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Frontier Days takes place in the Landing. This year there will be featured events (below) from November 6 to 14th hosted by the player-run groups of Elanthia.

The shopping tents and wagons usually open the entire run of the Festival. Shops are traditionally located on N. Ring Road.

Merchants and Raffles are scheduled Nov 13 & 14th.

CHE/MHO Event Schedule

11/6/20 - 11/12/20

All times Eastern

Date Time Group Title Description
Fri, 11/6 8:00pm Twilight Hall Animate Battles Twilight Hall invites everyone to a rousing round of animate battles! Sorcerers will be pitting one animated rolton against another in a battle to the re-death, with plenty of betting, hooting, and hollering sure to surround it!
Fri, 11/6 9:00pm The TownCrier Lauding the Landing Kick off Frontier Days with Lady Luxelle, Mayor Leafi, and the TownCrier Team in Helga's Pub Room! Everyone is invited to attend and share your thoughts on what the Landing and its people mean to you at this open mic!
Fri, 11/6 11:59pm Order of the Shadow Blood from a Stone The Order of the Shadow welcomes all to an open discussion on one of the more infamous (and topical once more) figures in the Landing's History: Grishom Stone.
Sat, 11/7 7:00pm Beacon Hall Archive 6th Annual Ki'lin Hunt Join us at the Beacon Hall Annex in the Kobold Village for our sixth annual Ki'lin Hunt at Frontier Days! Once again we will host Lord Xorus as a guest lecturer. Afterwards, we will venture to the Monastery and Broken Lands in the Lysierian Hills with new and proven methods to locate the mythical ki'lin. Any trophies acquired will be distributed to a participant by a random-selection method.
Sat, 11/7 8:00pm Fenog's Regulars Happy Hour! The drinks are on us! Join us at Helga's Tavern for drinks and 1 silver raffles. Every five minutes a new item will be place on the raffle block and tickets are 5,000 silvers each. Prize packs will be assembled to meet everyone's tastes from fishing, smoking, fletching, alchemy, and more! We can't wait to see you there!
Sat, 11/7 10:30pm Hand of the Arkati Let it Ride! The Hand of the Arkati will be hosting a social night aboard the Albatross! Join them to play the popular poker game, Let it Ride, as we lose all our silvers to the house! The theme of this event is "Glamour Gambling"; dust off your smoking jackets and sleek gowns for this elegant affair.
Sun, 11/8 12:00pm Caeruil Atelier Caeruil Atelier Presents Gesture Drawing In collaboration with Frontier Days, Caeruil Atelier presents a class in gesture drawing. This fast-paced class will explore drawing in its most minimal form, with the expressed intent of capturing the fluid motion of a figure in action, through simple gestures and lines. Supplies provided!
Location: Wehnimer's Landing: West Bank Pier, Tent (Lich rm 14964).
Sun, 11/8 2:00pm House Sylvanfair Trivia Dice Gather in the Sylvanfair Grove and test your knowledge of Elanthian Lore with a number-related trivia quiz.
Sun, 11/8 9:00pm Order of the Silver Gryphon & Helden Hall Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament Memorial Games in Helden Hall's fighting arena!
Sun, 11/8 10:00pm Ord an Dragan Dancing on Darkstone Bay: Howling at the Harvest Moons Dancing the night away in celebration of the changing seasons in the dancing tent off East Ring Road near the Alchemist.
Mon, 11/9 10:00pm Obsidian Tower The Tools of Torture Come to Hearthstone Courtyard and meet with Lorekeeper Talinvor to learn about the creative and ruthless methods of torture over the ages. Demonstrations after hours, volunteers welcome.
Tues, 11/10 8:00pm House Onoir Darts Located at the Onoir fortress. 1st place winner 1mil, 2nd place winner 1/2 mil, 3rd place winner 1/4 mil. Other prizes will be given as well. As always whoever beats Goldstr will get a 50k note from him. Co-hosted by House Onoir, the Black Wolves, and Willow Hall.
Wed, 11/11 8:00pm House Onoir Disk Run The event starts at the Wayside Inn. Disks have notes and other prizes in them as well. Prize feather worth 1mil, 2nd prize feather 1/2 mil and 3rd prize feather 1/4 mil. Co-hosted by House Onoir, the Black Wolves, and Willow Hall.
Wed, 11/11 10:00pm Faendryl Enclave Melange of the Desert Join the Faendryl Enclave in the corner of Wehnimer's garden for a talk about the most evocative sense, scent. Learn how perfume ingredients are grown and how fragrances are composed as we explore Faendryl contributions to this ephemeral art.
Thurs, 11/12 8:00pm House Onoir Fishing Contest Meet at the Companion Park near Willow Hall. The most fish caught 1/2 mil, the biggest fish caught 1/2 mil, the first fish caught 1/2 mill. Co-hosted by House Onoir, the Black Wolves, and Willow Hall.
Date Time Group Title Desc
Date Time Group Title Desc
Date Time Group Title Desc


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11/6/20 - 11/12/2020 - MHO/CHE Events
11/13-11/14 - GM Events/Merchants