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Level 77
Family Globoid family creatures
Body Type Globoid
Classification(s) Anti-mana
Area(s) Found Temple Wyneb
Summoned by Hunch-backed dogmatist
Attack Attributes
Bolt Spells
Major Shock (910) 347 AS
Hand of Tonis 347 AS
Misc. Offensive Spells
Elemental Wave (410)
Call Wind (912)
Sandstorm (914)
Earthen Fury (917)
Special Offensive Abilities
Lightning mote
Defense Attributes
? ASG ?
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee 220
Ranged ?
Bolt ?
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base ?
Cleric Base 317
Empath Base 317
Paladin Base ?
Ranger Base ?
Sorcerer Base 288
Wizard Base ?
Minor Elemental ?
Major Elemental ?
Minor Spiritual 317
Major Spiritual 317
Minor Mental ?
Other Unique Abilities
Treasure Attributes
Coins ?
Gems ?
Magic Items ?
Boxes ?
Skin ?
Other ?

Torrents of spiritual magic dance around the farlook in a vivid display of black and white wisps. A soft liquid membrane is covered with a thickened skin that covers three-fourths of sphere-shape. A large, iris takes up the remaining quarter, which can be protected by a folded layer of skin just just above it. A sick goo constantly drips from the severed nerve ending jutting out of the back of the farlook. Crimson energy ripples emanate from the bottom of the farlook, causing it to bob up and down a few inches off the ground.

Hunting strategies

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Other information

Farlooks do not spawn routinely in the Temple. They are created two at a time by a hunch-backed dogmatist performing a ritual on a dead player:

A hunch-backed dogmatist kneels down next to you brandishing a dual-tipped dagger from her black silk sack.  Mumbling a soft prayer, she pries back your eyelids and plunges the tips of the dagger into your eye socket.  Digging around for a few moments, the dogmatist manages to dislodge the eyes with a sickening *PLOP* as they fall to the floor.

With her ritual task complete, the hunch-backed dogmatist puts the dagger back into her black silk sack.  She begins to recite a cryptic prayer as she turns her attention to the extracted eyes.

The dogmatist chants,
                 "Tulya ana kulie, ontayetille!"
                 "Na H at-nosta, ontayetille!"
                 "Laito ata, ontayetille!"

The lifeless eyes begin to twitch in response to the dogmatist's chanting!

The hunch-backed dogmatist continues to wave a hand over the extracted eyes, beckoning a response from them while continuing to murmur the word "Ontayetille."

The hunch-backed dogmatist continues her arcane chant for several moments longer.  Finally, with a belabored sigh, she stops the gestures and chants, watching expectantly.

One black eye gory with blood, and the other black eye already putrid with decay, begin to pulse and twitch.  Erratically, they hop along the floor, as they expand and grow, mutating to become hundreds of times larger than their original form.

A gory black eye crackles with elemental energy and rises higher into the air.  Soon, it sheds any past connections with its former existence, and transforms into a full-fledged black farlook.

A putrid black eye fills with twisted spiritual energy, as it ascends higher into the air.  Like its previous companion, it writhes and transforms into a putrid black farlook.

The twin farlooks rapidly twirl about, coming to a stop, their irises facing the dogmatist.
A hunch-backed dogmatist rejoices as she rises back to her feet!

A gory black farlook hovers as a tempest of azure energy coalesces around itself.
A putrid black farlook hovers as a tempest of crimson energy coalesces around itself.

It seems that there are two types of farlooks: A gory (player's eye color) farlook, and a putrid (player's eye color) farlook. The gory variety uses elemental spells, and the putrid variety uses spiritual.

An example of a gory farlook's mote:

A gory stormy grey farlook draws in ripples of elemental energy upon itself. The farlook becomes almost entirely obscured by the collected energy before releasing a violent explosion of electricity outward!

You leap to the side as you try to avoid the effulgent volley!
What agility! What grace! A flickering ball of electricity passes harmlessly by you!
Roundtime: 3 sec.
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