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Original Story: Ivastaen 15, 5120

Time to make good on a campaign promi--well, on the entire campaign, really. Equip every side to do its best and see what happens in the clash of opposing forces... winner is the last mission standing.


First, the militia and Thadston...

Marshal Thadston,

I trust you've heard from the captains, if not just our everyday citizens, about Vlashandra's plans to rescue Palestra Blade Aralyte. In case things go awry, I'm formally requesting that we be prepared to fire on the portal with pylons pointed at it and within range.

-Mayor Leafiara

Up to him, but that would likely do a lot for the militia side. If Thadston doesn't follow through on this, that won't mean anything--too many reasons he might refuse. But if he does follow through, then people's theories that he's being controlled by the Hall would probably go out the window.

As for the rest of the militia, I'll just meet with Shinann later...


Next, what to do about the Hall of Mages and Vlashandra... ideally we'd have their pylons ready too, but why would they possibly do that for an operation they're turning a blind eye to? I doubt Vlashandra could reposition them on her own, and I can't ask her to lie and make up a reason.

The half-sylvan paced back and forth. On the opposite side, even if I wanted to contact Archmagister Naylor or the Royal Magister, Cryheart and Raelee have made it seem like it's impossible. So how do I help the Hall put its best foot forward? Is giving Vlashandra more essences all I can do?

After a long pause, Leafi let out an exasperated sigh and shrugged. ...I guess it is. I can write her a quick note, though.

Lady Vlashandra,

I forgot to ask the other night, but if you have any theories on why Sir Cryheart wasn't suitable for the ritual, please let us know. We've gathered dozens of essences in case we need extras, but obviously it would be better if we select the right volunteers so that they don't have to crumble.

Thank you,
Mayor Leafiara


Now, how about Mother and the Rooks? I guess there's nothing they need my help with--they've stayed out of the Aralyte matter so far anyway and focused on town defense. Actually, them staying out of this is probably the best sign we've got that Vlashandra at least has good intentions. If nothing seems amiss to them, despite their strong foothold in the outpost...

Well, works for me. I'll just leave them be. Unless I wanted to try to somehow provoke a response that would help me guess at who she is...

Leafiara looked thoughtful for a moment, then shrugged.

Nah, I don't care who she is. Besides, if I knew, some mentalist would probably be able to get that knowledge out of my head. Better to leave things alone and not even think about it... Sometimes it's good to have a wild card.


Speaking of wild cards, there's what Hapenlok and Xorus have mentioned about Melgorehn's Reach and these motes. If the shadow valence corrupts the energy of the Reach again, then Rodnay is at risk. Thankfully he has a lot of self-interest here, so we'll have to aim to warn him--if not tonight, then before the final part of the ritual at least.


Oh, I should let Ilsola know of Vlashandra's recent news too...

Administrator Ilsola,

We've had an eyewitness report about the leader of the forces recently attacking the Landing--this figure is now said to have no hair and a scar on his face, lining up with descriptions and sketches given by Faerinn and Loremaster Rohese.

I thought you should know since, needless to say, it's looking more and more likely that he is indeed Socius. I'll get word around town as best I can that we have reason to believe he's under someone's control or has lost his memories, and we'll aim to return him to Mist Harbor if at all possible.

If you uncover anything further during your own investigations, please let us know.

Mayor Leafiara, Wehnimer's Landing