up during 2022. There will be a forum post to follow this announcement.

The reasons Divergence came into the picture were to be able to develop new, challenging content with changes to spells and skills that would make the development process be easier to account for certain hurdles in terms of game balance. GemStone has gone through a number of large changes to combat, but most of it has always been layered on top of each other. Divergence was a fresh take so we could remove those layers and finally push forward with the content we wanted to make. But it came with a lot of hardships along the way. We felt that keeping areas of the current game as is would be a great compromise so that if you hated the changes, you could easily continue to play the way you always had. We learned from feedback that we were wrong, and we’re sorry it took so long to recognize it. We have decided it's best to throw Divergence into the Eye of V'tull and start over with a fresh take, with a renewed focus on making sure the gaming experience is the best it can be.

Loot Cap

North Gate
One of the goals for 2022 was to put a lot of effort into draining silver from the game and to give your silver more meaning. Loot cap has been in place for a couple of years now, and while the 2021 numbers helped us identify what we'd need to do going forward, the impacts of it are still a work in progress. An area of growing concern was that most all of our new/powerful items were locked behind the paywall at our events. EVENT BOX was developed with a way to make sure you can still get an opportunity to accrue items/services with just in-game currency. It was decided to take the median spend (~5000 SimuCoins) and make that the target for EVENT BOX. We further refined the offerings of EVENT BOX to make sure it was appealing and achievable, as the upfront cost of over 10 million silver was a bit too much for most people, so we broke it down into smaller offerings multiple times. We coupled this with offering a limited pickaxe Duskruin Dig for silver with all the same prizes from previous Digs, as well as some of the leftover items from Droughtman's Maze Challenge.

We had other large drains in 2022, such as the Premium Auction, a scattering of silver festivals, Weighting/Padding/Sighting (WPS), and prize piles at many events. After all the dust has settled, and not including any game system that drains silvers on a regular basis, we were successful in draining north of 100bil silver from the game. That is a ton of silver. It is nearly double the amount of silver generated in a year. But as you can see, it means we have to keep going strong. We have to keep doing what we're doing and coming up with new ways (that aren't just tedium) to make your silvers, and essentially your game time, more valuable. We have some things in the works here that will appeal to both the silver-rich and poor. One is an enhancive reroller and the other is a system currently called charms. More on both of those when they are ready to hit the game!

While I plant myself firmly in loot cap being good for the game, there are parts of it that don't have a sense of community building. We will be removing the grouping penalties that were occurring with determining treasure. We will continue to keep an eye on how this impacts the game. If we notice a huge uptick in silver generation, we may need to put it back in place or try something new out.

Locker Updates

Like the auction, this lost momentum from losing our lead engineer at Simutronics. The locker updates required a significant update to how much data a character can store. That change didn't happen until roughly Ebon Gate time, and all the time I had planned to work on it was lost. It was an update I couldn't even plan out until the engine updates were made. I've been working on it since November though, and I hope to have it ready soon, before Duskruin, January if I can squeeze it out. We're also still plugging away at the family vaults, which are a whole different system. I'll be adding a January EVENT BOX for locker upgrades to herald in the changes shortly before we go live!

Road Ahead

While we spend some time going over the old, we don't want it to seem like that's all we're working on. We have some major new locales coming out, alongside character-defining storylines!

Development Projects

Some major development projects being worked on are:

  • Spell Disabler Review
  • Paladin Divine Inspiration System
  • New Profession Service for Bards.

We have other projects in the works, but in fear of overpromising specifics, we'll just leave it at that.

More Hunting

We have three new hunting grounds planned, two of which are to expand Zul Logoth, a realm that hasn't experienced much in the way of new areas. Stormpeak will be coming soon, as it gets wrapped up in QC. Stormpeak is a level 79 to 85 hunting ground in the mountains above Zul Logoth. Afterwards, the Hive will be tunneling its way to Zul Logoth, which will be a capped hunting ground. Lastly, we are still working on Criptis on the Isle of Four Winds.

Roleplay in Elanthia

We actually have multiple known Elanthia-sprawling roleplaying events underway. Unfortunately, we can only name one of them right now because giving the name of the other one would tip the discovery scale. The Winter War has begun. We are, however, trying some new avenues of storyline communication, storyline setup, and ways to create smaller events within the larger plot point to target a diversity of people and interests.

Year in Review

We may have missed a few announcements in our Changelog, but check out (most of) our updates in 2022!

New releases will be added at the top, but you can sort the table by date or category.

Release Date Category Project Description
12/30/2022 World Ravelin Harvest Is Open for Business A new grocery shop is open in the Ravelin in Ta'Vaalor on Lavandula Terrace
12/30/2022 Development Troll's Blood (1125) Troll's Blood (1125) base chance to break a stun has been increased by 10%. This increased bonus applies to the entire Empath's group. In addition, there is a new self-cast Empath bonus of +1% for every 5 spell ranks known. This bonus only applies to the Empath.
12/30/2022 Development Parting Shot Parting Shot, an ability to deal damage upon death to the attacker, found on fire mages and granted by boons to boss creatures, will no longer trigger if the creature is stunned, webbed, or immobilized during the killing blow.
12/27/2022 Development Citizenship Date Update You can now see the date you acquired citizenship. Please read the details.
12/26/2022 World The Thirsting Dead: A Treatise on Elanthian Vampires A treatise on the origins of vampires and vampirism in Elanthia by Hazelnut Honeybrook.
12/26/2022 Event Adventurer's Guild Enhancive Recharging The Adventurer's Guilds across Elanthia will be offering enhancive recharging services for silvers from now until January 9th. Please plan accordingly to take advantage of this limited time offer
12/26/2022 Development Spirit Servant (218) Duration Spirit Servant (218) now has a cumulative (stacking) duration.
12/24/2022 World New URCHIN Places GROCER, DOCKS, and WEDDINGHALLs added to URCHIN places.
12/23/2022 World Enter the Refugees: New Shop in Sylvarraend Woodland Market is now open by the millpond in Sylvarraend.
12/22/2022 World Glowbark Supernode moves to Fraendel Court Glowbark Supernode moves to Fraendel Court
12/22/2022 World Supernode Addition to the Ravelin A supernode has been added to Ravelin Meadow outside Healers' Hall
12/20/2022 World Enter the Refugees - Kharam Dzu New shop opened in Kharam Dzu
12/20/2022 World Enter the Refugees - Wehnimer's Landing Refugees from Talador open 2 new shops in Wehnimer's Landing as part of the new town bazaar! Patty's Cakes and Relocated Reverence!
12/20/2022 World Wehnimer's Landing opens Town Bazaar! 4 new shops open in Wehnimer's Landing with the release of their new town bazaar! Quick Prick, Blended Brew, The Blue Orchid, and the Rhimar Rink!
12/19/2022 World Solhaven Grocer Opens The new grocer shops open in Solhaven
12/18/2022 World Enter the Refugees: Cysaegir & Sylvarraend Shops New shops were opened in Cysaegir and Sylvarraend
12/18/2022 Development Gold Ring Update Reduction in amount of silvers taken when "navved" to 10k max.
12/17/2022 World Enter the Refugees: Kraken's Fall New Shops New shops were Kraken's Fall

12/16/2022 World Enter the Refugees: Icemule Trace New Shop New shop was added to Icemule Trace

12/10/2022 World Enter the Refugees - RR Two new shops were opened in River's Rest by refugees from Caligos Isle.
12/09/2022 World Inventory Update for Aulidie's Pottery in Solhaven Aulidie's Pottery has been updated in all instances to have a new and improved inventory.
12/03/2022 Development TITLE update with "USE" option The TITLE command has a "USE" option for displaying only the titles currently usable.
11/25/2022 World Grand Banquet The Grand Banquet is a social event of thanks presented by Clan Leader Rodverg in conjunction with Brother Bixsby and the dwarves of Zul Logoth.
11/21/2022 World Ta'Vaalor Port Naming The official name of the Ta’Vaalor port is Mistwatch which was submitted and voted on by players.
11/12/2022 Development Bank Note Fees Banished Notes issued from the bank when WITHDRAWing money will no longer incur a .1% fee. Additionally, notes written out to players when selling goods to the gemshop, furrier, and pawnshop will no longer incur a .2% fee.
11/11/2022 World Darkstone Bay Consortium The headquarters of the Darkstone Bay Consortium opened along West Ring Road in Wehnimer's Landing, a new gathering for wealthy merchants alike!
11/09/2022 Development Moonsedge Moonsedge, a post-cap Ascension hunting ground, is released in Icemule Trace.
11/07/2022 Development Parasite Armor Parasite Armor now has increased reserves by 50 per tier. This results in a new maximum health reserve of 550 from 400. The blood infused with TOUCH will now also be increased by a flat bonus of affinity * 2 (Health Drained + (Affinity * 2)).
11/02/2022 World Wehnimer's Storyline - North by Northwest The storyline in Wehnimer's Landing, North by Northwest, begins!
11/01/2022 Development FEAT: WPS & ASSESS FEAT: WPS (Grit) and warrior ASSESS will now utilize the highest weapon skill training of the warrior instead of the skill associated with the weapon they are working with. This should allow warriors to work on and assess weapons of any type.
10/10/2022 Development OSA Deeding and Trading OSA Update: Hello everyone! There are some new additions to the OSA system.

First, the ship salesmen will now allow you TRADE your ship in. This will give you 80% of the base value. This value can be used to purchase a larger ship. Think of it like a running credit balance on an account. Trading your ship in will not remove your bird. Second, the ship salesmen will now allow you to DEED your ship. To DEED your ship it will cost you 20% of the base value in silver. The deed will carry over all mechanical and cosmetic upgrades. The deed will NOT include your birds.

Please keep in mind both of these features will remove titles earned by owning a certain number of ships.

10/01/2022 Event Denizens of Naidem - a Document on those that live in the Realm of Naidem Document describing the various denizens of Naidem and Evermore Hollow
10/01/2022 Event New Ebon Gate Grounds - Welcome to Evermore Hollow The Realm of Naidem is where the Unliving reside, those waiting to go beyond, and within that realm is a the town of Evermore Hollow...
09/18/2022 World Path to Palestra Prime saw a round of Palestra trials and accepted 8 new Palestra
09/11/2022 Development OSA EN/TV OSA - Ta'Vaalor's port is now open! You can now use the charter system to travel to Ta'Vaalor from any other portmaster. The voyage will cost 35k. You can now also transfer your ship to Ta'Vaalor using any handler.
09/07/2022 Development Bird Task Timers for OSA. OSA - Birds on ships (Tasks) will no longer have an increased time when used during different weather types. Prior, they would have 30-50 seconds in heavy storms, 20-40 seconds in light weather, and 15-30 seconds in calm weather. All weather types will now have 15-30 seconds.
09/07/2022 Development Net-Launchers for OSA OSA - Now equipped to every vessel is a net-launcher. These will come with the customization of your cannons and be placed on the main deck where the gangplank rests. The net-launcher can be used to pick up salvage or supply crates you generate. You simply FIRE the net launcher and PULL it up. These have a small cooldown. Cannoneers and Swashbucklers have a higher chance to hit the crates and also have less roundtime when using it.
09/07/2022 Development MAP ability OSA Sailors can now try to recall the map after viewing it recently with the MAP verb. People who are master navigators (active or not) can recall it for up to 60 seconds. If you are actively a navigator you get an extra 30 seconds. If you are neither, you can recall it for 10 seconds.
09/05/2022 World History of Chopsticks A new lore document about chopsticks in Elanthia
08/12/2022 Event Life Aquatic Devices were introduced at Duskruin that allowed small sea creatures to be captured and used to design paper, gemstone crafts, and/or chocolate treats
08/12/2022 Event Duskruin Arena Duskruin Arena Opened!
08/12/2022 World Chapel Wedding Verbs A new set of 40 bonded Chapel wedding verbs have been released. Marriage licenses purchased during Duskruin will result in the married couple having access to these Chapel verbs.
08/05/2022 World Pup Tent Updates Pup Tents now have dynamic room descriptions.
08/04/2022 World Wehnimer's Storyline: Born of Bourth A new storyline begins in Wehnimer's Landing, titled Born of Bourth!
07/28/2022 Development Item Summaries Extended The additions, changes, and bug fixes applied to recall and player shops has been extended to also include other shops, such as festival shops and pawnshops.
07/27/2022 Development FEAT WPS RT Reduction Roundtime reduced to 3s for both ASSESS and APPLY.
07/26/2022 World Wehnimer's Landing Town Council Elections! New elections are held for new player town council of Wehnimer's Landing! Winners are Kayse, Pookia, Vaemyr and Kiyna!
07/20/2022 Development Updates to Weakened Armament and Dislodge Improvements to Weakened Armament status and self-ammo weapon compatibility with CMAN Dislodge.
07/20/2022 Development Watching and Ambient Messaging When you are watching a room (whether by familiar or gallery or other assorted shenanigans), you will now see ambient messaging in that room in your Familiar window provided that you are capable of seeing ambient messages.
07/18/2022 World Casu's Cafe in Ta'Vaalor Casu's Cafe in Ta'Vaalor has stocked all of the tea and coffee flavors from the contest.
07/12/2022 World Spike Alteration Rule Adjustment Spiked armaments are no longer required to reference the spikes in the description (base or show).
07/10/2022 World Stock Tattoo and Dreamfire Panel Lists Update The stock tattoo and stock [Dreamfire Panel Bracelet
07/08/2022 Event Glade Festival/2022 Premium Festival: Iyo Glade Brand New Festival Grounds! Open from 07/08/2022 to 07/15/2022
07/07/2022 Development INVENTORY update INVENTORY now has an ENHANCIVE LIST option for listing all worn enhancive items, including tattoos.
07/04/2022 World Spirit Beasts Updates Some long weekend updates to the Spirit Beasts system. Now with more Hinterwilds Spirit Beasts!
07/04/2022 World The Three Fires: Kindling the Flames of Erithi Storytelling Lore document on erithi storytelling
07/02/2022 World Wehnimer's Landing/Humans OOC Meeting The annual OOC meeting held in-game to discuss current events and future projects for Wehnimer's Landing and Humans.
06/27/2022 Development PSM: Bug Fixes & Divergence Diverged PSM changes have gone live with some bug fixes and formula adjustments
06/27/2022 World Festival of Lumnea The Festival of Lumnea is a biennial celebration of Lumnis held in the month of Lumnea (June) by the elves of the shining city, Ta'Illistim.
06/24/2022 Development SPELL MESSAGING update SPELL now has a MESSAGING option for displaying special spell messaging settings.
06/21/2022 Development TARGET updates TARGET will now target the creature who created a hazard (like a gas cloud) when targeting the hazard.
06/15/2022 Development Less Ambient Sorcerer Animates Animates learned a new command (tell animate to act [silent/lazy/calm/normal]) which can result in no ambient messaging, 80% less ambients, 50% less ambients, or normal rate of ambient. Doesn't remove combat related messaging (such as spell preps).
06/11/2022 Development Fletching Updates Mundane woods persist while fletching.
06/11/2022 World Creatures of Eh'lah and Sharath Official document detailing the creatures around the Dhe'nar cities of Eh'lah and Sharath
06/10/2022 World The Art of Origami An official lore document on the art of origami across Elanthia.
06/10/2022 Event Document: Insects Changed by the Magical Landscape of Elanthia Document released detailing information on Insects of Elanthia that have been changed by magic.
06/10/2022 Event Bugs on Parade Devices were introduced at Rumor Woods that allowed insects to be captured and used to design paper, gemstone crafts, and/or chocolate treats
06/10/2022 Event Rumor Woods Open from 6/10/2022 to 6/26/2022
06/10/2022 Development Boss LTE Cap The amount of long term experience earned by killing boss creatures is now capped at 1,000 per day. There is still bonus fame and treasure for killing such creatures even once the cap is reached. The boss creatures from necrotic jewelry do not count against the cap.
06/9/2022 Development POLICY 18 and 19 Updates Updates to POLICY 18 and POLICY 19.
06/9/2022 World Clothing of the Firstborn Official document detailing Dhe'nar cultural clothing and materials found in Eh'lah and sharath
06/09/2022 World PACE Verb Updates Targets and roleplaying option expansion.
06/09/2022 World Knitting Updates Additional patterns, designs, colors, and materials.
06/03/2022 World Weavables Updates Backend updates, ANALYZE updates, flower expansion, and BUNDLE.
06/2/2022 World The Settlement of Eh'lah Official document detailing the Dhe'nar settlement of Eh'lah
05/22/2022 World The Forgotten Vineyard A hunting ground with higher level Shan opened in Solhaven.
05/10/2022 Development Item Summary Updates A number of additions, changes, and bug fixes were applied to the item summary system used by RECALL and player shops.
05/08/2022 World The Atoll opening outside of Kraken's Fall A hunting ground outside of Kraken's Fall.
05/02/2022 - 05/07/2022 World Elven Nations Hinterwild Opening A mini event to open the Elven Nation's side of the Hinterwilds
05/02/2022 - 05/06/2022 World Flight of the Griffins Annual Ta'Illistim event where players can be picked up by griffins and tossed into a nest for the grifflets to eat.
05/06/2022 World Gambeson and Legging Conversion The mist-filled conversion bowls have been updated to convert certain items to the gambeson or legging inventory slots.
05/05/2022 World Elanthia Glassworking Lore document on glassworking across Elanthia
05/04/2022 World Food Plates Plates are now a little easier to eat off of.
04/27/2022 Development QSTRIKE UPDATED ASCENSION, WEAPON, and FEAT are now supported.
04/25/2022 Development Targeting and Attack QoL Standardizing AIM, targets, and verb parsing for attack verbs
04/15/20221 Event Rings of Lumnis Open 04/15/2022 through 04/30/2022
04/15/20221 Event Agora Promenade Silver-based shopping area at the Isle of Ornath during Rings of Lumnis
04/15/20221 Event Weddings Automated Wedding System
04/13/2022 World Verb Settings and Styles Verbs that have options that can be SET (racial, cultural, citizenship, wedding, etc.) can now be used as styles.
04/12/2022 Development CMAN LIST WINDOW (and other PSM verbs) Player System Manager verbs can list skills in a popup window outside of the Story Window.
04/05/2022 Development Eblade Bundle Dispel Bugfix Fixed an issue where dispelling an ebladed bundle of ammo would render it unable to receive a new eblade.
04/05/2022 Development Multi-target Bugfix An issue causing Empathic Link (1117) to return "Nothing happens." even when targets are found has been fixed. The underlying issue also affected some other multi-target spells and abilities but 1117 failed the most loudly. All affected spells/abilities should now be working properly.
04/03/2022 World Ithzir: Genesis A new document release reveals the origins of some of the Ithzir race and a deeper look into their history!
03/27/2022 Development Blinded The blinded status effect penalty to performing SMR attacks has been reduced from 50 to 25. However, it now also penalizes attempts to defend against a SMR by the same amount if the target is blinded..
03/24/2022 Development Blind (311) Blind (311) will now work on creatures that immune to stuns, instead of outright failure. Such creatures will avoid the stun, but still be subject to the new blinded status effect.
03/19/2022 Development REGISTER autoMARKing REGISTER will now implicitly MARK an item if it could otherwise be sold. The MARK can be removed as usual: MARK {item} REMOVE.
03/18/2022 Development BOOST INFO BOOST INFO will no longer display F2P options if you're not F2P.
03/24/2022 World MHO Wiki Moved the Official MHO Guide from an offsite website to the wiki. Updated MHO wiki pages.
03/08/2022 Development Soothing Word Soothing Word (1201) will now remove the Horrify effect from the target.
03/08/2022 World Copper Potts’ Pies and Sundries Copper Potts’ Pies and Sundries is now open in the Kraken's Fall Logging Village
03/05/2022 World Supdernode in Rusty Cutlass! The second Supernode in Hearthstone Manor moves to the Grub Hall of the Rusty Cutlass!
03/01/2022 World Wehnimer's Landing Special Election for Town Council! The voting begins for a special election for one new player town council member of Wehnimer's Landing!
03/01/2022 Development ASSIST and REFERRAL updates Clarification of POSITION and routing response to Announcements window
02/28/2022 Development UCS Flare Info RECALL & PlayerShops should now display UCS equipment flare info.
02/24/2022 World Wehnimer's Post Office released! The post office finally opens within Wehnimer's Landing! You've Got Mail!
02/21/2022 Development INVENTORY USAGE he INVENTORY verb has been given a USAGE option, which lists a count of functional and total items present in each worn location.
02/16/2022 Development Locksmith Toolkits Toolkits may now hold 100 vials.
02/13/2022 Development Sheer Fear updates The Sheer Fear mechanics have been updated with different penalties for afflicted players.
02/11/2022 Event Duskruin Arena Open 2/11/2022 through 2/28/2022
02/08/2022 Development TITLE update Added new title groups for Duskruin and Rumor Woods, and events should have their own groups moving forward.
02/08/2022 Development Lockpicking QoL Improvements Reduced roundtimes for wedge creation and caliper calibration
02/08/2022 Development Player Song Debuff Duration Fix Holding Song (1001), Lullabye (1005), and Song of Depression (1015) have been updated to now have a maximum duration of 30 seconds versus player targets.
02/08/2022 Development Resist Nature (620) Revision Released Resist Nature (620) has been updated as a new group buff and permanent service spell.
02/07/2022 Development Table CLEANing Registered items will no longer be cleared when CLEANing tables.
02/07/2022 Development Undead Cold Resistance Cold immunity has been removed from a number of undead creatures.
02/05/2022 World Speech & Tone Additions Addition of a plethora of new SPEECH VERBIAGE and TONE options.
02/02/2022 Development Empaths learn a new trick! Empaths can now cure Overexertion (POP'd Muscles)
02/02/2022 Development INFO update Splits stats by normal, ascension, and enhancive
01/31/2022 World Ta'Illistim Warrior Guild More Friendly The Ta'Illistim Warrior Guild no longer requires Dark Elves to enter the guild through unsavory means. The front door is open to all members.
01/25/2022 Development Sweep, Bull Rush, and Shield Trample Improved Stagger result.
01/25/2022 Development Vault Kick Reduced roundtime and stamina costs.
01/18/2022 Development TRANSFER Update Empaths may now gain experience points when healing dead empaths.
01/18/2022 Development Major Bleed Bugfix Healing the underlying wound also heals a major bleed effect. Empaths now TRANSFER major bleed effects when healing the underlying wound.
01/13/2022 World Rusty Cutlass Released! The Rusty Cutlass tavern opens at the north docks of Wehnimer's Landing!
01/12/2022 Development Graveyard Gate Update Graveyard Gate is considerably easier to PUSH open and roundtime penalties removed. (Prime/Shattered) (Plat update occurred on 2/1/22)
01/11/2022 Development PSM AoE scaling changes Area of Effect skills now scale using 3 base targets, with an additional target every 50 Multi-Opponent Combat skill.
01/09/2022 World Aradhul Road Skill Checks The overall roundtime has been lowered on Aradhul Road. The sting of failure should not hurt as much. The lethal crits are still possible on huge failures, but are less frequent than before.
01/07/2022 World Wehnimer's Storyline: Ashes to Ashes The storyline Ashes to Ashes begins in Wehnimer's Landing!
01/04/2022 Development Old Ta'Faendryl & Teleport Spells Teleport spells have been updated in Old Ta'Faendryl to return the caster (and their group, when applicable) closer to the entrance portal [Ta'Faendryl Approach]. This includes Spirit Guide (130), Symbol of Return, Sigil of Escape, and Sign of Darkness.

Spotlight on Staff

GameMaster Galene
Rank SGM
Team Production
Guru Prime

GameMaster Galene

This time around I met up with Galene! She is currently on the Production team, overseeing Prime.

Wyrom: So tell me a little bit of background about yourself.

Galene: I'm 39, and a St. Louis, Missouri native. I'm married with 2 kids that are 10 and 6, and we are all bossed around by our rescue cat and new Chihuahua mix puppy.

Wyrom: Now that we know a little bit about you, how long have you been on staff?

Galene: I was hired in October 2007. So, I've been doing this for a little over 15 years.

Wyrom: After you were hired, what team did you start on?

Galene: I believe I started on Events, and I could not have been more stoked to get to work on weddings!

Wyrom: Before getting to the senior side of GameMastering, what would you say was your biggest accomplishment for GemStone IV?

Galene: For storylines, I was most satisfied with running the Prisma Relics storyline. I love seeing the folks that still use their Relic Hunter titles. For area building, I was so excited to make the grounds for Briarmoon Cove since the scenery was so specific to the location, and everything we made was brand new, not just adding on to existing event areas.

Wyrom: Favorite area in Elanthia?

Galene: East Tower in the Landing. Rogue 4 Lyfe.

Wyrom: Favorite thing you designed?

Galene: My favorite area that I've created is the Imaera's Grove and Temple in Solhaven. The sylvan lapidary boxes are definitely my favorite item I've made.

Wyrom: Best memory of GemStone IV?

Galene: I met my husband through GMing for the game, so I think meeting and getting to know him are some of my best memories.

Wyrom: Do you actually like Aelotoi?

Galene: When additional race options were released, I rolled up an aelotoi character immediately and some GMs roleplayed a small quest to walk down to Cysaegir to essentially investigate the new area that aelotoi were getting as their refuge. It was so exciting and fun to be involved in that storyline on the player side and to be part of their original establishment in GS. So, YES, I do!!

Wyrom: If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about Elanthia, permanently, what would it be?

Galene: Ha, unless I get a trial run of some sort, I'm not doing anything permanently!

Wyrom: Who would win in a fight, Imaera or Oleani?

Galene: No contest, Imaera would win. Never second guess a Mother Nature figure.

Wyrom: What do you like to do outside of GemStone IV?

Galene: I'm into indoor and outdoor gardening, reading, making art, and watching documentaries. I have a vintage resale shop, and I sometimes source items at antique or thrift stores, too.

Wyrom: Do you have a favorite book or series?

Galene: My favorite fantasy series is The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. She's my favorite living author.

Wyrom: What about movies, what's in your top picks?

Galene: The Princess Bride, Labyrinth, The Birdcage, 10 Things I Hate About You, and nearly every true crime documentary ever made.

Wyrom: Do you have a favorite quote or something you like to live by?

Galene: "Prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud." - Dr. Maya Angelou

Wyrom: If you had to pick a fantasy world to live in, which one are you moving to?

Galene: I would pick Wonderland and move in with the Cheshire Cat.

Wyrom: Now you and I played the game together and went to at least two of the same runs of the WaveDancer. Outside our Narnia rap and my voluminous hair, what would you say was an iconic moment during that whole era of GS?

Galene: All I'll say is that I'm sending a shout out to the members of the Ecru Cru. They know who they are.

Wyrom: Any parting words before we go?

Galene: Excelsior!