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Debuting at Caligos Isle for Ebon Gate Festival in 2018, the auto flarer provided adventurers the opportunity to add flares to their weapons or armor if they had an eligible token that was found through the various activities. Pricing for the services was exclusively through seashells and the service was performed at Flares of Interest.

In 2022, the Ebon Gate Festival moved to Evermore Hollow, and from here, the majority of the tokens available were able to be purchased off the shelf at Quinton Manse for a low fee, and then applied for a set fee with a wild blue-haired fuath. Pricing for application is a similar structure to what had been offered in Duskruin HESS in prior years.

Flare Types

The current list of known working flares available are:

Purchasable in Quinton Manse Treasure Trove
Common Uncommon Rare Scripted/Rare
Cold Acid Crush Banshee
Heat Air Puncture Blink
Impact Disintegrate Slash Magma
Lightning Disruption - Rotflares
Vacuum Grapple - -
- Plasma - -
- Steam - -
- Unbalance - -
- Water - -


Evermore Hollow

You see Marello.
He appears to be a Fuath.
Wild, blue hair strewn with bits of sand and debris creates a scene of chaos around a wild blue-haired fuath's face, lending to the overall state of disarray for this formidable subject.  Mud-caked and covered in seaweed, his apron obviously hasn't seen clean water in quite some time, and given the condition of his skin, neither has he.  Leathery webbing separates his phalanges, but his hands are merely crustacean-like claws that click and clack incessantly.  His glowing emerald eyes appear to be void of discernable pupils.
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Caligos Isle

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>ask half-krolvin about cost
A blue-haired tall and burly half-krolvin says, "My charges are fair and reasonable!  I work only in seashells and don't accept bank notes or unredeemed currency.  I'll let you know how much the SERVICE will run ya.  You can also ASK me about an ESTIMATE.  If you have a token, you can SHOW that to me while holding a piece of equipment in your left hand.  Or, if you just want to get an idea about a cost in case you get lucky and get your hot little hands on a token, you can ASK me about <flare type> while holding an item in your right hand.  For instance, ASK me about FIRE with a weapon in your right hand."
>ask half-krolvin about estimate
A blue-haired tall and burly half-krolvin asks, "You want an estimate?  Just ASK me about a flare type while holding an appropriate item in your right hand.  You could ASK me about DISRUPTION, or ASK me about LIGHTNING.  You could even ASK me about BRIAR."  Marello nods slowly.  "Just remember that these are estimates.  I could easily overlook something until you bring me an actual flare token.  You can find those if you dare to play the various games scattered about the island.  Diving and fishing can also yield tokens.  Get crackin'!"
>ask half-krolvin about exclusions
A blue-haired tall and burly half-krolvin says, "All good things have a limit, don't they?  I'm no exception.  I can't work on anything that is more than heavily crit weighted or padded.  I can't add flares to an item that already has special flares, like rotflares or knockout flares.  I can't add a special flare to an item that already has a normal flare, like heat or cold or lightning.  Most flares will not be compatible with runestaves, and all bows are incompatible.  Those are things I remember right off-hand, and there may be more, but for now, that should give you an idea what I can and can't work with."
>ask half-krolvin about flares
A blue-haired tall and burly half-krolvin runs his hands over some small vials attached to his belt.  He says, "Powerful dust in these vials.  Gotta be careful who gets a hold of 'em.  Trained under the finest smiths and wizards in all of Elanthia to master this skill, I did.  Now I can share it with you.  I know about many different flare types -- just ask me about a specific flare while holding an appropriate item in your right hand, and we will go from there."
>ask half-krolvin about service
"It's quite simple, really," says a blue-haired tall and burly half-krolvin.  "You bring me a token and an item, SHOW me the TOKEN while holding the armor or weapon in your left hand, and I'll tell you how much it'll COST you for my service.  Or, you can ask me for an ESTIMATE.  Piece o' cake, right?"


This scale-shaped token can be used to purchase unbalance flares from the flare merchant on Caligos Isle.  Eligible items for this service consist of weapons and armor and will be validated by the merchant at the time of inquiry.  Service costs will apply and will be calculated at the time of inquiry.  ANALYZE the token for complete details.
You analyze your scale-shaped token and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This scale-shaped token entitles the bearer to purchase flares for an eligible weapon or piece of armor.  The bearer is still responsible for any associated costs.  Take your weapon or armor to Marello in Flares of Interest, and SHOW this token to him with your armor/weapon in your left hand to receive an estimate for the service.  GIVE the token to him to accept the cost and service.

Flare Details: Unbalance flares.

You get no sense of whether or not the token may be further lightened.
Token Flare
blood red token plasma
club-shaped token crush
corroded metal token acid
crumbled stone token disintegrate
dusty blinking eye token blink
fiery red token heat
fluffy white token air
fogged glass token steam
gold scale-shaped token unbalance
icy blue token cold
jagged yellow token lightning
javelin-shaped token puncture
lava red token magma
lopsided silver and gold token disruption
sandy brown token impact
silver grapple hook-shaped token grapple
solid black token vacuum
sword-shaped token slash
transparent spirit-shaped token banshee flares
white-tipped cresting wave token water